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Seven Norwegian anti racists will not be having a very merry Christmas this year.

The Norwegian Government accuse them of fraud and are putting them on trial in the New Year.

These committed campaigners are prominent members of the SOS Racisme organisation.

It campaigns against racial hatred in Norway, especially attacks on migrant workers and refugees. 

The funds it received from Norwegian state bodies were perfectly above board and legitimate.

The truth is that the real reason for the prosecution is that the accused are members of Tjen Folket (Serve the People), a militant left wing organisation which the Norwegian Government wants to stamp out.

The falsely accused are Kjell Gunnar Larsen, Trond Thorbjørnsen,, Henrik Ormasen, Kenneth.Fuglemsmo , Jan Erik Skretteberg, Bjarne Stokke and Anne Elizabeth Hansen.

They are accused of embezzling a total of 16.8 million Kroner and if found guilty could face up to nine years in prison.

At 18.00 on Thursday, 3rd. December the lights on the annual Norwegian Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, London will be switched on.

Present at the ceremony will be the Norwegian Ambassador, Mayor of Oslo and Mayor of Westminster.

Supporters in Britain of the Norwegian Seven will be demonstrating in the Square.

The opening ceremony is at 18.00 this year.

We need to be ready for 17.30, assembling at 17.15.

For further information contact : 


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Revolutionary Praxis

London Maoist Study Circle

Democracy and Class Struggle

Blood oil and the Raqqa-Ankara-Kiev axis

Selling petroleum gets Daesh 50 million dollars a month, which corresponds to one million barrels of oil. The production of Daesh is more than the combined consumption of Syria and Iraq together, and would be enough to supply some European countries, such as Italy and Spain.

Back in July, the spokesman for the CHP (Turk Socialist Party), Gürsel Tekin, declared that the raw oil stolen by Daesh is exported by the BMZ Group Ltd. the maritime company of Bilal Erdogan, the son of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his uncle Mustafa Erdogan, the president's brother. After the shoot-down of the Russian Su24, the Russian minister of foreign affairs, Sergei Lavrov also accused Turkey of being impicated in the trafficking of Islamic State petroleum.

The assets of BMZ Group, whose growth was concurrent with that of the Islamic State, rose from 72 to 190 million dollars betwen June 2014 and July of this year. And the BMZ Group target for 2015 is to acquire five new tankers. On September 15, the company bought new tankers (Armada Fair and Türkter 82) after buying the Mecid Asalanov some months before.


BMZ Group's fleet is now composed of the following ships: (Name and IMO):
One small unit of slight tonnage, hard to localize by satellite:

BEYKOZ-E – IMO 9733856 : 74 m, 1804 t. Current position unknown.
A series of mid-size sisterships:
POET QABIL – IMO 9729582 : 134 m 7150 t.

134m, 7100 t.
MECID ASLANOV – IMO 9711248 : 140 m 7150 t.

BEGIM ASLANOVA – IMO 9718923 : 140 m 7086 t.
ARMADA FAIR ex TURKTER 81 – IMO 9729594 : 140 m 7150
The characteristics of these tankers are very close to the aspects of the others, and two of them have similar names (Mecid Aslanov and Begim Aslanova) which facilitates the confusion. Because of their small size and shallow draft, they can use secondary ports or marinas.

Just like the airliners, all merchant ships have a transponder and instant locator beacon, the AIS, Automatic Identification System. The five largest units of BMZ fleet are so equipped. We will look at their movements:

POET QABIL – IMO 9729582 :

This ship left Tripoli, Libya October 6 to reach Illichivsk in Ukraine. (Illivivsk is a secondary port near Odessa). The Poet Qabil at an average speed of 8 knots (average speed recorded for this ship since its commissioning), should have needed but seven days to travel the 1300 nautical separating the two ports. It took more than a month ...

Arrived at the port of Nikolaev (Ukraine) from Haifa in eight days, which is normal. Currently sailing between Nikolayev and Ravenna (Italy).

