Monday, November 6, 2017

Pablo Hasél - ¡TODO EL PODER PARA LOS SOVIETS! (1917-2017)


Today in our calendar 100 years ago the working class took power in Russia thanks to the hard and constant previous work of the Bolshevik Communist Party organizing the revolution. 

That example inspired other socialist revolutions and conquered numerous rights that not even a century later we have. We need to learn from that experience, from its successes and mistakes, above all from the commitment and discipline of the Bolsheviks who were harshly repressed by their revolutionary militancy and who rose up from the failed 1905 revolution. 

We need to study their example and put it into practice for to be able to organize the revolution and not repeat the mistakes that led to the revisionism could open the doors to capitalism, then yes, continue to evolve to Communism. 

It is our duty to combat the anti-communist manipulation of the bourgeoisie so that our class knows that there is a way out beyond capitalism that only serves the interests of an exploitative minority. Recall their enormous achievements, especially in the context of a century ago. 

The soviets showed us that it is possible and for that and much more, this is a humble tribute.


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