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Ukraine as a ground for terrorism export to Europe - Molotov Club

The report during the III Annual Conference of "Red Square / Molotov Club"


Ukraine as a ground for terrorism export to Europe (the report in the III annual Conference of Molotov Club)

1. At present, Ukraine has become a convenient and reliable transshipment base and legalization zone for militants of Islamic terrorist organizations. This fact is the result of the long-term cooperation of Ukrainian nationalists with supporters of radical Islam on the basis of common interests in the struggle against Russia, and this cooperation is supported at the level of Ukrainian state.

2. Militants from the countries of the former Soviet Union (mainly Central Asia, the Trans-Caucasus, the North Caucasus) go to "jihad" war to the territory of the Middle East through Ukraine, also, militants (already including Arabs) are returning back to Russia and, not least, to EU countries through Ukraine.
3. In Ukraine, militants find support from local nationalists and law enforcement officials. There, the terrorists receive new documents, undergo treatment and recovery, change their appearance and "legends", biographies, and are sent to Europe for further “work”.

4. The issue of legalization is solved with the help of money. The level of corruption in modern Ukraine has reached an incredibly high level. In the country's law enforcement agencies, only a small percentage of employees are not associated with it. For example, the cost of making a fake Ukrainian passport is about 10-15 thousand dollars. If you need a legal passport (there is such an opportunity), then its price can reach 50 thousand dollars. For all these costs, the jihadists have the necessary funds.

5. In Ukraine there are many legal Islamic cultural centers, whose representatives adhere to the ideas of radical Islam. They are built into the system of legalization of militants in the country. Naturally they are under the control of the Ukrainian special services. But this control is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, law enforcement officers control the situation in the country and do not allow terrorist acts in Ukraine. On the other hand, while closing their eyes, they shy away from the work of bringing jihadists to criminal responsibility, from the international cooperation against terror, and simply secretly send the Islamists further, in the EU country, Russia or at least return to Turkey.

6. The visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine only aggravated this problem. Now it is enough just to buy a passport in Ukraine, to put your appearance in order and have 1 thousand dollars in your pocket to go to Europe.

7. The latest failures of terrorists in Syria will bring the problem to a very dangerous level for Europe. The defeat of the last remaining terrorist groups in the SAR will entail a stream of returnees from among the radical Islamists. However, they do not plan to return to their countries of origin. The EU and Russia will become the most attractive places of destination for them, and the already well-established route SAR-Turkey-Ukraine-EU will be torn from the influx of jihadists.

8. The role of Ukraine in this situation we see as a tool of radical Islamization of Europe that is terrifying in its possible consequences. The flow of refugees to the EU countries already in 2-3 years will seem to be an innocent prank compared to what awaits Europe, if the Ukrainian militants' transit is not blocked in time. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are deliberately taking this step, believing that they are making worse by their actions to Russia only.

Some facts to proof the above mentioned.