This ship left Perama (Greece) November 6 en route to Nikolaev (Ukraine), where it arrived on November 20 after 14 days of crossing over a 4-day distance (696 nautical / 6 knots). What was it doing during the extra 10 days? Currently on route to Savona in Italy.

ARMADA FAIR ex TURKTER 81 – IMO 9729594 :
After an out-and-back to the same point (Tuzla-Turkey) which took a month, this ship is currently en route to Nikolaev (Ukraine) according to information provided by the AIS.

Now off the English coast. But on October 22 this ship left the Port of Mersin (Turkey) to Illichivsk (Ukraine) and reached it the 30th of the same month. Eight days for a five-day journey (nautical knots 1079-9). The three days of delay may be due to a the Bosphorus Strait bottleneck, but the wait is rarely more than a few hours.

What conclusions can be drawn:

• The tankers of the BMZ Group, suspected of carrying illegal Daesh oil, regularly visit the Ukrainian side port on the outskirts of Odessa. Every week one of the oiltankers arrives at the Port of Nikolayev.

• Two-thirds of their crossings have taken an abnormally long time, which could allow time to make detours to load smuggled oil cargoes in a Turkish port on the Black Sea. If the charges against the BMZ Group of the Erdogan family by Turkish CHP and Russia would are verified, then Ukraine would prove to be the principal client for Daesh oil.

Ukraine : Blood and Oil in Odessa - tracking down the ISIS Oil Sales

There's a smell of oil all over the World. But, especially in Odessa harbor, where it stinks. Stinks. It is natural. Imports of oil and oil products through the port of Odessa recently doubled. To be precise, up 150 and 220 percent, respectively. You can check online port authorities of Ukraine, which publishes the full official statistics.

What do these numbers mean against the background of the overall drop in cargo transfer, by almost a factor of four? Unknown. 

Just one thing is understood: at the complete collapse of its industry, Ukraine started consuming more oil. And certainly most of it came through the ports of the Black Sea, principally through Odessa. Overall leader: Odessa.

You could wonder long where those transferred barrels are disappearing, through what damaged pipelines, and what might be the further destination for the "black gold." Perhaps they're going to top off their storage tanks, but where are they going to find so many tanks? 

One might wonder indeed, in the face of all the idle Ukrainian oil refineries, but it takes no special grade of intellect to get this: the oil is not from Novorossia, rather from the side of the Bosporus, from the other side of the sea, where the charismatic Turks have discovered an original means of production on foreign soil. There's a name for it: fencing stolen goods.

There, under the screen of a civil war that morphed into an international conflict, bands of radical islamists, calling themselves a "state" selflessly pump oil from wells they have seized in Syria and Iraq. And Turkey has become one of the main consumers of this oil. There's so much of the stolen oil they've run out of places to put it; legalized ["laundered," we would say, if it was cash -- tr] it continues on its way around the world. Today, of all the Black Sea countries none is more apt for the further distribution of oil, than Ukraine.

In Odessa, in general, something is happening defies logical explanation. The biggest strategic region is living a mysterious life, where the law is the stream of consciousness of a dissolute Georgian, who had not recovered from a hangover. Where appointments can depend on an evening backgammon game, where the tariff commissioner is a girl, and who it is, that both conducts and covers this scheme, is also known.

Mikhail Saakashvili's partners don't change. And their fantasy is not large. But here is what they enjoy of Erdogan, as Saakashvili at first could not believe.
The East is a delicate matter. But where things are delicate, there, they can rip. So, in the language of diplomacy, there could resound a message of the contraceptive nature of certain political figures. [A metaphor, both crude and blunt, is omitted here. --tr.]

This is to say, at the end of the act the partners disappear without saying goodbye, and over the caravans of stolen oil hover very real Aerospace forces, transforming the dubious business of terrorists into a very dangerous occupation, where bankruptcy is indistinguishable from a funeral, which even relatives dare not attend.

