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Once Burnt Twice Shy ? Russia's Support for Fascist National Front

Democracy and Class Struggle says you have only to watch RT or read Sputnik to see evidence of Putin's Kremlin's media support for Marine Le Pen.

The RT  denials of support for Marine Le Pen are not plausible however many times they point to a Chris Hedges or Lee Camp their resident house Leftists to show they are unbiased.

It appears as we have said before that Russia has learnt nothing from the Trump catastrophe and might stupidly be attempting a re-run in France - Lavrov's speech to Russian Military in Moscow normalising Le Pen was more confirmation if that was needed.

We know there are many people in Russia against this policy - they need to speak out in the names of those millions of Russians that died fighting Fascism in Europe.

The message is clear in 2017 Putin is no Lenin and plays with both sides of the street extreme right and left. - he is a critic of Lenin and his accomplishments - see video below.

Before the Russian Central Bank withdrew its license to the First Czech Russian Bank it had lent the National Front 9 million euros in 2014. 

In the same year, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political fund Cotelec received another 2 million-euro loan from a Russian-backed fund based in Cyprus, news website Mediapart reported. 

Saint Just said Cotelec helped fund the party’s 2015 regional campaign.

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Parti Communiste Maoiste on Marine Le Pen and Front National

Today the National Front, which incarnates this rise of fascism, has its place in the second guaranteed turn. 

The FN has secured the support of the police, important parts of the army, and is beginning to penetrate education, among senior civil servants and in the university. 

The bourgeoisie is increasingly openly choosing fascism to stabilize capitalism by the most brutal means

If it is unlikely that Marine Le Pen will be elected, it will certainly be present in the second round, weighing on the political life of the next few years. 

It is possible that this "defeat" in the second round will push a part of the FN to try to replace it. 

Indeed, the line of the ideologist Florian Philippot supporting the "social" aspect of the FN to radicalise the party created significant tensions within it. 

But fascism is a movement, of which Marine Le Pen is only one of the representatives. 

It will inevitably strengthen in the coming years, driven by the general crisis of capitalism and by the collapse of the historical parties of the right and the left.

Translated to English from Document Below of Parti Communiste Maoiste 


A few words about "anti-systems" from Parti Communiste Maoiste

Another phenomenon is that of declaring himself an "anti-system candidate", just as Trump had done in the United States during his campaign. 

It is more and more likely that neither the PS nor the Republicans (ex-UMP) arrives in the second round. 

The two representatives of bipartisans, who have organized political life and managed the country for decades, have lost so much credibility that their support has collapsed. 

This was first seen with the PS, which after this lamentable quinquennium left with almost no chance. 

This may have seemed more surprising for Republicans, who are likely to lose an election that they thought was untenable. Alain Juppé and Manuel Valls, both favorites of the right and left primary, were largely swept away despite the media forecasts.

This is also how we interpret the "antisystem" posture of all the main candidates: no one wants to embody continuity with traditional politics.

It is obvious that these so-called antisystems are not opposed to anything but wind. 

There is no longer any shame for them to say against the system, although they are often at the very heart of the system: former students of ENA type schools, career politicians and even bankers at the Rothschilds for Macron

They represent all the interests of the ruling class and consequently none of them is of course able to oppose the main representative of the rise of fascism Marine Le Pen, also another "antisystem" which has as a simple legacy a political party and being born into a rich family to aces in a house in Saint-Cloud.


United States Hands Off Venezuela says Abby Martin

Peter Lee the contradictions in US North Korea Policy - China's Mission Impossible

Trump has "Dangerous Mental Illness" warn psychiatric experts at Yale University

A group of psychiatric professionals have warned that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit to lead the country.

After a meeting of experts at Yale University yesterday, psychologist Dr John Gartner said of Mr Trump’s mental health: “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness.”

Dr Gartner, who specialises in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), bipolar disorder, and depression, leads Duty To Warn, a group of mental health experts who consider Mr Trump – who’s coming up to 100 days in office – an unfit President.

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Lenin is Young Again - Happy Birthday Lenin 2017


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Indonesia : The New Rule in the World by John Pilger

Indonesia :Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia


Venezuela: , we will take over their factories,” said Jesus Diaz, spokesperson for the Pio Tamayo Commune in Lara

Democracy and Class Struggle says no time for Liberalism in Venzuela Smash the Counter Revolution - Red Salute to our comrades in Lara

“If they continue with their guarimbas, we will take over their factories,” said Jesus Diaz, spokesperson for the Pio Tamayo Commune in Lara.

