Monday, January 21, 2019

The Art of War - Laying Plans

Five constant factors  :

The Moral Law = Mass Line
Heaven = Night and Day -Seasons
Earth = Distances
The Commander = virtuous like Mao Zedong
Method and Discipline  = revolutionary discipline

"I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness"

The Art of War - Use of Spies

Topography while important in the Art of War is not critically more important than spies - therefore those that reduce Protracted People's War to topography misunderstand how important intelligence and spies were to Stalin and Mao Zedong in the survival of the Soviet Union and the making of the Chinese Revolution.

"I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness"

Sunday, January 20, 2019

France: No debate with the killers of the people! - say French Maoists

Today, Macron has launched its "Mayors Tour" for the "Great Debate" by going to Grand Bourgtheroulde in Normandy. The city was squared off, high-security teams deployed and a quasi-military state imposed to ensure that the presidential visit "goes well". 

It is an example of the difference that exists between the masses everywhere we revolt, where we are unjustly controlled, arrested, imprisoned, wounded, killed, and the bourgeois leaders, for whom we put ourselves at the forefront. stop and at military pace an entire village. It is obvious that we can not argue with those who shoot us.

Still, Macron and his government continue their smoking with their "Great Debate". This is nothing less than a swindle more of them, making us believe that the solution would be in dialogue and consultation.

Obviously, it is they who set the rules and who tell us what we have the right to say or not. The "Great Debate", supposed to bring solutions to our problems will only serve to divide the movement by guiding it on false solutions, and they will then try to make us believe in a victory of their "democracy" on the " breakers "
But all this serves above all to hide the true nature of the system. The fundamental law of capitalism is that the bourgeoisie makes the most profit in a minimum of time. And this profit, it comes from our exploitation: workers and workers. Because the truth is that we produce all the riches of this system but that it is the bourgeois who have the biggest part of the cake. We only have the crumbs. And Macron and his government are there to make sure nothing changes in the order of things. For that they are ready for anything.

Thus, at every demonstration, at every occupation, the police watchdogs that are the cops repress us with greater violence and that their judges condemn us and imprison us "with the greatest firmness", as they say. But the fear is not the same and changes sides. And that's clearly the strength of this movement.

The Yellow Vest movement managed to largely free itself from pacifism, which condemned the violence of the protesters before attacking the violence of the system; a pacifism that thinks that it is through dialogue that we can "change things"; a pacifism that thinks that putting a ballot in the ballot box is more powerful than revolutionary violence. The movement of the yellow vests shows us that the opposite is true. Without the most determined acts, the popular assemblies would have had no more future than Nuit debout and the other types of movementism.

So before the masses who have decided to raise their heads and take their business in hand (and especially who give the means!), State repression is raging: a dozen deaths; thousands of wounded and maimed; more than 220 imprisoned; thousands of different convictions.

And the solution would be dialogue? There are clearly two opposing camps, the solution is not in dialogue but in the prolonged struggle to victory. Their "Great Debate" is a trap that we must not only avoid but also fail.

By all means necessary, we must oppose this debate, denounce it, make it fail. Whenever we talk about this debate we will answer "No debate with the killers of the people! ". In the place of their debate, we must demand reparation, justice and truth for the comrades who are dead, wounded, mutilated, as well as the release of all imprisoned comrades, the discontinuation of the ongoing proceedings and the annulment of all convictions. . This is not only for the prisoners of the movement, but much more widely for all those who are victims of the daily violence of the French state and its police here, and its army abroad or in its colonies.

We will not participate in their masquerade. We will continue to strengthen the fight by all necessary means, by becoming sustainable. We will continue to build our organizations, the instruments of the revolution, so that all of our class and the masses who have burst onto the political scene can find increasingly powerful tools, more and more specific and adapted to meet all their needs for the revolution.

We will continue to assume our revolutionary tasks in order to advance step by step towards the revolution that will replace the fundamental law of capitalism "maximum profit in a minimum time" by the fundamental law of the socialist transition "maximum satisfaction of the needs of society in general ".

No debate with the killers of the people!

Translation by DCS

The Internationale (Jamaican Reggae Version)

Democracy and Class Struggle says Red Salute to Jamaican Comrades

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An Lushan Rebellion - One of the Bloodiest Conflicts in History

Saturday, January 19, 2019

France : Yellow Vests Act 10 - Final Curtain will be when Macron falls

Trump is Expanding the US Empire

Democracy and Class Struggle has noticed that Trump "make believe" has fooled some people even on the Left - the right are suckers for shit and swallow shit as a matter of course and love Trump shit.They feast on it,

Remembering Comrade Pierre French Maoist from Italian Maoists - Red salute

Dear comrades,

a strong and warm greeting to all of you gathered here to keep alive the memory of Comrade Pierre, a great comrade m-1-m example of tenacity and coherence in every day of his life as a revolutionary.
After one year from his death the numerous messages of the revolutionary parties and organizations from many countries are still alive in us, this is obviously not a case:

Comrade Pierre was one of the few Maoist comrades who in Europe after forging himself in the French storm of May-June '68 and the years after taking part in the Gauche Proletarienne, when many retired swallowed up in the general reflux of the movement, he held high the red flag of the revolution in France continuing to be linked to the proletariat and to the popular masses of his country but also to the other revolutionary forces that in other European countries faced similar contradictions of the class struggle.

