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Europe Signed Pacts With Nazi Germany — But Only the USSR Is Still Accused of 'Colluding' With Hitler by Dr. Oleg Nazarov

In January 1934, Poland was the first country to sign a non-aggression pact with the Third Reich, after which Great Britain and France did the same. So why is the USSR is still being accused of collusion with Hitler?

The German-Soviet non-aggression treaty was signed on 23rd August 1939. The USSR in fact was the last large geopolitical player to make a pact with Germany, and it did so because it had no other choice.

London and Paris thrust the USSR into this position by appeasing Germany at the cost of other countries’ interests and territories. When Russia signed, Poland, Great Britain and France had already done so. Like today, the West  had double standards in the 1930’s. The German-Soviet non-aggression treaty is still referred to as the ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact’, citing the name of Hitler’s famous Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was hanged at Nuremberg for his crimes, casting a shadow on the Soviet People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs and on the USSR.

The British never refer to a similar document signed on 30th September 1938 by Adolf Hitler and Great Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, as ‘the Hitler-Chamberlain Pact’. The Poles who signed the treaty with Germany earlier in January 1934 never refer to it as the ‘Pilsudski-Hitler Pact’. The leaders of Poland, Great Britain and France all shook hands with Hitler, not Joseph Stalin.

In the 1930’s, many countries signed agreements with Hitler. At that time no one considered it disgraceful. A key event was the famous ‘Munich Betrayal’. On 29th September 1938, Hitler convened Italy’s Benito Mussolini, Britain’s Chamberlain and France’s Eduard Daladier to decide the fate of Czechoslovakia. There was no representative from Czechoslovakia or the USSR at the Munich negotiations. Although Poland was eager to sign the agreement on the partition of Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain called it ‘the coach’s fifth wheel’.

In 1939 when the pact with Ribbentrop was being signed in Moscow, Stalin remembered what had happened eleven months previously in Munich. Europe’s fate had been decided without the USSR, as it tried to lure the aggressor toward the East.

Let’s imagine that the USSR hadn’t signed the document. Wouldn’t Hitler have attacked Poland? Of course he would, having already decided that in April. Then there is the question of the territories of the western Ukraine  and Belorussia. If they hadn’t been annexed to the USSR, there would have been two possibilities: Germany would have either seized them or formed a quasi-state in the Ukraine. Anyway they would be a bridgehead to the USSR.

Clearly, it was Hitler who benefited most of all from these prewar pacts. The French gained nothing. During the 1930’s they followed Britain, which was an island, while France was contiguous to Germany.

The Poles acted most foolishly. Warsaw hoped Great Britain and France would help it in the event of war as stipulated in an agreement between them. The latter declared war on Germany but then capitulated, scarcely even assisting Poland with arms.

The USSR benefited to some degree from the pact, gaining extra time and territories. If we compare the Red Army of 1939 with that of 1941, the latter outmanned and outgunned the first.

The territories of the western  Ukraine  and Belorussia, regained in 1939, helped our grandfathers and great-grandfathers resist in 1941. If Germany had occupied all of Poland in 1939, the Wehrmacht would have been that much closer to Moscow and Leningrad. As we know, in 1941 they came within kilometers of Moscow.

Today, in an attempt to put the USSR in the same league as Germany and make it one of the two culprits of the Second World War, the West is trying to change Russia’s geopolitical status.

Counties that signed pacts with Nazi Germany:

Germany and Poland 
26 January 1934
‘Munich Betrayal’
Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy
29 September 1938
Germany and Great Britain
30 September 1938
Germany and France
6 December 1938
Germany and Estonia
7 June 1939
Germany and Latvia
7 June 1939
The USSR and Germany
23 August 1939



Nadezhda Konstantinovna "Nadya" Krupskaya "Why is the Second International Defending Trotsky? "

Nadezhda Konstantinovna "Nadya" Nadežda Konstantinovna Krupskaja) (26 February 1869 – 27 February 1939) was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary and politician (she served as the Soviet Union's Deputy Minister of Education from 1929 until her death in 1939), and the wife of Vladimir Lenin from 1898 until his death in 1924.