Several private companies in Venezuela connected to the country’s right-wing opposition are asking workers not to come in for their shifts next week.

Claiming to defend their workers’ safety amid ongoing protests, the companies are backing opposition calls for a national strike against President Nicolas Maduro.

But for workers supportive of Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) the strike is merely a trap intended to sabotage Venezuela’s economy.

“These actions planned against our revolutionary people are a desperate attempt by the empire to overturn our Bolivarian Revolution,” Jesus Diaz, a member of the Popular Movement of Lara, told Resumen Latinoamericano. 

The Popular Movement of Lara is a coalition of communes and workers’ organizations in the northwestern state.

“We are organized and we will defend our revolution as always.”

Diaz, who also serves as a spokesperson for the Pio Tamayo Commune in Venezuela’s western state, assured Resumen Latinoamericano that workers in the region will continue work as usual. The Popular Movement of Lara’s boycott of the right-wing strike is supported by dozens of other communes and workers’ councils across the country.

Workers supportive of the Bolivarian Revolution have also vowed to take over and manage factories abandoned by right-wing bosses.

One of the opposition-aligned institutions supporting the opposition strike is the Catholic University of Andres Bello, one of Venezuela’s largest private universities.

On Friday, the institution announced that all classes and campus activities will be suspended due to the “situation of uncertainty and insecurity” affecting the country. The Catholic University of Andres Bello won’t reopen until April 25, when a session of university officials will be held to “reassess the issue," El Universal reports.

Other opposition-aligned institutions backing the right-wing strike include privately-run supermarkets and transportation companies.

“If they continue with their guarimbas, we will take over their factories,” Diaz told Resumen Latinoamericano.

Guarimbas are street blockades organized by right-wing protesters who use Molotov cocktails, burning tires and rocks to attack police and civilians.

US Prepares Arrest Warrant for Assange :Greenwald Says Prosecuting WikiLeaks Threatens Press Freedom

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Statement from The Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr GN Saibaba

Press Release

The Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr GN Saibaba expresses its shock and dismay at the judgment delivered on March 7, 2017, by the Court of Sessions Judge at Gadchiroli District (Maharashtra) in the case of State vs Mahesh Tirki and others convicting all the six accused under various sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code. While five of the accused – Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, and GN Saibaba – were awarded the maximum sentence under the relevant provisions (i.e., imprisonment for life), one accused – Vijay Tirki – was awarded a ten year sentence of rigorous imprisonment.

Although a conviction by the trial court is but the first ordeal in the long winding legal process, the conviction itself comes as a bolt from the blue for all those who have been following the developments of the case, which was built on flimsy grounds, bolstered with concocted evidence and tutored witnesses, and burdened with shoddy investigation and procedural lapses. It was only to be expected that the whole edifice would come crumbling down. However, the sessions judge thought otherwise.

Many legal minds have already analysed the judgments and pointed out the glaring loopholes and legal infirmities. The Committee has also come out with its own critique of the judgment. The most worrisome aspect of the judgment is that it sends the ominous message that there is no space for dissent in our times. The judgment repeatedly points out how wrong it was for Dr GN Saibaba and others to hold certain views that were in opposition to that of the State and the dominant groups. It is ironic that even while holding that these six people are so dangerous that they should be incarcerated for a major part of their lives, the 827 page judgment fails to point out even a single instance of violence that these people have been conspirators in or lent logistic support to. It is a pity that the judiciary that should buttress the rights and liberties of the citizens become not just a silent spectator of the infringement of the rights, but become an active collaborator in the ushering in of a totalitarian regime.

Although all the six who have been convicted are facing hardships and fighting inclement weather and adverse conditions in the prison cell, Dr GN Saibaba’s case needs a special mention not only due to his 90% disability, but also due to his failing health conditions. In fact, just before the judgment was delivered, Saibaba was hospitalized and was undergoing treatment for gall bladder stones. Apart from the chronic issues with his heart and high blood pressure, Saibaba was also suffering from acute gastric condition resulting in cardiac condition along with palpitations.

It was indeed the prolonged incarceration in the anda cell as an under-trial that worsened his condition to this level. Now, even before he could fully recuperate the judgment has been delivered, and we fear that given the dismal track record of the Nagpur jail authorities in caring for his health, his life is in real danger. In an utterly callous manner, the trial court refused to pass any order instructing the jail authorities to give adequate medical care to Saibaba, in spite of the fact that it is on record how inhumanly the jail authorities had treated him earlier. The High Court and the Supreme Court had even censored the jail authorities and given strict instruction to give him proper medical care.

