Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day 2019 Declaration of Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr

Welsh Socialist Republicans rejects the fake "independence" of Plaid Cymru which replaces capitalist Britain with capitalist Europe.

We will not be party to utilizing Plaid Cymru's Welsh Bourgeois Nationalism to put a new set of bureaucrat capitalists in power in Wales to better serve the Eurocrats of Brussels rather than London

The Welsh Socialist Republicans believes the only class in Wales which is capable of leading Wales to the new democracy of autonomous self government in Wales is the working class. 

That is true Welsh Independence !

Our Welsh national struggle is ultimately a class struggle an insight developed by John Maclean  for Scotland and James Connolly for Ireland but eludes the Welsh National Movement.

In the struggle for national and social liberation in Wales we need to enlist the support of English, Scottish and the Irish working class and other national minorities.

Organizationally we seek to strengthen ties with working class organizations throughout the British Isles to support working class power in Wales, as this will also give a base area for their class struggles against the British State.

We are Welsh Socialist Republicans with the working class spirit of the Miners Next Step of 1912 we believe in the power of our class the working class to change Wales and the world.

Long live the spirit of the Great Unrest of 1910-12 - Long Live the Welsh Socialist Republican Congress –  Long Live Welsh Socialist Republicanism.


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