The Harvard Trotsky Archive was opened to researchers in 1980. In it, researchers found evidence that Leon Trotsky deliberately lied many times and about many people and events. Other evidence of Trotsky's lies comes from his own writings and in documents from former Soviet archives.

Drawing upon primary sources from the Harvard Trotsky Archive and from former Soviet archives Grover Furr subjects the testimony of Moscow Trials defendants to a source-critical check and verification. His conclusion: their testimony is genuine, reflecting what the defendants chose to say. 

The same primary sources, plus Trotsky's own writings, demonstrate that Trotsky lied about virtually everything concerning the Soviet Union in his writings about the three Moscow Trials of 1936, 1937 and 1938, his writings on the assassination of Sergei Kirov, and in his testimony to the Dewey Commission in 1937.

This book will revolutionize the understanding of the Moscow Trials. Trotsky’s writings and activities during the 1930s must be seen in an entirely new light.

The results of this research reveal much about Trotsky’s conspiracies in the 1930s.



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USA: Lenin's Imperialism : Brian Becker and Jared Ball discuss Imperialism



We would like to draw your attention to Japanese Imperialism has Lenin saw this as an exception to his theory of monopoly capital imperialism - has Japanese Imperialism was driven by nationalism in its formative stages.

USA : Organised Crime in US Politics from Murray the Hump to Donald Trump

The rise of Donald Trump reminds Democracy and Class Struggle of  Murray Humphreys and how the Mob organised  the election of Harry Truman in 1948 and organised crimes involvement with US Politics.

Interesting that Murray Humphreys was of Welsh decent and Donald Trump claims Scottish decent - from the Hump to the Trump its the same old American Election Story..

Below is an extract from a politically revealing interview with Murray the Humps daughter Luella

PS The bird that whispered in Pete Santilli's ear about Donald Trump was probably FBI has he has known associations with them.

We in no way approve of Santilli's politics has he has a pro capitalist agenda that serves the same system as Donald Trump albiet with the approval of the US Deep State as aleady exposed by Anonymous.

The  exposure of Donald Trump by Santilli  in our view reflects current internecine infighting in the US Deep State about Donald Trump with the FBI firmly against him.

Irwin Owen writes in Oklahoman :

The big cities of America have always been afflicted by political skull duggery. 

Gamblers, mobsters and crooked politicians had a natural affinity which was strengthened because the crooks put their money behind their mouth. Honest people had no reason to make contributions.
The Chicago history was as bad as the infamous Pendergrast machine in New York City. Bathhouse Coughlin and Hinky Dink ruled in Chicago in the old days and were famous as predecessors to Capone mob control.
The Capone control came on gradually. Competing mobs had to be destroyed, and were systematically killed, culminating in the 1929 St. Valentine massacre.

One of the victims was a labor man who opposed the Hump, and who focused mob attention on state and national politics.

Kennedy had interests in both Chicago and New York. Kennedy was a native of Boston, the police commissioner was his close friend for many years along with the singer Morton Downey, Sr. 

Kennedy owned the huge Merchandise Mart building in Chicago, and Hollywood activities included selling the RKO movie studio to Howard Hughes as well as smuggling whiskey in quantity through Canada and along the entire east coast during prohibition.
Later, when Roosevelt was elected in 1932 he appointed Kennedy Ambassador to Great Britain where Kennedy obtained exclusive franchises for top brands of whiskey and scotch after repeal of prohibition.

Roosevelt also appointed Kennedy as head of the securities and Exchange Commission.

When Roosevelt ran for the 4th term in 1944, and suddenly replaced John Nance Garner with Harry Truman, it was apparent that insiders knew FDR would not survive the term.

Truman was the protégé of the Pendergrast machine in Kansas City, a parallel and cooperating mob in Kansas.

Truman was a good soldier. He took orders, and did not personally enrich himself. You will recall that Truman barely beat Thomas Dewey with the help of the big city mobs.

Thomas Dewey had put Lucky Luciano in Prison.
The big city vote comes in late and has been the difference in close races. It elected Kennedy over Nixon, and Truman over Dewey. Since World War II most presidents had approval or support from the big city politicians.
Luella tells of walking into a room where her Dad was seated around a table with several men. As a high-school girl, one man asked who her classmates favored for president.