In connection with this glaring miscarriage of justice and against the convictions of GN Saibaba, Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi and Vijay Tirki, a press conference was organised on 20th April 2017 in Press Club of India. Various academic luminaries and intellectuals along with family members of GN Saibaba and Hem Mishra addressed the gathering. Stressing the clear lack of evidence of any form of association or involvement in violence against all six of the convicted, complete reliance on electronic evidence by the Sessions Court Judge,

Dr Hany Babu introduced the press conference by laying out bare the peculiar nature of the case where the sessions judgement himself stopped short of exterminating them by declaring that his hands were tied by law which did not permit him to deliver a judgement beyond life imprisonment. Bypassing all loopholes and contrasting statements provided by the police, they have been punished for merely upholding a thought .In such an instance of gross violation of justice,

Dr Hany Babu emphasised that the judgement is not just a conviction of Prof Saibaba and five others, but it puts all democratic values on trial. It is an attack on all sections of intellectuals, teachers and students who espouse and cherish the value of ideas, progressive thought and dissent. Hence, there is a need for a cross-section of teachers and students to come together to speak up against the stifling of voices in universities and space across the country.

The chairperson of the Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. GN Saibaba, Prof Haragopal addressed the gathering by reminding everyone that the case of Prof Saibaba was similar to the trial of Dr. Binayak Sen. Further, he insisted that this case is not confined to only the six convicted individuals, but democratic values have been put at stake. Adding that people were persecuted for their ideas in the medieval times, and that such a judgement in a modern democratic framework echoes something extremely troubling.

He urged that this judgement reflects democracy on death bed in which our ideas and thoughts will be persecuted and stifled. Quoting the Kothari Commission, he emphasised that the function of a university is to critically assess the manner in which society lives. As professors and teachers, it is these values and opinions about the nature of society and life that are discussed in classrooms. But this judgement strikes at the very core of this right to exchange ideas and values. Hence, he appealed to the press and all who had gathered to come together to mobilise against the increasing instances of stifling of dissent and curbing of democratic values. Adding that a judge should always be driven by constitutional laws, he said that role of the judiciary is to check the functioning of the executive and ensure the executive does not become despotic.

But, if the judiciary itself starts bypassing its role, then it points towards a dying democracy. Addressing the press, another member of the Defence Committee and editor of Mainstream Weekly, Sumit Chakraborty, shared his thoughts on earlier judgements delivered by the Supreme Court which declares that no individual can be punished for mere association with an outlawed organisation. He concluded by highlighting the need to mobilise and come together in huge numbers to speak about our right to expression and the need to galvanise public opinion about the travesty of justice that clearly emanates from this judgement.

The next speaker, Pankaj Tyagi, was one of the lawyers who helped draft the comprehensive critique of the judgement. He elaborated on loopholes and the weakness of the prosecution’s arguments. He further explained the manner in which police and the state had already tailored and planned a case and conviction since the first day of abduction and arrest of three individuals, Hem, Mahesh and Pandu in August 2013. Alongside, the critique of the judgement titled, When the Prosecution’s Case Becomes the Onus of the Judge, was released as a booklet in front of the press.

Hem Mishra’s father addressed the gathering by speaking about his experience with the case for the last three years. Questioning the very nature of this democracy, he asserted that in this “democracy”, freedom is only for the ruling classes and the marginalised people and those who stand with their struggles are being persecuted. He further appealed to all progressive and democratic sections to mobilise among the people to raise concerns about the political climate in the country where all forms of dissent are being criminalised.

Another member of the committee, Prof N Sachin directed attention towards the conditions in Delhi University where there has been a conspiracy of silence with respect to Prof Saibaba’s case which raises questions about the deteriorating political climate all around us. DUTA President and member of Defence Committee, Prof Nandita Narain, expressed her concerns about the deteriorating health conditions of Prof Saibaba and the urgent need for medical treatment. Stressing on Prof Saibaba’s witch hunt within Delhi University, she further spoke about the increasing legitimisation of rigwinght forces in university campuses.

What cannot be overlooked is the alarming disparity between various judgements that have come in recent times where those against whom there are clear evidences of instigating mob violence, engineering riots and blasts were acquitted by higher courts. The same judiciary has now punished people with life imprisonment for merely upholding an idea. Challenging the judgement, she stated that the life imprisonment of a 90% disabled person is a clear attempt to murder that person by the ruling political dispensation. Finally, Vasantha, Prof Saibaba’s partner spoke about the conditions in prison which has adversely impacted Saibaba’s health even during his previous incarceration. Despite that, the judge and jail officials have not taken his medical emergency into consideration.