Pierre went through the difficult '80s and' 90s in France in particular and in Europe in general, often alone or with a few other comrades at his side but, despite this, he never lost the confidence of a red future, he founded the PCm France in the early 2000s in the fire of the class struggle and in close connection with the masses. We are very close to today's members of this party more than ever.

In all these years the PCM France, under the guidance of Comrade Pierre, was the only revolutionary party in France, always at the forefront of the class struggle against the French imperialist monopolistic bourgeoisie, marching towards modern fascism, represented yesterday by Sarkozy, Hollande etc. today by Macron;

The PCm France directed by comrade Pierre was the only party in France, together with other Maoist comrades in Europe, that was alongside the proletariat and the popular masses of the French banlieues in revolt in 2005 and in the following years, while the trotskyists, the ml and the false revolutionaries wavered and judged from above the class struggle that unfolded before their eyes.
With this revolutionary spirit the PCm France directed by comrade Pierre fought reformism, the false-communists and the "cybermaoists" good only to publish proclamations on the internet without ever getting their hands dirty in the class struggle.

Comrade Pierre and his tireless comrades fled to the universities, fought the labor law and organized militant anti-fascism.

Comrade Pierre with his practice and revolutionary line has formed the young generation of Maoist comrades who today are part of the PCm France and who continue along this path.

Comrade Pierre and his companions, tireless, were at the gates of Renault, in the streets of the banlieues, alongside the sans papiers just arrived from Italy after a hard struggle led by our party had finally managed to arrive in France to ... start fighting for their rights again, in both countries they found the Maoists to organize them and to direct their right fight!

All of these are facts and not slogans! All of that is the embodiment of the construction of the m-l-m parties in the fire of the class struggle and in close connection with the masses.

The PCM France led by Comrade Pierre was a great example of an internationalist party for all the Maoists in Europe.

Comrade Pierre, has always supported the People's Wars organizing and becoming the promoter of support committees in his country, he was also one of the founders of the International Committee for Supporting the People's War in India to which he made a huge contribution in a creative way, participating at all its meetings until the last one held in September last year a few months before his death.

This and more was remembered in many messages the day after his death, today our message is not merely commemorative, but a tribute to Comrade Pierre and the party he founded. We miss Comrade Pierre and all his revolutionary work and all of that is missed so much in Europe, so we reaffirm the need to continue on his way to continue to build what the comrade has already started to build:

- The battle for unity in Europe between the existing and under construction mlm communist parties, today undermined by right-wing opportunism but also by new subjectivist deviations that try to overturn Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and deprive it of its role as a blunt weapon of the working class to build its revolutionary party in the fire of class struggle and in close connection with the masses.

- The battle for the affirmation of real and practiced internationalism and not just propagandized in support of the People’s War and in particular of the People's War in India, on this regard we think it is necessary to give the maximum support giving new impulse to the existing Committee also developing self-criticism and the unitary action among its promoters.

It is also necessary to take advantage of Pierre's revolutionary experience in the mlm organization in which he took part in the '70s: the Gauche Proletarienne, we believe that this experience should be even better explored in the service of the construction of mlm parties and the revolution in Europe, in the wake of this path traced in part by the class struggle in our countries it is possible to continue the journey towards the Revolution, not applying subjective and mechanical easy recipes.

Comrade Pierre is alive and fighting with us!

Long live the PCm France founded by comrade Pierre!
Forward in the construction of the m-l-m parties in Europe in the fire of the class struggle and in close connection with the masses!

Develop proletarian internationalism, from the womb of the European imperialist countries to support the ongoing People's Wars!

PCm Italy

The Spirit of Comrade Pierre on the Streets of France

The Politics of Psychology : Can there be an Anti-SJW Left?

Democracy and Class Struggle argues for a materialist MLM Political Psychology in the spirit of the Christopher Caudwell a fundamental critic of Bourgeois Psychology.

The video above shows the danger of psychologizing politics at expense of materialsm and we note that warning.

We note that anti SJW has become a fad on the right and also is promoted by some psuedo - socialists and must be combated from a Marxist materialist view not that of bourgeois psychology..