She said General Eisenhower was her choice. One of the men stood up and shook her hand. It was General Eisenhower, and she had not recognized him in civilian clothes.
Luella explained that the mob had helped Adlai Stevenson become Governor of Illinois, and he had reciprocated by appointing Hump’s man as State Labor Commissioner.
Later, the mob collected several hundred thousand dollars to build housing for poor people, and a construction firm controlled by Stevenson was given the contract.

The work was shoddy to a criminal degree, and the mob never forgave him.

For once, they had sincerely tried to help the poor.
Luella maintained that her Dad and Joe Kennedy consulted constantly on political matters, from 1929 until the Hump died in 1965.
You will recall that FDR died 3 months after his 4th term election.

When Truman ran for President it looked hopeless.

You may recall that his campaign train stalled in Oklahoma City for lack of money and Elmer Harber, a Shawnee banker made a large contribution and got it moving again.

You should recognize that as Humphrey rose to power in Chicago in labor circles, his example was followed by gangsters on the east coast. The construction trades and the Longshoremen were examples. Prohibition, the Union rackets, and politics led to cooperation and to cooperation and to national syndicate crime.

Humphreys was the messenger between the groups, and probably more responsible than any other individual for the shrewdness and success of organized crime.

In the old days it reached into the business world and politics to a degree undreamed of by the public. (DCS  says What about Today ? ) 

Later, when Hoover and Bobby Kennedy feuded and Bobby fought Jimmy Hoffa, it was disastrous.

Luella believes the mob killed Bobby and John F. Kennedy, probably because ingratitude was a sin akin to murder.

The mob believed that John F. Kennedy could not have been elected without their help in every big city, and that Joe Kennedy lied when he protested that he was unable to control Bobby.




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Turkey : We will demand a reckoning from the AKP! from Halk Cephesi

Statement from People’s Front (Halk Cephesi) International Relations Committee

We will demand a reckoning from the AKP!

AKP (the ruling party in Turkey) fascism is spilling blood both day and night! While in Kurdistan the Kurdish people, old and young, youth, women and children continue to resist, the AKP use the label of “terrorist” in an attempt to legitimise and normalise the massacres they are committing.

They are killing a dozen at a time, a hundred at a time. In the space of two hours, this fascist government ensured the death of as many as 60 injured people. The people of Cizre, even youth and children, are being massacred with fire and bullets.

In Sur, Silopi and Cizre, the people are continuing to resist, despite the laws banning people from going out into the streets! The government says it is continuing its operations and will even prevent funerals from being held. The whole world knows what the AKP is doing now. They will continue to massacre until there is not one person still resisting in Kurdistan! But you cannot stand against the people.

Our people will give the necessary answer to the imperialist puppets. You will give a reckoning for those that you have slaughtered. And killing us is not as simple as all that! You will not be able to stand up to the people’s anger. You will be buried under the massacres you have committed against the people after your lies about seeking a solution, after your ballot box distractions. The peoples of the world have thrown your teachers into the dustbin of history and you will share the same fate. The people’s anger will suffocate you!

This is our call to all the peoples of the world, we will not remain silent in the face of all these massacres!

We will drown fascism in the blood it has spilled!

People’s Front (Halk Cephesi) International Relations Committee


The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union by V.M.Molotov (1940) "There is no alternative to Class Struggle"

Democracy and Class Struggle says studying multi polar contradictions of First World War and the complex pre Second World War inter capitalist contradictions discussed by Molotov above help us to orientate ourselves in national and international class struggle in 2016.

The US is the global imperialist hegemon but we need to think through a revolutionary communist strategy in relation to it's new rising capitalist challengers China and Russia in 21st century and this is the  duty of all revolutionary communists.

Concrete analysis of concrete conditions for last hundred years shows there is no inter state universal model multipolar or otherwise can guide class struggle in global politics.

In fact the bourgeois geo political schools of politics are really about external relations and cannot principally guide class struggle.

The revolution in Marxist Leninist "new philosophy" in the Soviet Union in the 1930's demonstrated the principal character of internal contradictions and internal class struggle in understanding inter state relations and foreign relations.