Explaining the bizarre manner in which the judgement unravelled after a lengthy trial riddled with loopholes, unsealed recovery, and misrepresentation of facts by police, she argued that the judgement seems to have held Prof Saibaba and others responsible for the lack of “development” in Maharashtra! She spoke at length about what this development means and raised questions regarding the nature of such “development” and who it is for,

She added that this development is anti-people and the most marginalised sections of adivasis have organised against this form of anti-people development. It is evident that the government is hence targeting all those individuals, activists and intellectuals who are allying with people’s demands and against the present policy of development. She emphasised that it is precisely because of Prof Saibaba’s unrelenting stand with peoples’ movements and voicing opinions against Operation Green Hunt that he along with others have been convicted.

The Committee calls upon all democratic minded individuals and organisations to join hands and fight against injustice meted out to Dr GN Saibaba and the five others who are convicted. It should be noted that one person, Prashant Rahi is a journalist, another (Hem Mishra) a student, and three others are adivasis. The legal process will definitely take its due course.

In fact, the appeal against the Sessions Court judgement has already been filed in the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court and the records have been called from the trial court. Apart from pursuing the legal struggle, the Committee proposes to hold public meetings and other programmes and solicit your active participation and active cooperation in building a public opinion against such gross violation of our fundamental freedoms. In standing for the demand for acquittal of all the six we ensure our fundamental freedoms as well!

Chairperson- Prof Haragopal
Contact- 981197116, Dr Hany Babu

Russia's positive view of Lenin in light of point 1% owning 62% of Russian Wealth - Lenin is always with you Russia

Russian approval of Vladimir Lenin is peaking as the centennial of his rise to power approaches, independent pollster the Levada Center has found.

The majority of Russians (56 percent) view the founder of the Soviet Union’s role in history either entirely positively or largely positively—the highest such figure since Levada started running the survey in 2006.

The obscene inequality in Russia in 2017 reported in the Russian Government paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta that POINT 1% OWN 62 % OF RUSSIAN WEALTH is a call for Leninist Proletarian Revolution 2017 style.

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism 

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Celebrating Russian Revolution 1917 : Strike by Sergei Eisenstein - It depicts life at a factory complex in Tsarist Russia and the conditions the workforce experienced. The plot is about the workers organising a strike which due to repression escalates into a full blown occupation.

The Film Cultural Revolution in the Soviet Union

Acting mainly involved members of the First Workers Prolecult theatre an experimental movement in the Soviet Unions early years that attempted to replace the importance of plot with the power of performance aided by special effects. Sergei Eisenstein was a member of the Prolecult theatre before moving onto film and incorporated most of that style into his films


Finnish Bolshevik on Trotsky's lies about "German October"

Video refuting German October

Kostas Mavrakis on Permanent Revolution  or Uninterrupted Revolution by Stages ?

Finnish Bolshevik On Permanent Revolution and April Theses

Japanese People Protest US Okinawa Base : US Out Of Okinawa


The Ryūkyū independence movement (琉球独立運動 Ryūkyū Dokuritsu Undō?) or Republic of the Ryūkyūs (Japanese: 琉球共和国, Kyūjitai: 琉球共和國) is a movement for the independence of Okinawa and the surrounding islands (Ryukyu Islands), from Japan.

The movement emerged in 1945, after the end of the Pacific War. Some Ryukyuan people felt, as the Allied Occupation began, that the Ryukyus (Okinawa) should eventually become an independent state, instead of being returned to Japan

The majority pushed for unification with the mainland, hoping that this would hasten the end of the Allied Occupation there].

The US-Japan Security Treaty was signed in 1951 as re-unification occurred, and providing for the continuation of the American military presence. This set the stage for renewed political movement for Ryukyu independence.

Venezuela Coup Plotters Defeated - US Interventionists Smashed - The Struggle Continues

If the People Get Mad the Right Wing is Done


Smash the Attempted Coup in Venezuela - Venezuelan Communist Music - Chavista Music

Democracy and Class Struggle says Communists and Chavistas must unite and fight US Imperialism in its Trump incarnation in Venezuela and send a message to the world of national and social liberation in the 21st Century.

Victory or Death !


US Trump Administration Has Given Green Light for Coup in Venezuela

"Today the coup plotters tried to take power again and we have defeated them," Maduro said to a sea of Chavistas.

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas Wednesday in separate marches, with government supporters marching in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and in rejection of right-wing opposition coup plans on the commemoration of 207 years of independence.

 US Has Given Green Light for Coup in Venezuela: Maduro "Today the coup plotters tried to take power again and we have defeated them," President Nicolas Maduro said. "They once again took to the streets to break laws, to burn things, to stir violence."