1. In early October of this year (2018) officers of the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk Peoples' Republic have detained in the city of Lugansk a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleg Stepanenko, born 12.09.1983, serving in the ATO zone and involved in the shelling of civilian settlements of the republic along the demarcation line between the forces of government of Kiev and the republican forces.
Information about this - video of detention and interrogation is located on the official website of the secret service of the unrecognized republic:
2. During the interrogation, the detainee made a deal with the investigation and reported on his participation in the activities of the Georgian organized criminal group in Ukraine. The following citizens of Georgia coordinated the actions:
- Omar Tatishvili, born on 10.10.1968, a citizen of Georgia, is registered in Zolochiv, Lviv region, passport 07RA23690, has a residence permit in Ukraine.
- Kakhaber Tatishvili, born on December 13, 1977, a citizen of Georgia, born in Tbilisi.
- David Menabdeshvili, born 12.12.1975, a citizen of Georgia.
3. In the course of the video recording of the interrogation, the investigators took into account the request of Oleg Stepanenko to hide his face, recognizing as a weighty cause of concern for his family living in Europe.
4. The above mentioned criminal group was engaged in the legalization of militants from the Middle East in Ukraine. Their cooperation was organized on a material ground.
5. The tasks of Oleg Stepanenko included a meeting of representatives of Arab countries who arrived in Odessa (Ukraine) on a tourist ferry from Turkey, transporting them to Kharkov and legalizing them on the territory of Ukraine with subsequent shipment to the EU countries and Russia.
6. In particular, in September of this year, some members of "ISIS" have arrived in the port of Odessa.
That were:
- Bayindir Abdulmuttalip, a citizen of Turkey, born on August 26, 1996, U passport No. 15094079, issued on August 25, 2017.
- Bayindir Yildiz, a citizen of Turkey, born 02.09.1995, passport ID A12P665
- Egyptian citizen Ibrahim Elsayed, born on 03/25/1981, passport А20653687
- Egyptian citizen Mohamed Fathi, 09/05/1998, passport A18454483
- Egyptian citizen Hassan Ahmed, 08/18/1981, passport A22055283
7. Questions about the production of fake passports for the fighters who arrived with the help of the leader of the neo-Nazi organization National Corps, Andrey Biletsky, who maintained friendly relations with Oleg Stepanenko.
8. Andrey Biletsky has corruption ties in GU NP (The headquarters of National Police) and USBU (The headquarters of Ukrainian security service) in the Kharkov region.
9. Ukrainian special services had information about the work of the said Islamization legalization channel. In particular, in USBU in the Kharkov region, this issue was under the personal control of the deputy head of the department, Alexander Skakun. At the same time, the SBU (Ukrainian security service) did not create any obstacles to that activities.
10. The Islamic cultural organizations of the Kharkov region were built into the scheme and played one of the most important roles. In particular, the meetings were held in the Fatima mosque (Kharkov, Yaroslavskaya St. 31). Imam of the mosque Ramil Akhmetov, born in 1985, is ethnical tatar. He studied at a religious center in Saudi Arabia. This Imam is the supporter of radical ideas in Islam. According to the MGB of LPR (Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk Peoples' Republic) he was recruited by al Qaeda representatives.
11. Kharkov Islamists supervise issues of manufacturing of passports for individual Islamist militants. In that process everything depended on individual significance of every member of their groups.

The report is also attached to the letter (see in the attachments)

In the attached file You can find  the video to the previous material about terrorist training in Kharkov area, Ukraine. 

The text translated in English You can see below: 
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
Fight the infidels all together, just as they fight against you all together. Know that Allah is with the God-fearing. (from the Koran)
While we live by the law of God, the infidels are busy making dirty money in Ukraine, and directly in the city of Kharkov. We now declare that we are in Ukraine in Kharkov and we call upon our brothers, those who support the Islamic state to join our fight against unholy officials who wanted to use Muslims in the fight against Russians, but then betrayed us.
Allah is the best patron!
Almighty Allah!
Almighty Allah!
Almighty Allah!

With great respect,

Molotov Club

Moscow section

Уважаемые Друзья и Коллеги!

Во вложении находится видео дополнительно к материалу о подготовке террористов в харьковской области.

Перевод видео на русский язык смотрите ниже:

Во имя Аллаха милостивого и милосердного!

Сражайтесь с неверными все вместе, подобно тому, как они сражаются против вас все вместе. Знайте, что Аллах - с богобоязненными. (из Корана)
Пока мы живём по закону Божьему, неверные заняты заработком грязных денег в Украине, и непосредственно в городе Харькове. Мы сейчас заявляем, что мы находимся в Украине в г.Харькове и мы призываем наших братьев, тех кто поддерживает исламское государство присоединиться к нашей борьбе с нечестивыми чиновниками, которые хотели использовать мусульман в борьбе с русскими, но потом предали нас.
Аллах лучший покровитель!
Всемогущий Аллах!
Всемогущий Аллах!
Всемогущий Аллах
With great respect,

"Red Square / Molotov Club"
Moscow section

С уважением,
Дмитрий Дежнев

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