Tuesday, September 30, 2014

India: APCLC district president Vijay Kumar, vice-president Harinatha Reddy and general secretary Bommaiah were also taken into custody and were put under house arrest to restrain them from attending the meeting of 42 people’s organisations scheduled to be held in Tirupati on Sunday to highlight their demands. They were released from house arrest on Sunday evening.

Kurnool: Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee president and state convenor of Operation Green Hunt Vythireka Porata Samiti Prof S. Seshaiah has been taken into custody and put under house arrest by Anantapur police on Saturday night. 

APCLC district president Vijay Kumar, vice-president Harinatha Reddy and general secretary Bommaiah were also taken into custody and were put under house arrest to restrain them from attending the meeting of 42 people’s organisations scheduled to be held in Tirupati on Sunday to highlight their demands. They were released from house arrest on Sunday evening.
It is reported that the police have stepped up surveillance on their houses  and tapped their phones to know their movements.

APCLC leaders demand that Revolutinary Democratic Front assistant secretary and Delhi University Prof G.N Saibaba be released immediately. They also demand that a judicial probe be instituted into the death of Telangana Praja Front former president Akula Bhommaiah.
Besides, they have also beend demanding the government to stop the Operation Green Hunt, provide livable conditions to the tribals and withdraw para mitlitary forces deployed in the Agency areas.
They also want the government to stop combing operations and cancel all the deals signed with the multinational companies.


Netanyahu-Modi Forging a Global Zionist-Hindutva anti-Muslim alliance


Netanyahu Meets PM of India, Seeks Strengthened Ties'

“We are both ancient peoples but we are also two "democracies", Netanyahu tells India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

By Ben Ariel, Jerusalem Post,, 9/29/2014

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met on Sunday with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in New York, marking the first meeting between an Israeli Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of India in more than a decade.

During the meeting, Netanyahu and Modi spoke of the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and the threat posed by Islamic terrorism around the world.

                                                    Modi Prime Murderer of India

In addition, Netanyahu suggested to Modi that the two countries cooperate in technological innovation, with an emphasis on developments in the field of agriculture and water. He also updated Modi about his decision to establish a national cyber authority, and suggested that Israel and India hold contacts on the issue.

At the start of the meeting, Netanyahu invited Modi to visit to Israel and said, “This is an opportunity for Israel and India to continue to expand our relationship. We are both ancient peoples, one of the oldest in the world, but we are also two democracies, we take pride in our ancient traditions but also want to hold on to the future. I believe that if we work together we can do it for the benefit of both our peoples. Therefore, in this spirit, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet you here and I want to invite you to visit Israel. We are excited about the possibilities of stronger ties with India, and the sky is the limit.”

Modi in turn told Netanyahu “India is the only country where anti-Semitism has never been allowed to come up and where Jews have never suffered and have lived as an integral part of our society.”
The meeting with Modi marks the start of Netanyahu’s trip to the U.S., where he is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama and give a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking just before take off on his way to New York, Netanyahu reiterated his pledge to “refute the lies” against Israel at the UN General Assembly, particularly in the speech by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who accused Israel of “genocide” and “war crimes”.

Indo-Israeli relations have included Israeli developed aircrafts without pilots, used in India to fight Maoists in the jungle. (2010)

SOURCE: http://revolutionaryfrontlines.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/netanyahu-modi-forging-a-global-zionist-hindutva-anti-muslim-alliance/#more-28142

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Turkey’s PKK peace process ‘at risk’ from Syria crisis