While Chavistas gathered in central Caracas, opposition protesters convened in the city's more affluent east side, eventually taking over major roads and highways.

Clashes broke out as small numbers of opposition protesters attempted to break police lines and head to the areas where government supporters were gathered. So far, there have been no confirmed reports of fatalities due to the protests.

 Rumors spread that 19-year-old Carlos Moreno was killed in San Bernardino neighborhood amid the demonstrations, but local journalists reported that he was not participating in the protests.

Although there are conflicting reports some family members said he had gone out to play soccer when he was shot in the head during an attempted robbery of his motorcycle.

 He reportedly died from injuries in the hospital. A second death, Paola Andreina Ramirez was confirmed in Tachira state. "The woman did not participate in the protest, she was four blocks from the protest and safely sheltered in the Plaza San Carlos ... with other people when the fighting started," a journalist at the scene told EFE.

There are no confirmed reports on the events that led to her death and the public ministry has opened an official investigation into the events.

 In a separate incident, a pro-government demonstrator was seriously injured when she was hit in the head with a bottle thrown from a building. Venezuelan journalist Roman Camacho reported that the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. RT journalists reported seeing opposition demonstrators throwing things from buildings, which were later confirmed to be glass jars and ice jars.

 The opposition's "Mega March" calling for Maduro's ouster comes after more than a week of violent protests that have left several dead and caused an estimated 50 billion bolivars in damages.

Among the fatalities is a one-year-old boy who was shot and killed when opposition protesters entered a social housing complex during the protests and an 83-year-old woman who died after not being able to receive medical attention due to opposition roadblocks.

Opposition Allies Look to Pin Venezuela Protest Deaths on Government A high school, a community health center, various subsidized food markets and several government offices have also been attacked, authorities said. Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said the Chavista march will be a "lesson" to those who "promote intervention, but also to the imperial powers that today dare to stuck their noses where no one has asked them to." Rodriguez said Venezuela would defend its sovereignty in any scenario, even if it's not as part of the Organization of American States. The head of the regional bloc,

Luis Almagro, has been working with Venezuelan opposition leaders to spearhead a campaign to apply the so-called "Democratic Charter" against the country, effectively removing Venezuela from the OAS. Venezuelan leaders maintain this is part of a plot to justify an intervention. "The project for Venezuela is not to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, but rather the intervention and permanent tutelage that will prevent Venezuela from continuing to develop its project of a great nation, its Bolivarian project, but also what it has meant as an ideological reference for the region," said Rodriguez.

 On Tuesday, President Maduro accused the U.S. government had "given the green light" for a coup in the country, and said that security forces had arrested an “armed commando group sent by the opposition in order to attack the mobilization called by the right-wing for Wednesday to generate violence and deaths in the country.”

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US Right Wing Media is Imploding - Bill O'Reilly Fired

Marine Le Pen - Velodrome d’Hiver — more commonly known as Vel d’Hiv and why her Right Wing Populism does not negate her Fascism

Democracy and Class Struggle says there are many attempts to "normalise" Marine Le Pen in the same way they tried to "normalise" Donald Trump.

Both have a racist bases but promote a Populist image and try hard to manage perceptions.

Russia has tried hard using RT to normalise Trump  and are doing same with Marine Le Pen.

Sergei Lavrov made a speech in Moscow to the Russian military saying how "normal" Le Pen is.

Russia is still trying to come to terms with their Trump miscalculation both domestically and internationally - the truth is that the ideology of Trump and the Kremlin uphold the same capitalist conservative views which makes them global competitors rather than collaborators.

Russia has proved incapable of absorbing the lesson of the Trump Illusion under it current leadership because it continues in practice to spread the new Marine Le Pen Illusion of 
 Patriots verses Globalism rather than the oppressed people's verses Capitalist Global Imperialism - the bourgeoisie verses the proletariat - the struggle between the capitalist and the socialist road in the 21st Century.

They "forget" it was the Russian - Soviet communist movement in the late 1940's that first exposed bourgeois cosmopolitan Globalism as the ideology of Imperialism in the struggle for national and social liberation

In 1942, French police helped round up 13,000 Parisian Jews, shoving them into the Velodrome d’Hiver — more commonly known as Vel d’Hiv — an all-weather indoor cycling stadium. Men, women, and children languished there for days without adequate bathroom facilities or food. They were sent from there to Drancy, the transit camp outside Paris, and then on to Auschwitz.