Mao Zedong made both theoretical and practical contribution to further understanding the principal contradiction and a hierarchy of contradictions based on Soviet "New Philosophy" in the 1930's and it is one of the essential contributions to  Marxism Leninism Maoism's theory and practice in 21st century.

We agree with Emiliano Cervi and Salvatore Vicario

"The flag of multipolarity cannot be a communist flag, since this is an illusion in relation to the interests of the people, the proletariat and peace, ’’because there are two worlds in contention, but the continuation of capitalism in its imperialist phase in all these cases"


V. M Molotov

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Norway : Red Salute to Osvald Group and the Smash Nazis Monument in Oslo - Long Live SOS Racism

Hammer Smashes Swastika

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Show Trial in Norway currently underway of members of SOS Racism reminds of how the Norwegian State treated the Osvald Group of Anti Nazis Resistance fighters after the Second World War and reminds us that the battle against Nazism and Racism is essentially a continual People's Fight .

Seventy years after they helped liberate Norway from the Nazi German occupation, members of the resistance organization known as Osvaldgruppen (The Osvald Group) have finally won recognition in the form of speeches and a sculpture.

This new sculpture, set up as a monument to the Osvald Group for its resistance efforts during World War II, has attracted both criticism and debate. It was unveiled in front of Oslo's central train station on May 1st, 2015 the Labour Day holiday.

Five surviving members of the Osvald Group unveiled the sculpture meant to serve as a monument to the group’s contribution during World War II, and to the lives lost as a result of their resistance efforts.

The group was one of the first and most active armed civilian groups resisting the Nazi German invasion of Norway, and known for its members’ daring acts of sabotage against German installations and the Norwegian industry that served them throughout the war.

The Osvald Group was best known, however, for being led by radical socialist Asbjørn Sunde, a member of Norway’s communist party NKP during the 1930s who fought fascism in Spain and started resisting the Nazi movement early.

He used the cover name “Osvald Pettersen,” hence the name later given to the group he led even before the Nazi invasion of Norway in 1940. The Osvald Group later took orders from both the exiled Norwegian government in London and officials in the Soviet Union.

While Sunde was one of Norway’s most important resistance leaders, his Soviet ties and communist sympathies were unpopular after the war and he was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union in 1954. The Osvald Group and its members never won the honours, public gratitude and positions of post-war power accorded other Norwegian resistance heroes.

Efforts to finally honour the group, in line with the long-overdue recognition accorded the Pelle Group of wartime saboteurs just two years ago, emerged with the formation of a committee to raise an “anti-fascist monument” in front of the train station, since much of the Osvald-led sabotage was against state railway NSB.

The leader of the committee that selected Gulliksen’s design, Hans O Felix said. “There will certainly be many opinions about the monument and that’s just fine,” Felix told newspaper Dagsavisen. “The process was carried out in a good manner and it was a unanimous jury (who chose the sculpture) and it’s gone through several municipal agencies. We’ve gone by the book. I have a good conscience.”

The city, meanwhile, has only granted temporary placement at the central station and the monument may later be moved. The five survivors of the Osvald Group itself were more concerned with finally receiving recognition, for better or worse.

“I think the unveiling was dignified and fine,” Anne Marie Malmo, who was part of the Osvald Group in Bergen, told Aftenposten. “What’s most important is that those who gave their lives (to the resistance effort) will be remembered.”


Since 2008 the Norwegian State has been attacking SOS Racism and its leading members with false charges of fraud.  Many Norwegian youth organisations receive  state funding .

Many Norwegian youth organisations which receive state funding the Labour Party Youth, the Catholic Youth have had problems following audits but none were politicised like the attack on SOS Racism in the Norwegian Media.

The lead instigator for the Norwegian investigation against SOS Racism is Einar Endresen of the anti immigrant racist Norwegian Progress Party and an hysterical media campaign has been whipped up against SOS Racism in Norway

The attack on SOS Racism and in particular of Tjen Folket is attempt by the neo liberal Norwegian State to destroy the anti racist democratic principles of the Norwegian Anti Nazis Resistance so clearly embodied in SOS Racism activities with its support of vulnerable refugee's especially now from Syria and its opposition to Islamophobia.

