Saturday, July 14, 2018

Anti Fascist Protest in London - Live - Against Tommy Robinson and Trump Supporters

Trump's visit to Britain and the presence of Steve Bannon et al in various Hotels in London organizing with right wing groups show that destabilization and activation of right wing and fascist and Nazis groups is their aim in London - to bring them in a new broad alliance.

The Trump interview with the Sun newspaper was no accident and Trump is trying to enable extreme right wing and fascists in the UK by his comments particularly on the question of culture are indicative of that.

Sometimes revisiting history is important especially for clarity of the Trump playbook and we like to quote that even the British Establishment was late in waking up to the Fascist Danger in Europe in the 1930''s anti Fascism did not appear on the agenda until 1941 when Nazi invasion of Russia transformed the War.

For example in the British Case for War in 1940 we hear this.

Indeed early in 1940/late in 1939 prominent member of the British establishment Lord Lloyd of Dolobrian , later a minister in Churchill's war cabinet , wrote a pamphlet entitled 'The British Case' , which explicitly rejected the notion of a war against Fascism ( a concept which later became a necessary part of mobilising the population for Total War after the fall of France ) and this rather than just reflecting Lord Lloyd's viewpoint , had a preface written by the aforementioned Lord Halifax, then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. 

In 'The British Case' Lord Lloyd writes: 

"Our most ancient and faithful ally , Portugal , enjoys today greater prosperity than ever before in the modern world under the wise but authoritarian government of senhor Salazar. The government of Poland itself was definitely authoritarian . Above all , the Italian genius has developed , in characteristic Fascist institutions, a highly authoritarian regime which , however , threatens neither religious nor economic freedom , or the security of other European nations." 

We publish this to show how slow in the past we responded to the fascist danger and the terrible price we had to pay for it.

Making excuses for Mussolini  and Italian Fascism did us no good 


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