In 1995, French President Jacques Chirac apologized to the Jews for the French state’s role in the Vel d’Hiv roundup, and for the deportation of some 76,000 Jews from France during the Nazi occupation.

He said France owed “an everlasting debt” to the Jews who were deported:

France, the homeland of the Enlightenment and of the rights of man, a land of welcome and asylum, on that day committed the irreparable. Breaking its word, it handed those who were under its protection over to their executioners.

Chirac’s statement was historic, as French leaders had long insisted that responsibility for the devastation of the Jews lay not with France, but with Nazi Germany.

It was this that Marine Le Pen denied.

"I think France isn't responsible for the Vel d'Hiv," she said, in a televised interview. “I think that, in general, if there are people responsible, it is those who were in power at the time. It is not France.”

Currently, she said, schoolchildren are only taught “reasons to criticise (the country), and to only see, perhaps, the darkest aspects of our history".

She continued: “So, I want them to be proud of being French again.”

But over the past several decades, the French role in the deportation and looting of the French Jews has only become more clear, not less.

                          Front National Share of Votes 2014

                      Historic Nations Against Front National - low                                                 votes for Front National

In 2004, French historian Jean-Marc Dreyfus and sociologist Sarah Gensburger came out with a book called Des Camps, Dans Paris, which showed that there were three forgotten Jewish slave labor camps in the heart of Paris itself.

Dreyfus discovered that French moving companies had been contracted by the Gestapo to help strip Jews’ apartments after they were rounded up, bringing all their worldly possessions to depots where they were sorted and redistributed into the Reich for bomb victims. All personal items — photographs, school papers — were burned.

That this kind of evidence now exists makes Le Pen’s comments that much more reprehensible.

In 2009, the French high court issued an official ruling that held France “responsible for damages caused by actions which did not result from the occupiers' direct orders, but facilitated deportation from France of people who were victims of anti-Semitic persecution."

Le Pen immediately tried to explain her position, saying that the real French government at the time was the opposition government in exile, based in London, not the collaborationist Vichy government in France.





The Punjab student community is making history waves in the current struggle protesting the police repression on anti- fee hike struggle.

It is an inspiration and illustration for the student community worldwide,educating them about the repressive nature of bourgeois democratic state towards them,who can never genuinely solve their problems

It is also a lesson on how the current globalization and liberalization policies endorse attacks on the most peaceful student agitations.

The pretensions of our so called democracy have been exposed to the fullest who cannot tolerate even a peaceful protest.

The Punjab student community has heroically withstood the police barricades like a boulder withstanding a gale.It has encompassed many campuses in the state reminiscent of  many streams converging into a river

It 's flame has been illuminated by students in campuses of other cities like Benares, Allahabad, Hyderabad and Delhi.

We must salute the meticulous work of the Punjab Students Union more than any organization in this struggle who resisted and mobilzed at every juncture.Significantly sections of workers and peasants have openly come out in support of the agitation.them Brutal lathicharge on students protesting against fee hike in front of VC office....

Several students are injured severely....
Some have been arrested by police...



Today Students responding to the call of UNIVERSITY CLOSED given by Joint Students Action Committee (JSAC) against Fee Hike boycotted the classes and gathered at Vice Chancellor Office. First Students shut down the StuC and then Library. The Vice Chancellor ignored the students protests and tried to handle it with police administration. The students were demanding that Vice Chancellor would come out and accepted the demands. Then the Police started mishandling the students. Ignoring the students genuine demands the police started lathicharged in which some girls students got head injury. The students continued with their demand tried to move forward then the police used water canons to disperse the students. But when students didn't step back then frustrated DSP ordered to use the tear gas shells. Afterwards students retaliated with stone pelting. The police continued with their brutal actions of lathicharge and droping tear gas shells. The Police also opened firing. The injured students are admitted at GH- 16.

The Police chased the students up to campus Gurdawara Sahib where they arrested more than 50 students. The Police first tried to curb the students protest and now trying to defame the students and organisations that we started violence first which is totally false allegation said SFS president Daman Preet. When students protested against the authorities for genuine demands then the role of police is totally undemocratic thats why JSAC also demanded to restrict the entry of police in the campus. Earlier also authorties tried to supress the students protest with police brutality in 2014. The Struggle against Fee Hike would continue with few other demands-

1. The arrested students should be released immediately.
2 The action should be taken against university authorities, DSP and chandigarh police who used undemocratic method in response to students protest Tortured by cops, students tell court
Judicial Magistrate orders medical examination of 18 seriously injured by board of doctors
Sandeep Rana Tribune News Service Chandigarh, April 12

A day after students were arrested during a violent protest against the fee hike at Panjab University, they alleged torture at the hands of the police in a jam-packed local court today as the Judge passed directions to the police.

