Wednesday, May 1, 2019

CNN Lies on Venezuela and US Cyber command Shit posting on Venezuela

Democracy and Class Struggle says apart from the mainstream media lies at BBC and CNN and Fox News on Venezuela there is a  literal army of military cyber warriors shit storming the internet with attacks on the Maduro Government.

“CNN live in Venezuela as Maduro government mows down citizens in streets,” Tapper of CNN tweeted with a link that leads to a CNN video report starting with an image of a number of army defectors fighting on the side of the opposition. 

The video includes footage of what appears to be a National Guard truck hitting civilians, but Tapper’s tweet implies Maduro is gunning down citizens by using an image of soldiers with weapons.

According to AFP, the soldiers are members of the Bolivarian National Guard who have joined the opposition headed by self-declared ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido.

Tapper was soon called out by a crowd of irritated social media users who accused him of fake news, propaganda, “manufacturing consent,” and of failing to take two minutes to verify the image and claim he was making.

“A reporter would verify the picture and in two minutes would learn that the blue armbands are a sign of the mutinying troops,” journalist Vijay Prashad pointed out.

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