After all, oil - it is not just oil. Just like human fingerprints, oils have their own unique chemical composition, that make it possible to ID where and when it appeared on the surface of the earth. It is possible to trace the entire path of the oil produced by the killing and the looting.

And it is terrible to imagine what will happen when they start finding out that the oil in the pipelines and the refineries of the country of victorious Maidan -- i


Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cameron's Hypocrisy : British Kurdish Girl Shilan Ozcelik Imprisoned in UK for wanting to fight ISIS with YPG/YPJ

Democracy and Class Struggle says nothing exposes the hypocrisy of Cameron more this case is London of Kurdish girl Shilan Ozcelik.

The Kurds in Syria are connected via YPG/YPJ to Kurdish Workers Party but Cameron wants to work with Islamists in Syria who are going to have a meeting in Saudi Arabia to fight Syrian Government in his phoney anti ISIS fight while real fighters against ISIS get imprisoned in UK.

LONDON – Shilan Ozcelik, an 18-year-old British girl of Kurdish descent, has been convicted in Britain of trying to fight with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG/YPJ) against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

At the trial at London’s Old Bailey, the jury of nine women and three men deliberated five hours to reach a verdict. Shilan Ozcelik was sentenced to 21 months in a young offender institution. The judge, John Bevan, called the Kurdish girl “a stupid, feckless and deeply dishonest young woman.”
“You are the author of your own misfortune. You have lied to your family and this jury,”  the judge told Ozcelik.

The judgement was also based on a letter the Kurdish girl had left for her family, telling them she had joined the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – which is outlawed in Europe as a terrorist organization.

"Believe me this is the right thing for me to do. I am so happy right now that I have become a militant,” Ozcelik wrote in the letter.

The Kurdish girl’s defending lawyer Peter Rowlands said Ozcelik told relatives she was joining the Kurdish militants to hide the fact she had met a man, a 28-year-old man called Mehmet Orhan, in Belgium. She tried to “spare her family from the real truth, which would have brought shame on her in the traditional Kurdish community,” he said.#

Rowlands said in the court room: “There is not a shred of evidence, not a shred, that having left home she joined the PKK, tried to join the PKK, met any members of the PKK, went to Turkey or Syria, or lifted a finger in support of their actions at all.”

However, the jury was not convinced.

Ozcelik is believed to be the first UK citizen to be arrested for trying to fight against ISIS. She has been charged with a terrorist offence under the UK’s 2006 Terrorism Act.

The teenager from London was arrested earlier this year at Stansted airport. Her supporters say she travelled to Brussels in an attempt to try to join the YPG or its women’s YPJ wing. She was arrested on January 16 as she returned from Brussels.

Neither the YPJ or YPG is by itself banned in the UK.

An online petition has started in support of Ozcelik, demanding her release and accusing the judgment of trying to “placate NATO member Turkey.

Ozcelik ”…is a hero not a criminal!,” she petition states. “She…would have joined YPG, which is a legal organization. The British Govt should be ashamed of itself.”

A Kurdish student in the UK told Rudaw that he found the decision "hypocritical."

”The UK is part of the anti-ISIS coalition that bombs ISIS down there. Now a girl is jailed for wanting to fight the same ISIS, as the UK does. It makes no sense," said Mirza Amed.

Neither the YPG nor its women’s wing, YPJ, is banned in the UK. But the PKK is listed as a terrorist group by both the European Union and the United States.

The judgment will prevent other Kurds in Europe from going to fight against ISIS, said Soren Schmidt, lecturer at Aalborg University in Denmark and an expert on ISIS.

“The judgment sends a clear signal that people can’t conduct foreign policy on their own,” Schmidt said.

More Britons have allegedly fought with the YPG against ISIS without being prosecuted. In July, three British and American volunteers who had returned from the battlefield were reportedly received as heroes at the Kurdish Community Centre in London.