During their cross-examination before Judicial Magistrate (First Class) Jagmeet Singh, a majority of the 53 students alleged that they were beaten up with belts and sticks, punched, abused and caste-based and obscene remarks were passed against them in the lock-up by the police. Several students also alleged that their medical examination was a mere formality.

Taking cognisance of their statements, the Judge ordered the police to get 18 severely injured students medically examined by a board of doctors at the GMSH, Sector 16, and submit a report on or before April 26. He further directed them to also submit a report to the UT SSP so that an inquiry could be conducted, if required.

Earlier, the Judge asked the students to speak the truth without fear and listened to their statements carefully. One of the students, Satya Prakash, alleged that after they were arrested, the police slapped them and hit them with sticks. Buta Singh alleged that caste-based remarks were passed against him as he belonged to the SC category. “They thrashed us for two-three minutes, then stopped and then again thrashed us. This continued for around four hours,” he said.

Another student, Meharpreet, alleged, “They dragged me outside the gurdwara by my neck and punched me 15 to 20 times... Later, they took me away in a police vehicle to the Sector 11 police station while thrashing me throughout the route... They also broke my spectacles.”

Yet another student, Rajat, said he was thrashed with a belt and a stick was smashed on his feet after the arrest. Appearing after him before the Judge, Amandeep Singh alleged that they were made to lie on the floor and smashed with sticks on the feet at the Sector 24 police post. Others alleged that they were not given painkillers at the hospital and were not medically examined properly.

hey also showed injuries on the hands and head. There were some others who said they were innocent and were arrested from hostels and the library and had nothing to do with the protest.
Injuries at time of protest:

Public prosecutor

The public prosecutor told the Judge that the allegations were not true as all injuries were of the time when they were involved in a violent protest. It was further stated that the incident occurred after the protesters pelted the police with stones.

Jam-packed court

The court was jam-packed as District Bar Association members and a few senior advocates gathered in and outside the courtroom. The proceedings continued for about an hour and a half as two students were brought in the court at a time for recording their statements.

Students’ friends seen, parents not

Students were also seen outside the courtroom to support their friends while hardly any parent of the accused was seen. The brother of one of the accused was seen distributing biscuit packets among the youths coming out of the courtroom as a goodwill gesture.

Girls, too, allege torture

One of the girls alleged that it was a nightmare spending the night at the police station as she was not provided sanitary napkins when she asked for these. Another girl alleged that the police passed obscene remarks against her. Meanwhile, all students, who were ferried to the court in three buses, were sent to 14-day judicial remand.

France: Melenchon's Holographic Politics - A Mirage on the Left

UK Election Called Before Full Impact of Austerity Kicks In

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Election Circus is about to start to re legitimise the British State.

Time to build alternative counter power structures in 2017 not to legitimise the British State and its capitalist system.

If one tenth of the energy put into elections was spend building alternatives like Socialist Republican Congress's and community based social movements on issues like Land and Water and Money alternatives we would not be trapped on the eternal election merry go round to nowhere.

Self determination means no to Westminster and Brussels.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017






Yesterday the ailing comrade Narayan Sanyal breathed his last.

Although ailing and in bed for a considerable period he never seized to exude the inextinguishable torch of Marxism-Leninism -Maoism.

Comrade Sanyal was a crusader and architect of the mass line and Maoist movement from the early 1970's.He struggle first against the left adventurist'annihilation ' line of Charu Mazumdar and later against Satyanaryan Singh's right deviation.

Later in the 1980's he played a pivotal role in defeating the rightist trend within the Party Unity Group and steered the organization to pursue the path of Protracted Peoples War.''

He fought tooth and nail against all comrades and trends who wished to pursue the parliamentary path or withdraw the armed squads in the 1987 Party Unity conference..

He  played an instrumental role in the rectification of the 'individual annihilation 'line through developing mass military line .

He also fostered the building of mass organizations like the peasant association and students and youth fronts.Examples are the Mazdoor Kisan Sangrami Samiti and Bharat Naujvan Sabha in Bihar and the Revolutionary Students Association in Bengal.

Later in 1998 he played an instrumental role in the unity with C.P.I.(M.L.) Peoples War group in 1998 and later the unified C.P.I.(Maoist) in 2004

He always emphasized the importance of mass movements to substantiate the armed struggle and was greatly impressed by the developments in Andhra Pradesh developed by the Peoples War group.He also gave great encouragement to intellectuals to link with the movement.