The placing of Kjell Gunnar Larsen, Trond Torbjorsen, Henrik Ormasen, Kenneth Fuglemsmo, Jan Erik Skretteberg, Bjarne Stokke and Anne Elizabeth Hansen on trial is putting the Norwegian neo-liberal state on trial  and we are telling the whole world about this persecution of anti-racists.




Ireland : Dublin Smashes PEGIDA - The Spirit of 1916 Lives - Smash Imperialist Racism - Smash Fascism

India : Rohith Vemula’s Death A Noose around the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Neck by Anand Teltumbde

                                                       Anand Teltumbde

Rohith  Vemula’s death is not a stray case of a life claimed by caste prejudice. Atrocities against Dalits have intensified with the rise of Hindutva forces.

While the persecution of Dalit scholars in the recent past has gone relatively unnoticed, the spontaneous outburst at Rohith’s death could portend a new movement against the saffron establishment.

Rohith Vemula’s dream of becoming a science writer like his idol,?Carl Sagan, ended abruptly at the altar of caste.

But his death has raised hopes of a peoples’ movement to prevent reoccurrence of the circumstances that led to the young scholar’s dreams being crushed.

Rohith dropped out from the process of anointment by the casteist establishment as a doctor of philosophy, but his suicide note is nothing short of a philosophical commentary on what it means to be a Dalit.

Although this 26-year old son of a landless Dalit mother blamed none, Rohith’s death has exposed the criminality stemming from casteist mindsets. The agitation by Rohith’s fellow students, the resolute support of their teachers, and national and international outrage have forced the conceited administration to revoke the suspension of Rohith’s four comrades.

The students have rejected the administration’s awkward overture and declared their resolve to continue their struggle, until the people responsible, including Smriti Irani, are punished.

It is not important if the students are ultimately able to withstand the fascist regime’s might, but what is significant is that the protesting students have set forces in motion for the regime’s decimation.

The students, who, in their innocence, greatly contributed to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) win in the last elections have come together to say an emphatic no to its casteist and communal agenda.

This has manifested in the complete isolation of the BJP student wing, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), in campuses all over the country. 

Criminality Exposed While the saga of crimes against Dalits is an ancient one, the roots of the current episode lie in the false police complaint lodged by the president of ABVP’s Hyderabad Central University (HCU) unit, N Susheel Kumar—who is also the organisation’s state committee member—alleging that 30 Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA) members had beaten him up. Kumar alleged that the Dalit students had resorted to such violence to demand an apology for his remarks on Facebook, describing ASA members as “goons.”

ASA had actually condemned the ABVP stopping the screening of the documentary Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hain in Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College. The students screening the documentary were intimidated with slogans such as “main Hindu hoon, main tujhe thappad maarunga” (I’m a Hindu, I’ll slap you). ASA had demanded a written apology from Kumar, which he gave in the presence of security personnel.

However, the next morning Kumar admitted himself into a private hospital, got himself photographed and filed a police complaint. The proctorial board of the HCU did not find any “hard evidence” of violence; the doctor as well as the security personnel also testified that there was no evidence of Kumar being assaulted.

But the board recommended the suspension of five students for a semester, reportedly under pressure from the BJP Member of Legislative Council (MLC), Ramachandra Rao, who met the then vice chancellor R P Sharma. It was Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment BJP Member of Parliament (MP) from Secunderabad, Bandaru Dattatreya, who precipitated the abominable punishment that led to Rohith’s death.

In a letter to the Union Human Resources Development Minister, the veteran BJP MP —a dyed-in-the-wool Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activist—complained that the HCU had become the centre of “casteist, extremist and anti-national” activities of the ASA.

In support of his charge, Dattatreya alleged that the ASA had protested against the hanging of Yakub Memon. Irani then wrote to the vice chancellor suggesting that he should take action as she had done earlier in response to an anonymous complaint against the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle in IIT Madras. As a result, five ASA members were suspended for a semester.

This sparked off massive protests, forcing the vice chancellor to revoke the order pending investigation by a new committee. But in an action replete with the symbolism of the Manusmriti, Sharma’s successor as vice chancellor,

Appa Rao, expelled the five students from the hostel and banned them from accessing the library, hostels and administrative building. Vile Stratagem This episode is not a stray case of caste prejudice. Rohith is not the first Dalit scholar in HCU to commit suicide.