Hundreds of foreign fighters have reportedly traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with Kurdish forces battling ISIS.

Foreign fighters also have joined the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq, which remains a staunch US and Western ally in the war against ISIS.





Jeremy Corbyn refuses to whip right wing pro War Labour MP's to vote against bombing Syria - You can walk so far with a Social Democrat they will not go the distance against Capitalist Imperialism and War

Jeremy Corbyn is a social Democrat when it comes to crunch - what do you expect ?

No revolutionary here - no Lenin to oppose imperialist war with civil war - you can only walk so far with a Corbyn he will not go the distance.

It is the lesson of the last 100 years of Social Democracy that stinking corpse has Lenin called it in 1914

Continue to fight the Pig Headed Cameron we are winning the argument even if Corbyn actions loses us this battle.


Do not give up the fight against War and Imperialism - the Red Flag may be on the ground in the mud because of Social Democrats like  Jeremy Corbyn at this moment .

 Pick it up and fight on - has we have done since 1831 in Wales - We have a World to Win

First the former UK Ambassador to Syria now the former NATO general says air strikes on Syria useless - But Pig Headed Cameron is detemined to have his bombing


           General Sir Richard Shirreff, former Nato deputy supreme allied commander Europe

A SENIOR military figure has warned UK air strikes on Syria will not defeat Daesh and could be the first step towards Britain being involved into a “bloody” and protracted war.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, former Nato deputy supreme allied commander Europe, said a large number of western forces would eventually be needed to fight alongside local groups in order to recapture Raqqa, the extremist movement’s self-proclaimed capital.

He spoke out after David Cameron last week ruled out the deployment of British ground troops when he pressed the case for bombing missions over Syria, saying the proposed air attacks would be coordinated with ground attacks by some of the 70,000 local troops in Syria linked to “moderate” groups opposed to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

But yesterday Shirreff told a national newspaper such a military strategy would not defeat Daesh or recapture Raqqa.

“It’s not something you are going to achieve with 70,000 so-called Syria moderates,” he said.
“To take a city of 350,000 is going to need a massive force. Any fighting in cities soaks up troops in a massive way. It’s heavily attritional, it’s bloody and it’s a grim business.”

The United States began an air campaign against Daesh in Syria in September last year, 2014, with France and Russia both launching aerial attacks on Syria in September this year.

There was concern that the Russian air strikes, which were targeting western Syria, far from Isis strongholds, were aimed at helping Bashar al-Assad’s regime rather than weakening Daesh.

Shirreff spoke out after unease emerged yesterday among some Conservatives north of the border about Cameron’s proposals.


Mauricio Macri : War on Venezuela by Jesus Rojas

                                  The face of the right in Argentina - Mauricio Macri

Democracy and Class Struggle we should note the new counter offensive against  Venezuela and attempts to restore US Hegemony in Latin America with the election of Mauricio Macri in Argentina and a increased attempts at de-stabilsation  of Venezuela State prior to and during Venezuelan elections of December 6th.

Macri certainly was the winner of the race for the presidency in Argentina. Cristina
recognizes this, in so doing, she demonstrates her honesty and democratic spirit.

He wins, but has yet to reveal what will be his economic policies.

There will be only one dollar, we do not know for whom will be.

What it is now coming to Argentina is a great loss of its sovereignty and there is a plan
of the international right-wing to go against the people who have made progress. Within 

the scope of the Bolivarian forces in Latin America,

Macri's victory means no encouragement to emerging policies in Latin America and the Caribbean, "what we're seeing with that victory of the right-wing and neo liberalism in elections in
Argentina involves a realignment of political ideology from Mercosur and Unasur
and that constitute  the policies that have been  in the joint cooperation - a political setback"

With the triumph of these neo liberal forces  that hinder these base policies in Latin

What is observed is the loss of sovereignty for the Republic of Argentina
because the advances that could have been given in the integration processes
are lost and we could be in the presence of a new position or a new front of the

What we see in these elections we express from the Bolivarian Venezuela view
through lines of sovereignty that we have raised in the construction of a new block
allowing people self-determination, to start building the new economies, 

The  new integration processes allowing cooperation and sovereignty to tackle global
problems was a  political earthquake,

In this sense, the people of America where large strategic wealth of the planet
are accumulated can maintain and achieve their sovereignty and independence.

