Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stephen Kotkin: Stalin's rise to Power & Faked "Testament of Lenin"

This is a Video by Finnish Bolshevik with Stephen Kotkin the right-wing historian who specializes on the Stalin period speaking on the video.

Finnish Bolshevik says he does not agree with Stephen Kotkin views, Kotkin is a conservative and a pretty classical anti-communist. 

However some of his research, especially regarding primary source documents is interesting. 

Its worth pointing out that the idea that the "Testament" of Lenin was a forgery was not invented by Kotkin. 

Many marxists also believed this to be the case

The Forgery of the 'Lenin Testament'

... Some have also alleged that Lenin did dictate the document but had lost his senses due to illness.

This was the opinion of Lenin's sister Maria Ulyanova.

However this might be a convenient cover for her mother Krupskaya. Krupskaya had to have known about the forgery if it took place.

However she became a support of Stalin's despite her earlier support for Zinoviev. 

Therefore this explanation could have been most convenient for all in the Stalin-team. 

The charge leveled against Stalin in the "testament" is not one about politics, but about "rudeness".

The bizarre nature of the charge contributed to the idea that it was not written by Lenin at all, or at least not when in full possession of his faculties.

Stalin himself never publicly discussed the authenticity of the "testament", instead he apologized and accepted the charge of "rudeness" but turned it into a weapon against his opponents, saying he can't help being rude to those who harm the Bolshevik party. 

Lenin's "testament" is mostly brought up by Trotskyists.

In deed the term was invented by them. 

However when hearing about most people think Lenin allegedly wanting to choose a successor is very anti-Lenin, anti-Bolshevik thing to do.

It goes against his character to do such a thing.

Lenin would have respected the party's vote, and certainly wouldn't have let personal issues or "rudeness" intervene with politics.

In the 1930s Trotsky claimed Lenin allegedly named him his successor in his "testament".

However in 1925 Trotsky said:

"Lenin has not left any “Testament”; the character of his relations to the party, and the character of the party itself, preclude the possibility of such a “Testament.” ~Trotsky, 

Letter on Eastman's book Trotsky could have been pressured into saying this, as anything else would have resulted in merciless ridicule by rival politicians.

But its also possible Trotsky simply had more honesty and guts in 1925 then in his later years.

Finnish Bolshevik  thoughts on the alleged forgery

On the Relations between Lenin and Stalin by Maria Ulyanova - Lenin's Sister

Trump Replaces Child Cruelty with Family Cruelty

Arundhati Roy - interviewed by Danish writer Merete Pryds Helle

Arundhati Roy is the hope of India and her finest daughter and the antithesis of Modi's India - just as  Saibaba is Indian's finest son - they will be remembered when Modi is not even a memory.

This dark period of massacres and murders in Indian history will have an end and the light shines out of Dandakaranya to guide the future for ALL Indians.

Dandacaranya - the Song by Oskar from the Swedish group Naxaliterna (the naxalites)

The Sun is rising in Dandacaranya

the eyes of the trees see a people so proud

The Sun is shining and the rivers run free 

Praise the people of  Dandacaranya

The Heart of India covered in darkness, 

Souless soldiers villages burn

For nothing but money so turns this world

Guns to our head 

But we are not dead

No Stay ! Adivasis say 

The Indian Army must run away

A future worth fighting for

Deep in the forests of Dandacaranya


We sing our song to sounds of drum from the forest of Dandacaranya

We cry for our dead and we know what to do

We feast - raise your glass

Salute the People's War that shines out of Dandacaranya

The Sun gives the day

The poor writes the law 

In the forests of Dandacaranya

Smash the plans, their wicked designs

To starve Dandacaranya

The shadow of evil blocks out the sun over the hills and valleys

The enemy flees when the people fight even though blood was spilt

That turns the river red - our flag is flying in Dandacaranya

Resistance never dies , it multiplies 

A forest of people descends on Delhi

Darkness and shadows fades away with the light from Dandacaranya


Interview with Grover Furr- Anti Communist Academia

Democracy and Class Struggle says  the comment about Maoists in this interview by Grover Furr reflects the fact of the hostility of US "Maoists" to the work of Grover Furr.

Most European and Asian Maoists take a more positive view of Grover Furr's work on the Soviet Union during the Stalin period

Democracy and Class Struggle see Mao Zedong as rectifying in theory and practice some of the earlier mistakes in the pioneer period of Soviet Communism investigated by Grover Furr.

