Saturday, May 4, 2019

DPRK - Imperialist Media recycling old lies about food crisis by Dermot Hudson

Comment on the stories about 'food crisis ' in the DPRK or imperialist media recycling old lies

The imperialist and bourgeois  mainstream media is intensifying its propaganda campaign against People's Korea with a number of outlets such as the BBC,CNN , Daily Mail and Sky News talking about 'crop failures' , 'rations cut ' , 'starvation ' and 'famine '.

This is basically recycling old lies and slanders about the socialist system of the DPRK .

Looking at the reports there is a claim that rations have cut to 300g(or two thirds of a pound in imperial measurement ) of food per person per day . 

To respond to this , firstly , our delegation visited the DPRK in April and say or heard nothing to confirm that this is the case . 

Secondly , even if this is true there is an element of mischievous distortion because the 300g can only refer to the basic supply of grains such as rice which are supplied directly to the population . 

Other foods may be purchased from shops and markets .300g of grain per day is not a famine and many people in the world would be happy if they could receive 300g of grain per day .

Visiting the DPRK in September 2018 , February 2019 and April 2019 we saw no sign of crop failure or starvation . 

In fact food seemed fairly abundant with crowded restaurants and well stocked shops . 

Grain is supplied to the people of the DPRK at a low cost which simply covers the cost of transporting it.

Stopping at a Motorway service station on the way from Pyongyang to Mt Myohyang we saw plenty of food on sale outside including fruit.

Despite the sanctions the DPRK is going ahead in the spirit of self-reliance .

In his New Year address Marshal KIM JONG UN said " the agricultural sector waged an unremitting struggle for increased cereal production, thus producing a large number of high-yielding units and farmers even in adverse weather conditions."

Recently , respected Marshal KIM JONG UN is his major policy speech to the 1st session to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly said that 

"The agricultural sector should pay special attention to solving the problems of seed, fertilizer and water and securing the land under cultivation, introduce scientific farming methods and raise the rate of mechanization of farm work, and thus attain without fail the grain production target set by the Party. 

The stockbreeding bases such as chicken and pig farms should be modernly built or renovated, domestic animals be raised in a scientific way, and a mass movement be launched to raise grass-eating animals perseveringly. 

Also, a turn should be made in the production and processing of seafood by consolidating the material and technical foundations of the fishing industry."

Thus the DPRK is striving to increase food production
The BBC and some British newspaper outlets should remember when they talk about "famine " and "hunger " in the DPRK , that in Britain many rely on foodbanks and numbers of homeless are increasing 



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