By Guney Yildiz BBC News -
A top Kurdish politician has warned that Turkey’s peace process with the Kurds risks collapsing in the face of Islamic State (IS) attacks on the Kurdish Syrian border town of Kobane.
Speaking to the BBC from Brussels, a leading member of the Kurdistan National Congress, Adem Uzun, said that Turkey had been helping Islamic State militants in their attacks against Syrian Kurds.
He was one of the Kurdish politicians who negotiated a peace deal with Turkish officials in the first round of peace talks between Turkey and Kurdish rebels in Oslo in 2011.
The all-out attack by jihadists on Kurds in Syria is the most significant threat to the peace process since its official start on 21 March 2013, when the imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan ordered a ceasefire and asked PKK militants to withdraw from Turkish borders.
Turkey’s attitude towards Kurds in Syria was the reason behind the peaking of the PKK’s war with Turkish army in 2012.
Following statements by the then Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkey would not tolerate a “terrorist structure” on its borders – a reference to the Kurdish administration in Syria – the PKK stepped up its attacks in Turkey in a bid to divert Turkey’s attention from Syria.
Taking significant risks, the PKK carried out audacious attacks across Turkey and held control of a large territory in the south-east corner of Turkey for weeks.
That peak in the war was followed by a historic peace process which halted 30 year-old hostilities in Turkey’s Kurdish- populated east and south-east.
Since then, the peace process has proved less fragile than many observers foresaw. Results of the Turkish presidential election on 10 August indicated strong public support for the peace process with one of the architects of the deal, Mr Erdogan, getting 52%, and Selahattin Demirtas, a Kurdish left-wing candidate, getting around 10%.
However, following the crisis in Kobane, the PKK’s armed wing carried out several attacks on Turkish security forces despite the ceasefire.

PKK loyalties
Unlike the Iraqi Kurds, who are allied with Turkey, Syrian Kurds are closely affiliated with the PKK.
Many of them have fought against the Turkish army in the ranks of the PKK since 1984. Some of them have become the top commanders in the PKK’s armed wing.
The Turkish government’s declaration that it wishes to establish a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border – which would mean effective control of Kurdish areas in northern Syria – also met strong criticism from PKK officials.
The Turkish government is expected to announce a “road map” for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question by the end of September.
“We have our own road map,” Interior Minister Efkan Ala told reporters. “We are leading the solution process. It’s not being shaped by others who want to lead us.”
Asked about the demands of the Kurdish side, Adem Uzun said: “The Turkish state should start by stopping all kind of support it has been extending to jihadist militants and should start dealing officially with the Kurdish administration in Western Kurdistan [northern Syria].”
According to Mr Uzun, Turkey should also provide opportunities for the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan who, he says, has the last say on the issue, to establish links with his organisation.





Morocco : Free Our Comrades on hunger strike

                                                          Comrade Abelhak Etalhaaoui

Our comrade Abdelhak Etalhaoui
(the picture in the jail)
Arrested third time.
He joined the hunger strike of several comrades in 24 septembre..
Today he is in 7 days !

Solidarity from Democracy and Class Struggle

Lenin by Sergei Kirichuk of Borotba


”Today the oligarchy is experiencing a "golden age," when participants of any protest can be declared terrorists. And to break up demonstrations, they are using Nazi militants."

Тегі матеріалу: україна, війна, срср-ex, киричук
30 сентября 2014
In Ukrainian city of Kharkov, the monument to Vladimir Lenin was recently torn down. The organizers of this operation did not conceal that it was revenge for an attempt by Communist Party activists to hold a Peace March. As you know, the March was broken up by the police in conjunction with the Nazi gangs.

Here is what Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook: "Lenin? Let him fall ... If only people were not injured. If only this bloody communist idol, in leaving, had not added to his victims. If only rogues and scoundrels had not taken advantage of the storm of emotions of Kharkovites, using it for the next wave of clashes." That is, the minister recognizes that the act of vandalism could cause an escalation of tension, but still indulges the Nazis. They make sure that everything is under control. A.Avakov writes: "The Interior Ministry Special Forces and the National Guard are ready to face provocateurs who want to exploit the situation. So, even don’t try to do it."

We have no doubt, by the way. No doubt that “provocateurs” will be the label for any participants in any protests which result from the policy of the current government.

Inna Bohoslovska (a prominent member of the Yanukovich’s “Party of Regions”), who is now, of course, a supporter of the new regime, rejoices in the demolition of Lenin: "

For so long we struggled for normal police in Kharkov. And now, 20 percent of police officers are absolutely patriotic. Police took over the crazy work, and every day they catch terrorists and separatists."

