Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Red May Day Statement 2019- Irish Socialist Republicans

On International Workers Day 2019, Irish Socialist Republicans extend revolutionary greetings and solidarity to the international working class in the struggle against Capitalism and Imperialism.

We extend our solidarity to all oppressed peoples around the world who continue to struggle for national liberation and socialism.

Today, in particular we extend our solidarity to all comrades who find themselves imprisoned for daring to struggle, for daring to win the liberation of our class from the forces of Imperialist Reaction.

To the revolutionaries who continue to wage Peoples Wars from Palestine to the Philippines, from India to the jungles of South America and to the revolutionary forces working to build organisations guided by the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in Europe, America and elsewhere in the world, we salute your efforts. Your struggle is our struggle and every victory against Imperialism is a victory for the international proletariat.

On International Workers Day 2019, the Irish Working Class remains exploited and oppressed. In the occupied Six Counties, Britain maintains it's illegal occupation by force of arms, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Irish Working Class. In the 26 counties the EUs word is law.

The entire Nation, Our People, Our Wealth and Resources are being exploited on a daily basis by vultures from Britain, Europe and North America. These Robber Barons are facilitated and supported by a Garrison Class of Gombeen Capitalists, who administer two pro Imperialists states in Ireland on behalf of Imperialism and grow richer and richer through the continued exploitation of the working class.

We note with concern the rise of the far right in Ireland over the last 12 months, organised and funded by foregin Imperialism. Right wing racists have nothing to offer the Irish Working Class and we have no intention of standing idly by and allowing the posion of fascism gain a foothold in Ireland. Irish Socialist Republicans commit to making the struggle against fascism a key priority and call on all other progressives to do likewise!

Our Class is faced with an engineered housing and homelessness crisis deliberately manafactured to create super profits for the Garrison Class and fill the pockets of Landlords and the Imperialists. We are faced with a never ending health crisis that has resulted in incalculable deaths. Today, the Working Class continues to be exploited through low pay, precarious work and lack of organisation, while working class communities have been left largely to fend for themselves through generations of deliberate neglect by the Free State.

The struggles of our Class can not be won through participation in Capitalist Elections, a system that only lures those who contest them with good intentions into defending capitalism and Imperialism.

Irish Socialist Republicans assert that the oppression and exploitation of the Working Class can only be ended through organisation. Our Class must organise to confront our enemies on our own terms, how and when and where we choose. Capitalism and Imperialism cannot be reformed. They cannot be altered, they must be destroyed. Only through the rebuilding of the All Ireland Socialist Republic, can the Irish Working class be free. Everything else is doomed to continue the cycles of exploitaion and Oppression.

Through our revolutionary organisations, Anti Imperialist Action, The Anti Eviction Flying Column and Macradh- ISR Youth, combined with our work in communities, Trade Unions and millitant Working Class campaigns, such as #Bringittotheirdoors, a campaign currently striking fear into the very heart of the Free State, Irish Socialist Republicans are working day and daily to organise advanced sections of the working class, mobilise them against capitalism and Imperialism and strike for National Liberation and Socialism.

This is the Socialist Republican Alternative.

Through our growing #OurMandate #OurRepublic campaign we are building our revolutionary Alternative to the counter revolution and Imperialism in Ireland.

On International Workers Day 2019, we reassert that Irish Socialist Republicans will continue the struggle for National Liberation and Socialism until it's inevitable victory. We believe the All Ireland Socialist Republic can and will only he rebuilt through the establishment of an Anti Imperialist Broad Front that unites Socialist Republicans and other progressives in a disciplined working class movement to fight for our Republic.

The building of such an Anti Imperialist Broad Front remains our immediate priority. This revolutionary work begins in our own communities, building Resistance Committees that will agitate, educate and organise Working Class communities to become centers of Resistance against the Garrison Class, Capitalism and Imperialism. The Resistance Committees and Centers of Resistance, will be linked up to form the blocks we use to Rebuild the All Ireland Socialist Republic!

A further key battleground for Irish Socialist Republicans is the reconquest of Ireland and the Irish Language. The learning and speaking of Irish is a revolutionary act and a key weapon in the fight against Imperialism. We commit to continue to develop the fight against cultural Imperialism by learning and using the Irish Language and we encourage all working class revolutionaries to do the same.

Make no mistake, this is a class war and our enemies are well organised!

It's time for the Working Class to get organised and fight back!

Build the Anti Imperialist Broad Front- Rebuild the All Ireland Socialist Republic!

For National Liberation and Socialism- This is Our Mandate, This is Our Republic!

All Power to the Workers!

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