Machiavellian plan

There are hidden interests, "We note that these stances of  Macri`s of proposing
the suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur, the with intentions they are not
accidental when international lines are beginning to introduce previous to the
electoral events the introduction of some processes against human rights in
Venezuela, this is part of the Machiavellian plan that is brewing against the peoples
of America.

Macri covers up that his ideological nutrient with  frivolity and his colorful balloons.
He makes puns when babbles on its promises to support social policies instituted
by socialism, and very similar to those from Venezuela, he will seek to maintain them
without any creativity.

The question arises - the question about how he can defend them. 

In Macri, until today, hides everything,  his hatred against Venezuela. He
promises to apply the discredited Democratic Charter. 

Already they scolded for that first gaffe.

Where he does not lack bellows is moving its aggression against our country.
to him as many from here still hurts the force that brought chavismo throughout Latin America.

So much, that even Bush himself suffered with his remarkable strength, when he tried to
impose the free trade agreement in Mar de Plata and recieved a lethal punch ten years ago.

He was told to "take a hike" a slap that is still marked in the face of the right-wing people. 

Symbol of sovereignty that Macri proposes to avenge.

It is hard for someone of the right-wing to live with the insignia of  of the
author of the emergence of this expansive wave of socialist governments in our continent: Kirchner, in Argentina; Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, in Brazil; Rafael Correa, in Ecuador; Evo Morales, in Bolivia; José Pepe Mujica,in Uruguay; Daniel Ortega, in Nicaragua, in addition to give fresh air  to Pablo Iglesias in Spain and in Greece to Alexis Tsipras and many others who have benefitted from this wave in the global period.

That explains the itching that the Venezuelan left-wing causes to Macri, who hates us as before Menem hated Cuba, and see the same right-wing and the same newspaper La Nación pushing a war against Venezuela.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

France: The State of Emergency,a weapon of repression !

We have already said it and the facts prove us right, the State of Emergency is not against "terrorism" but against all who oppose the capitalist state.

Protests are still banned in Ile-de-France, the government is already talking of extending the State of Emergency voted by parliamentarians from Front de Gauche to Front National, several dozen activists are under house arrest because of the State of Emergency, squats have been evicted by force, cops spit "there are no more laws", ...

This afternoon, the second time, the State of Emergency was braved in Paris. This time by several thousand people. The cops did their dirty work and suppressed the banned demonstration.

These are officially 208 arrests and 174 in police custody. Cazeneuve promised "extreme firmness".

We call for solidarity with all arrested and held in custody!

Continue to defy the State of Emergency which is only a tool to muzzle dissent!

Dare to struggle, dare to win!: 

"The State of Emergency, a weapon of repression !"



Manchester Stop the War - Don't Bomb Syria

London : Tariq Ali at Stop the War against bombing Syria

Tariq Ali still bound to social democracy ( post trotskyism new style) but nevertheless a useful anti war contribution exposing third wayism on Syria.

The hysteria against Jeremy Corbyn by British Media is mixed up with pro War bombing of Syria.

You do not fight the British War Establishment and their media by reasonable behaviour of Jermyn Corbyn.

You fight them by savaging them and expelling class traitors and the sixth columnists (the one who agree to your face but stab you behind your back )particularly rife in Parliamentary Labour Party.

If there ever was a time to wage class war on part of the Labour Movement in British Isles it is now - even if this calls for temporary alliance with social democrats in that class war to smash the pro War establishment and its perpetual NATO war machine.