What all cadres must wish is that his legacy will continue and new leaders will sprout up illuminating the torch comrade Sanyal lit.

Below is a report from Hindustan times Narayan Sanyal alias Bijoy-da, the Naxalite leader who joined Maoist politics in 1967 and played an instrumental role behind the formation of CPI(Maoist) in 2004, died in Kolkata on Monday.

He was 78 and suffering from multiple ailments, including cancer.

Sanyal was among the last links between the Charu Majumdar-led CPI(ML) – considered the father of leftwing insurgency in India – and its offshoot CPI(Maoist), which is perceived as India’s gravest internal security threat.

At the time of his arrest in December 2005 from Raipur in Chhattisgarh, Sanyal was a member of the banned CPI(Maoist)’s politburo, the highest decision-making body. He was released from jail in 2014 due to failing health and had been living in Kolkata since.

He was also known by the alias of Naveen Prasad.

“With the death of comrade Bijoy-da, the Indian revolution lost one of its most important leaders who was instrumental behind the resurgence of Naxalite politics after the setback of 1972,” said septuagenarian Purnendu Sekhar Mukherjee, who was a central committee member of the CPI(Maoist) at the time of his arrest in 2011 and is out on bail since 2015.

Sanyal, who was hardly photographed, had an unshakeable faith in armed struggle against the state.

Among leaders of mainstream political parties, CPI(ML)(Liberation) politburo member Kavita Krishnan wrote on social media, “#Respect and rest in power Comrade Narayan Sanyal.”

Rights activists and Maoist sympathisers in Kolkata said the body will be kept at a mortuary for two days and the last rites would be performed on April 20.

“We expect activists and Naxal sympathisers from different parts of the country to arrive in Kolkata for paying him the last respect. That is why we will keep the body in the mortuary for two days,” said a former associate of Sanyal.

During an interaction with this correspondent about a year ago, Sanyal recalled how he got into the CPI(ML). He was initially associated with the MMG group (Man-Money-Gun), founded by Ananta Singh of Chhitagong armoury raid fame, until the farmers’ uprising erupted in Naxalbari in 1967.

He quit his job with a bank and plunged into the movement in Kolkata.

“In 1968, top Naxal leaders Saroj Dutta and Sushital Roychowdhury (both became politburo members of the CPI(ML) when the party was formed in 1969) had several rounds of discussion with me, following which I left for Bihar to organise the movement there,” Sanyal had said.

In Bihar, he worked under the leadership of Satya Narayan Singh, who was a politburo member of CPI(ML) and its Bihar unit chief.

However, when almost the entire Bihar state committee defected under Singh’s leadership in 1971 over differences with Charu Majumdar,

Sanyal took charge of the pro-Majumdar unit of CPI(ML) in Bihar and organised cadres in the Jehanabad-Palamou belt.

A meeting of Maoist leaders that took place in Kolkata in August 2016. But it did not carry the banner of any ultra Left group.

He was arrested in 1973, sent to Kolkata and was released in 1977 after the first Left Front government in West Bengal fulfilled its electoral promise of general amnesty for political prisoners.

“Even when in jail, a group of us had been discussing how to avoid the mistakes that led to the setback in 1972 and how to reorganise the movement. We contacted old comrades soon after coming out of jail and starting working on an evaluation of the first phase (1967-72), based on which the movement will be rebuilt,” Sanyal had earlier told HT.

In 1978, Sanyal and few others formed the outfit CPI(ML)(Party Unity) with the aim of uniting all ‘true revolutionary forces’. CPI(ML)(PU) went on to become a major Naxalite outfit active in Bihar, apart from CPI(ML)(Liberation) and Maoist Communist Centre (MCC), and engaged in violent caste wars with the private armies of upper caste landlords. Sanyal became its general secretary in 1987 and continued in this position until merging his outfit with the Andhra-based CPI(ML)(People’s War) in 1998.

As a politburo member of the new outfit, he shifted his base to the Bastar region in Chhattisgarh and played a key role behind the unified CPI(ML)(PW)’s merger with MCC in 2004 that resulted in the formation of CPI(Maoist). He continued to be a politburo member in the new outfit until his arrest from Raipur bus stand in 2005.

Among other first generation Maoists who joined the movement during the second half of 1960s and made it to the top level of CPI(Maoist) in 2004, only three remain alive. Prashanta Bose, the number two in CPI(Maoist) is believed to be hiding in the forests of Jharkhand, while Purnendu Sekhar Mukherjee is out on bail and Amitabh Bagchi is in jail since 2009. Both of Bose and Mukherjee are suffering from various ailments.