Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cultural Marxism the The Right Wing Scapegaot

Excellent Video that shows the Nazi  kulturbolschewismus   link to today's rightist construct and scapegoat "Cultural Marxism".

The video may have other weaknesses but its strength is the connection it makes of Kulturbolschewismus to Cultural Marxism.

It is sad that such stupid theories have to be exposed but that is a sign of the times we live in.

For other exposure's of "Cultural Marxism"

Just for information - the Frankfurt School were revisionists of Marxism - Post Marxists if you like but NOT Marxists and had some reactionary views - even the Conservative Philosopher Roger Scruton recognised the cultural conservatism of some of the Frankfurt School contributions and followers.

Needless to say they were anti Communist and Anti Soviet and got emeshed in the CIA Congress for Cultural Freedom to fight the Soviet Union.

Sidney Hook was the first Chairman of the American Branch of Committee for Cultural Freedom.

Sydney Hook had been a follower of the Frankfurt School his book from Hegel to Marx are notes from Karl Korch a Frankfurt School Founder.

So here we have it - the  CIA via the  Congress for Cultural Freedom front organisation promoting a revisionist anti Soviet Marxism called the Frankfurt School - now turned into the right wing scapegoat of Cultural Marxism.

Truth is stranger than fiction and the right wing are strangers to the truth but love the fiction of Cultural Marxism.



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