I.Bohoslovska has never been an independent politician, she was always a "talking head" for oligarch Pinchuk. Her voice speaks for the Ukrainian oligarchy. They are building the state of their dreams, where they can loot and pillage while any dissenters are called "terrorists." Our liberals openly rejoice, as the country goes direct route to 1970s Latin American-style dictatorships of neoliberal economy against the backdrop of military dictatorship. Towards Pinochet - the idol of neoliberal public.

Today the oligarchy is experiencing a "golden age," when participants of any protest can be declared terrorists. And to break up demonstrations, they are using Nazi militants. Of course, this system requires furious inflation of hysteria and extensive brainwashing in matters of history. The whole history of the territory of modern Ukraine (from the invented "proto-Ukrainians" until now) is described as the nation's struggle for independence, leading to the necessary establishment of the current political regime. This is not just a war between civilization and barbarism.

Ukrainian Nazi-ultras vandalising monument to Lenin in Kharkov

Kharkov was the first capital of Ukraine; it built planes and missiles, split the atom and created the T-34 tank, and created turbines for power plants which have been shipped around the world. Kharkov without Lenin is narrow-minded nationalism, simplistic obsession with traditional decoration, degradation of education and science.

It’s not for nothing that a few of the Nazis were injured during the destruction of the monument - their level of education is not enough even to destroy an object, not to speak of building one.

Of course, to say that Lenin was the founder of Ukraine would be an exaggeration, but the fact is Ukraine exists in its present borders as a result of the activities of Lenin and his political party. The Nazis’ demolition of the monument to one of the founders of the country is actually a death sentence for its further existence with the present-day borders.

Sergei Kirichuk

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India: Indian police in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat have arrested more than 200 people after violence between majority Hindus and minority Muslims

NEW DELHI: Indian police in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat have arrested more than 200 people after violence between majority Hindus and minority Muslims, a senior officer said Monday.

The clashes in the western city of Vadodara were sparked by a distorted image posted on social media that offended Muslims, prompting authorities to block mobile Internet and bulk text messaging, the officer said.

The violence coincides with Modi’s visit to the United States where he is expected to meet President Barack Obama during a trip to push for foreign investment to promote economic growth.

Members of the two communities threw stones at each other and set vehicles alight in several days of clashes that started on Thursday, while one person was stabbed.

“We have now arrested over 200 people from both the communities in the last three days,” said D.J Patel, additional commissioner of Vadodara police. Police said Sunday 40 arrests were made.
“The man, a teacher, who posted the controversial message on WhatsApp has also been arrested,” Patel told AFP.

 Patel declined to describe the offending message and image but local newspapers have reported that a distorted photo of the Muslim holy land of Makkah was circulated on social media.

 Modi contested and won Vadodara when his Hindu nationalist party swept to power at the general election in May, although he gave up the seat after the polls for another that he also secured.
Gujarat was hit by religious riots in 2002 that left more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, dead. Modi, the state’s chief minister at the time, has rejected criticism he failed to stop the bloodshed.

Source: Agence France Presse — Tuesday 30 September 2014

Spanish Independence Movements and the Recolonization of Southern Europe

Democracy and Class Struggle says interesting interview with Sister Teresa Forcades who discusses Spanish debt, movements for independence. Class Struggle in the Catholic Church over austerity ?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ленин такой молодой - Lenin is Young Again

Ukrainian Fascism in Kharkov care of United States NATO and British Government - we will not forgive we will not forget

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Lenin Lives ! Lenin by Ernst Busch and at the call of Lenin "Hindi Song" Lenin Lives ! Long Live Marxism LENINISM Maoism


"Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die Blitze waren.
Sie kamen auf Schienen und Flüssen daher
Durch alle Länder gefahren

Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die wurden Brot,
Und Lenins Worte wurden Armeen
Gegen die Hungersnot.

Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt
Mit Worten, die wurden Maschinen,
Wurden Traktoren, wurden Häuser,
Bohrtürme und Minen --

Wurden Elektrizität,
Hämmern in den Betrieben,
Stehen, unauslöschbare Schrift,
In allen Herzen geschrieben."