Thursday, January 18, 2018

Vladimir Putin says Kim Jong Un is a shrewd and mature politician

Democracy and Class Struggle hears so many assertions about Kim Jong Un in the West and what is essentially Western propaganda about him is taken for fact.

Our Editor worked in South Korea during the 1990's and discovered the South Korean Lie factory/military complex about North Korea - and discovered the real history of Korea so carefully hidden in the West that writes out Korean History from 1945 to 1950 when more people died in Korea than people did in the Spanish Civil War  a period also researched by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Korea before being closed down.

For the West Post War History starts with the Korean War of 1950 to 1953 and by writing out the earlier period we can not really understand its genesis or cause.

Well probably the greatest geo political player of our time Vladimir Putin has stated that Kim Jong Un who was fresh from school in Switzerland is a very shrewd and  mature politician and has won round one with Donald Trump.

We are no fan of geo politics unless it reflects class struggle or anti imperialism - the west has overdosed itself on its own propaganda about North Korea and produced some think tank military madmen who lust for war on the Korean Peninsula and it will take effort to drown them in their own blood lust - but if effort is required you can be sure that Korean's North and South will put in the necessary work

Painting North Korea has having a very shrewd and mature leader is something the West is incapable of doing and that paradoxically will be North Korea's strength - and why Putin outwits the United States with his realpolitik which is not ideologically bound.

In the David and Goliath struggle of our time it will take one small stone to bring the giant to the ground.

In Homage to Comrade Pierre : Songs of the Commune the French brothers and Sisters of our Proletarian Class

In Homage to Comrade Pierre : Songs of the Paris Commune the French brothers and Sisters of our Proletarian Class 

One hour of music from or about the Paris Commune. 0:00 Marseillaise de la Commune (Marseillaise of the Commune) 3:15 L'Internationale (The Internationale) 6:35 Le Drapeau Rouge (The Red Flag) 9:39 L'Armistice (The Armistice) 11:35 Le Sire de Fisch-Ton-Kan (The Sire of Fisch-Ton-Kan) 15:20 Quand Viendra-t-Elle? (When Will It Come?) 19:19 Paris Pour un Beefsteak (Paris For a Beefsteak) 22:45 La Canaille (The Mob) 25:45 Mourir Pour la Patrie (Die For the Fatherland) 27:35 L'Insurgé (The Insurgent) 30:55 La Communarde (The Communard) 35:25 La Semaine Sanglante (The Bloody Week) 39:45 Le Capitaine «Au mur» (The Captain on the Wall) 43:10 Le Temps des Cerises (The Cherry Season) 47:55 Le Tombeau des Fusillés (The Tomb of the Shot) 51:15 Jean Misère (Jean Misery) 55:30 Elle N'est Pas Morte (She is Not Dead) 58:25 Vive la Commune! (Long Live the Commune!)

Eleanor Marx's Legacy - Socialist Feminism

Eleanor Marx born 16th January 1855 died 31st March 1898 and socialist feminism.

We also remember Anuradha Ghandy who carried on the work began by Eleanor Marx into 21st Century with Proletarian Feminism here:

US Forces Remain In Syria To Remove Assad From Power

Democracy and Class Struggle says Tillerson the US Secretary of State is hallucinating.

Tillerson has his fantasies but no means to achieve them

A History of North Korea at the Olympics

Democracy and Class Struggle says we have noticed articles appearing in USA attacking North Korean participation in the Winter Olympics sometimes they attack in hard way and sometimes in a soft way.

These attacks will increase up to the games as the US fears the growing demand for Korean Re-Unification swelling in the hearts of the Korean People.

The USA created the division of Korea in 1945 called the 38th Parallel in a office in Washington without the participation of anyone from Korea - that US Imperialist injustice done to the Korean People must end.

Abbas Gives Up on US, but Palestinians Give Up on Him : former PLO legal adviser Diana Buttu calls to end negotiations


Grup Munzur Ibrahim Yoldaş : Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was a leader of the Turkish communist movement. He was a communist revolutionary

The founder and leader of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, was born in 1949 in Corum . He met with revolutionary ideas when he was a student in the Istanbul University’s Science Faculty Physics Branch. He joined in the foundation of the Capa Idea Club in March 1968 and became the president of the club. He was expelled from school in November 1968 because of preparing a leaflet against the American 6th Fleet.

Kaypakkaya, who adopted the view of National Democratic Revolution, worked in the newspaper called Isci-Koylu (Worker-Peasant). He wrote articles in the magazines called Aydinlik (Enlightenment) and Turk Solu (Turkish Left). He split from D. Perincek and his group because he considered D. Perincek a revisionist and opportunist. Kaypakkaya, who participated in the struggle of peasantry, formed TKP/ML-TIKKO and carried out activities in the cities of Dersim, Malatya, Tunceli and Antep.

Kaypakkaya and his comrades interrogated and shot the informer village headman who caused the killing of THKO (People's Liberation Army of Turkey) members, Sinan Cemgil and his two other comrades, by the state forces during a gunfight. Kaypakkaya showed a good example of revolutionary solidarity and camaraderie at the time of martial law.

On January 24, 1973, heavily wounded he escaped from an ambush set by the fascist Turkish state forces in Vartinik Meadow. He was caught as a result of informing by a teacher in a village where he took shelter. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, who was tortured under custody for 3.5 months, became a model of resistance for the revolutionary movement by "choosing to die rather than give information". He was shot and killed in detention by the fascist dictatorship on May 18, 1973


Democracy and Class Struggle says Ibrahim Kaypakkaya understood the real meaning of the October Revolution of 1917 as a class war for socialism and a battle for self determination something lost on modern revisionists

One Hour of YPG Music - Kurdish People's Protection Music



Is Major Turkish military build up on Syrian Border prelude to full scale attack on the Kurdish YPG ?

Democracy and Class Struggle say the Turkish Foreign Minister just attended Vancouver North Korea meeting - but on side had meeting with Secretary of State Tillerson about Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.

Given most recent statements from USA they point to the Kurdish forces in Northern Syria facing betrayal.

The US seems to be walking back its Kurdish support and saying  a border security force in northern Syria was miss- speaking by the US Administration.

There have been clashes between YPG and Turkish forces in last few days in what looks a prelude to a War of Extermination of the Kurdish YPG by Turkey



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