Grover Furr has presented his research to our Norwegian Maoist Comrades at Tjen Folket and it was well received.

His pioneering historical research work has also been strongly welcomed by Democracy and Class Struggle.


Friday, June 22, 2018

The Land Question in the British Isles in 21st Century

The Land Question in the British Isles seems to be getting some long overdue attention.

Nickglais has been investigating Welsh Land Ownership and and Andy Wightman Scottish Land Ownership.

When the New History of Land is written in these Islands what we call a ground up history of the English, Welsh and Scottish People can be written for the first time - real historical materialism  which will blow away much of the elite/one per cent history that has been written top down until this day.

Like Louis Althusser says History is still a continent waiting to be discovered.

* The UK has 60 million acres of land in total

* 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population.

* Just 6,000 or so landowners - mostly aristocrats, but also large institutions and the Crown - own about 40 million acres, two thirds of the UK.

* Britain's top 20 landowning families have bought or inherited an area big enough to swallow up the entire counties of Kent, Essex and Bedfordshire, with more to spare.

* Big landowners measure their holdings by the square mile; the average Briton living in a privately owned property has to exist on 340 square yards.

* Each home pays £550/ann. on average in council tax while each landowning home receives £12,169/ann. in subsidies. The poor subsidising the super rich. In Ireland where land redistribution occurred, there is no council tax.

* A building plot, the land, now constitutes between half to two- thirds of the cost of a new house.

* 60 million people live in 24 million "dwellings".

* These 24 million dwellings sit on approx 4.4 million acres (7.7% of the land).

* Of the 24 million dwellings, 11% owned by private landlords and 65% privately owned.

* 19 million privately owned homes, inc gardens, sit on 5.8% of the land.

* Average dwelling has 2.4 people in it.

* 77% of the population of 60 million (projected to be more in new census) live on only 5.8% of the land, about 3.5 million acres (total 60 million).

* Agriculture only accounts for 3% of the economy.

* Average density of people on one residential acre is 12 to 13.

* 10.9 million homes carries a mortgage of some kind.

* Average value of an acre of development land is £404,000. High in south east of £704,154, low in north east of £226,624. London is in a category of its own.

* Of the world’s 15 most expensive prime commercial property locations, five are in England.

* London West End occupation costs of £98 per square foot are the most expensive in the world. They are around 40 per cent more than any other city in the world, and double that of Paris, the next most expensive European city.

* Prime site occupation costs in Manchester and Leeds are around 40 percent more than mid-town Manhattan.

* Reservations of land have been placed by builders to a value of 37 billion to build the 3-4 million homes required. The land reserved is almost wholly owned by aristocrats; with none of it on the land registry. This land is coming out of subsidised rural estates, land held by off-shore trusts and companies and effectively untaxed. 

* Tony Blair ejected from the House of Lords 66 hereditary peers, who between them owned the equivalent of 4.5 average sized English counties. 

I am Still President Rally in Minnesota - view of Stephen Colbert

Trump gets the kick he deserves

Melania Trump really does not care

Iranian Navy Dispatches Warships To Gulf Of Aden

Trump gets his picture into Time Magazine - it is Iconic and will be on his headstone or should I say his tombstone

Trump was so desperate to get on cover of Time Magazine he faked it in 2009 it was a pre cursor of what was to come with his own "facts"

Be careful what you wish for Trump !



US-led Coalition Strikes Syrian Army Near At-Tanf - Also Manbij Ambiguity Favours Turkey

Wilkerson: Contradictions in US North Korean Peace Process

Democracy and Class Struggle has welcomed the US North Korean Summit - Colonel Wilkerson is a critic of Trump Korean policy but not against peace - we listen to him because he is  informed on question - and we are not an echo chamber.

The interview with Bolton in video adding chemical weapons and ballistic missile technology show he is actively trying to undermine nuclear agreement.

As we have said the struggle for Peace on the Korean has just began 

Bolton is a recidivist who has sabotaged past US Korean agreements and is burning the midnight oil to destroy this one. 

We take the view that if the two Korea's drive this peace process it will stay on the road of peace and progress but we are well aware that Bolton will be planting Improvised Explosive Devices on the road at regular intervals - hopefully he will be caught doing so - or even better he will blow himself up.