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Statement of the CARC Party on the Demonstration in Rome on the 16th October 2010

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The demonstration promoted by the Italian Federation of the Metal Workers: a first step on the road towards establishing a popular emergency government, the People’s Bloc Government!

There were messages by revolutionary and communist parties and organizations from abroad supporting the demonstration.

The demonstration promoted by FIOM in Rome on 16th October has been a very important political event. It has been the first step by the popular masses on the road by which the Popular and Workers Organizations will establish a popular emergency government, the People’s Bloc Government, able to remedy immediately the hardest effects of the economical crisis and of the environmental crisis, that is to implement time to time and case-specific concrete and particular measures to comply with the following six general measures:
1. To assign productive tasks to each company (of goods or services) that are useful and suitable to his nature, according to a national plan (no company should be closed).
2. To distribute products to families and individuals, to companies and to collective uses according to clear, universally known and democratically decided plans and criteria.
3. To assign to each individual a social useful work and to grant him, in exchange for its strict implementation, the necessary conditions for a dignified life and participation in the management of the society (no worker should be fired, no individual should be marginalized).
4. To eliminate unnecessary activities and products that are harmful to human beings or the environment, assigning other tasks to the companies.
5. To start the reorganization of other social relations in accordance with the new productive base and the new distribution system.
6. To establish relations of collaboration and exchange with other countries willing to establish them with us.

This government will put the country again on the way of progress until it will go finally out of the crisis that destroys and upsets it and the entire world. It will be a government in which the popular masses will regain the trust to be able to rule the country and to transform the world and, strengthened by this trust, to move towards the socialist revolution.

The following are the title and the introduction to the Statement 24/10 released by the Central Committee of the (new) Italian Communist Party on 17th October after the demonstration of Rome:

On Saturday, the masses did the first step of the road that will lead the Workers Organizations and the Popular Organizations to establish a popular emergency government, the People's Bloc Government!

It is only the beginning of a road still uphill, but possible: it is the most direct, least destructive and least painful way to put an immediate remedy to the most disastrous effects of the economic and environmental crises and pave the way for the renaissance of our country until to finally get out of this crises that disrupts and destroys our country and the world!

Up to now, the establishment of the People's Bloc Government (PBG) was the slogan launched by the caravan of the (new) Italian Communist Party. It was the line that (n) PCI has shown and illustrated in a hundred ways and from various aspects, such as the way that the popular masses and the workers firstly had to take and go along to end the crisis: a crisis that never ends by itself thanks to the effect of the destruction it provokes as it happens to the cyclical crises, nor can it end mainly thanks to economic measures taken by the bourgeoisie in the context of their current system of social relations and of the current system of international relations.

With the demonstration in Rome on Saturday, the line of the PBG is no more only the line indicated by the Communist Party. For the first time the popular masses took hold of it, in a major mass initiative. On Saturday, the line of PBG went into battle on its legs, with the feelings and the will of hundreds of thousands of workers, workers of most different sectors, women, youth, immigrants, intellectuals. This was the real soul of a big demonstration called by the FIOM with the endorsement of thousands of Workers Organizations and Popular Organizations. It would be a demonstration with no future without that line, because the aspirations of the hundreds of thousands of protesters can only be achieved constituting the PBG. And FIOM can remain faithful to the role it played with the big mobilization on Saturday, only putting with greater awareness and determination at the head of the movement of Workers and Popular Organizations for the establishment of their emergency government, the PBG. This is true also for the thousands of promoters of the mobilization. (…)

Many revolutionary and communist parties and organizations sent messages of support to the demonstrators and to FIOM. Such messages of support helped to fight the rightist trend within the FIOM itself, to reduce the demonstration to a trade unionist mobilization, to deprive if it of its political significance, the rightist trend that has been defeated on Sunday by the masses asking for another society, where everyone has a job, a dignified life, without production of pollution, for an Italy no more involved in wars as it is in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

We enclose the messages we received in the following pages.
With communist greetings,

The CARC Party


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