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MLM and the National Question by Nickglais : The National Question in the Basque Country and Catalonia

The National Question in the Basque Country and Catalonia

Democracy and Class Struggle opposes the Imperialist States of Britain and France and Spain - these Imperialist States arose by conquering the nations within those states and practiced in many cases colonial practices on those conquered nations  - before exporting those colonial practices  to overseas colonies  - it is time for the nations in these states to begin their process of National and Social Liberation.

Our Comrades in Wales statement on Catalonia captures the democratic content of these national struggles.

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr says the Catalan struggle is basically a struggle for democracy against a corrupt bourgeois Spanish State which has taken a national form in Catalonia.

However the bourgeois nationalist Catalan leadership seeks to subordinate Catalonia to a corrupt Brussels and the European Union - this is  not national liberation but a readjustment among the national bourgeois in the Spanish State and Europe.

The Revolutionary Left in Catalonia should oppose both the corrupt Spanish State and the corrupt European Union and NATO and elevate the working class to political leadership of the national struggle for democracy in Catalonia - the working class should win the direction of national liberation.

Democracy and Class Struggles says we must oppose revisionism on the National Question which does not recognize these popular mass struggles as part of the democratic class struggle for socialism and develop the Marxist Leninist Maoist Position on Imperialist States and national struggles within those States.

Whether it was Marx ridiculing Paul Lafargue who said that socialism had abolished nationalities has he addressed the First International in French language which nine tenths of the audience did not understand - to Lenin in a bout of criticism and self criticism who castigated those that oppose pure socialism to the national struggle something he had been prone to do before the First World War .

Lenin had opened his eyes wide open to Imperialism and the National Question  in 1916 as a result of the Easter Rising and we thank James Connolly for his education of Lenin on this question.

Lenin denounced Imperialist Economism on the National Question

It was the doctrine that it was sufficient for a workers’ party to prefer proletarian demands, and that democratic demands were not their business. 

Imperialist Economism is something that pervades vast sections of the erstwhile Left Today even those that have the pretense to be revolutionary and is one of the contributing factors to the renewed strength of the political right.

Stalin was even critical of his pre First World War Marxism and The National Question article because its was a pre Imperialist analysis of the the National Question.

Stalin Wrote :

“Stalin’s pamphlet was written before the imperialist war, at the time when the national question had not yet assumed world-wide significance in the eyes of Marxists, and when the basic demands concerning the right to self-determination were considered to be, not a part of the proletarian revolution, but a part of the bourgeois-democratic revolution. It would be absurd to ig-nore the fact that since then a fundamental change has taken place in the international situation, that the war on the one hand and the October revolu-tion in Russia on the other has converted the national question from being a particle of the bourgeois-democratic revolution into a particle of the proletar-ian-socialist revolution.”

Revolutionary Marxism Leninism did not stop developing its work on the National Question in the 1920's but was further developed by Ibrahim Kaypakkaya who was inspired by Mao Zedong Thought in Turkey in the 1970's with his path breaking  work on the Kurdish National Question which brought clarity to the communist movement on the Kurdish Question unlike the Post Nationalism of Abdullah Ocalan which has brought nothing but confusion.

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya is a solid base on which to develop a Marxist Leninist Maoist View of the National Question and Imperialism in the 21st Century in the spirit of Marx Engels Lenin Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Democracy and Class Struggle is a platform for the further development of Marxism Leninism Maoism on the National Question and Imperialism.

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