Sunday, November 11, 2018

Imperialism Economic or Military is War - OCML Voie Prolétarienne

The presence of Trump at the Remembrance Day ceremonies has rightly unleashed a storm of anger and protest. 

With his economic ultraliberalism, persecuting migrants, sexism and racism, sweeping away the already scant environmental measures in place and his aggressive international warmongering, the US President is the very portrait of a new world order ruled exclusively by the law of the jungle.

But Trump is by no means alone. He stands alongside Putin, representing the rise of renewed Russian imperial in Syria and Africa. 

There’s Netanyahu, the butcher of the Palestinian people and the prison screw of Gaza, representing the Zionist State, the spearhead of Western imperialism in the Near East. 

Then there’s Merkel and of course Macron, those Western imperialists who face off their competitors with protected economic zones crumbling under the weight of the globalised monopolies and the sale of arms to areas within their sphere of influence.

France, with its government and its multinationals, is one of the world’s leading arms dealers. And more than anywhere else, they are not held accountable for these sales. 

All the more worrying when France sells arms to the fascist regime of Saudi Arabia used to bomb and starve the children of Yemen, a war waged by the coalition of the reactionary Arab monarchies with the blessing of Western powers.

France continues to play at policing its erstwhile colonies, never failing to support the brutal murderers in power such as Biya in Cameroon and Sassou-Ngesso in the Congo, and having previously supplied the genocidal murderers in Rwanda with arms, they are now arming the militia in the Central African Republic, etc. 

Yes, Trump is waging a war against the peoples, but Macron is no better.

Only Xi Jinping is missing, the President of imperialist China stealing a march on his competitors in Latin America, Asia and Africa, vying as a direct rival to the USA.

Trump is war, that much is clear. But so too are Putin, Macron and all the rest.

Faced with a global crisis, an environmental crisis and the risk of a new financial crash like that of ten years ago, imperialism tends to toughen economic liberalism and all-out economic war.

Whatever strategies are rolled out by the imperialist powers (liberalisation, protectionism by word or deed, warmongering and military interventions, etc.), for everyone it will be a question of surviving or redefining one’s position in an increasingly fierce worldwide economic war.

Imperialism always means war everywhere just as surely as clouds bring rain.

Our arm is international solidarity, the joint struggle against the economic, social and environmental “catastrophe of Capitalism”. Solidarity with the Brazilian, Italian, Russian and American antifascists, support for the Chinese workers on strike against monopolies, support for the peoples of Africa, Latin America and Asia against imperialist looting, wherever it may come from.

Down with Trump, Poutine, Netanyahu and their cronies !

Against imperialism, Long live unity between the workers and the peoples of the World !

Macron, you’re our enemy here !

OCML Voie Prolétarienne, 8 November 2018


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