HCU is not the only university in the country to have such incidents. That the caste venom pervades the country is testified by several surveys from the 1950s onwards. Atrocities against Dalits have risen from 33,507 in 2001 to 47,064 in 2014 according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

The rise can be attributed to the Social Darwinist ethos of neo-liberalism which reversed the welfarist paradigm of Keynesianism.

The rise in such atrocities also bears testimony to the upsurge of Hindutva forces in the country. Caste affiliation, earlier spoken in hush-hush tones, is now flaunted and justified.

Hindu religiosity, once considered a mark of backwardness, is today seen as a matter of pride with even professionals wearing vermilion bands on their wrists and smearing their foreheads with kumkum.

This Brahminic upsurge is driving Dalit scholars to kill themselves. Twelve Dalit scholars have reportedly committed suicide in HCU since 1970, but most of them (9) took their lives in the last decade. Senthil Kumar (2008) pursuing a PhD in physics, R Balaraj (2010) pursuing a PhD in Telugu literature, Madari Venkatesh (2013) a PhD scholar in High Energy Materials and Pulyala Raju (2013) a postgraduate student in Applied linguistics are a few names that come to mind easily because investigating committees linked their suicides to rampant caste discrimination. But their deaths failed to sensitise the casteist administration.

On the contrary, they were emboldened by the right wing forces in power. How does such casteism sync with the right wing government’s new-found love for Babasaheb Ambedkar?

That is not difficult to fathom. The BJP is desperate to woo Dalits and wants them to accomplish its Hindutva agenda.

Memorialising Ambedkar or going gaga over his 125th birth anniversary, the BJP hopes, will fool gullible Dalit masses into voting for it.

But a few radicalised Rohiths could topple its apple cart.

It is unfortunate that the Dalits do not understand that Ambedkar never desired hymn singing devotees. He wanted prabudhha (enlightened) Dalits to emerge from his followers. This desire led Ambedkar to risk emphasising higher education over elementary education. He felt that only higher education could create critical thinking and provide moral strength to people to stand up against the free play of caste prejudices. The government is crushing these potential torch-bearers of Ambedkar in every possible manner while singing paeans to him.

The strategy of the Hindutva camp is to Brahminise common folks of the Dalits and demonise radical Dalits.

As dissenting Muslim youth are branded as terrorists, Dalit–Adivasi youth are being stamped as extremists, casteists and anti-nationals.

Indian jails are filled with such innocent youth incarcerated for years under vague charges like sedition and unlawful activities. Political Portents Rohith’s death exposed the multilayered injustice of the saffron establishment.

The entire student community, barring of course the ABVP, spontaneously condemned Hindutva hooliganism. It exposed the Dalit leaders who failed to speak out against their political patrons in the face of such monumental injustice.

Dalits who were fooled into voting for the Hindutva forces have begun to wake up to their folly. Today, the Hindutva’s camouflage is off. What Dalits call discrimination is natural to Hindutva.

The Prime Minister, speaking at Lucknow University, described Rohith’s death as a loss to a mother and shed crocodile tears. But he kept mum over the misdeeds of his own ministers that contributed to Rohith’s death. Showing characteristic ineptitude, Smriti Irani said that a Dalit professor was on the panel that recommended punishing Rohith and his comrades.

This provoked all Dalit teachers of the HCU to resign en masse from their administrative responsibilities. HCU’s teachers’ body boldly rejected the vice chancellor’s request to resume classes until the punishment was revoked.

Ultimately, the vice chancellor had to lick the dust and revoke the suspensions. The Government of India has announced a judicial commission to enquire into the episode. This is another attempt to cover the sins of his own tribe. BJP’s Brahminical pride has blinded the party and it cannot see Rohith’s noose tightening around its own neck..

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UK Rejects UN Ruling that Assange Detention is Illegal : Secret Surveillance in UK exposed

Democracy and Class Struggle says we should be concerned about secret surveillance - which has been exposed by individuals like Julian Assange - even the British Tory David Davies says we should not buy the disingenuous line of nothing  to fear about if nothing to hide. 

Watch video below about UK secret surveillance. Awareness of surveillance is a pre condition for exposing it.