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International Solidarity with the October 16th 2010 Demonstration in Rome includes message of support from Democracy and Class Struggle

Many revolutionary and communist parties and organizations sent messages of support to the demonstrators and to FIOM. Such messages of support helped to fight the rightist trend within the FIOM itself, to reduce the demonstration to a trade unionist mobilization, to deprive if it of its political significance, the rightist trend that has been defeated on Sunday by the masses asking for another society, where everyone has a job, a dignified life, without production of pollution, for an Italy no more involved in wars as it is in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

We enclose the messages we received in the following pages.
With communist greetings,

The CARC Party

International Solidarity messages to FIOM demonstration on 16th October in Italy

Da: Left Radical of Afghanistan LRA []
Inviato: lunedì 11 ottobre 2010 06:09
Oggetto: Re: I: we ask you to support the 16 October 2010 demonstration sending solidarity messages

Dear cormades

We convey our military greetings to you on your event and demonstrations on 16 October 2010 in Italy. We support the workers and people demonstrations against inhuman and exploitive capitalist systme as well as support your all demands.
War and occupation is another criminal face of capitalism which victimize the workers in occupied and under war countries and the workers in imperialist countries. So, solidarity and unity between workers and the oppressed is very important to challenge the attacks of imperialism and capitalists worldwide and defend our rights.

In solidarity
Left Radical of Afghanistan LRA

Dear Comrades

Warmest and fraternal greetings.  "The Pan Afrikan Voice" reflect a Marxist -Leninist-Maoist view of the world) expresses its unconditional and revolutionary solidarity with the struggling masses led by the Italian proletariat and your organization as the leading force. The Italian workers are in the vanguard in resisting the attempt by the forces of monopoly Capital to shift the burden of the financial and economic crisis on the back of the masses . With proletarian firmness we are convinced that the workers will be victorious once they stay united. This global crisis has once again place on the agenda the question of revolutionary transformation from the system capital/imperialism tom them system of socialism. We are convinced that the worker will be successful in their fight against the bosses class . Once again long live the international workers solidarity.

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite.


Comrade Tongogara

Dear comrades

   On behalf of the Palestinian people and myself I fully support your 16th October demonstration in protest to capitalist exploitation to all workers in the world, besides its terror against the Palestinian people by supporting the fascist Netanyahu Zionist government.

We send you our solidarity fraternal greetings from all our people who are under the unjust siege of Gaza and our people in the Palestinian West Bank and the Palestinian refugees in Diaspora.

  Lets unite to face the imperialists specially the US and the western circles who are turning the globe as a farm to their interests.

       We will overcome by escalating our struggle

           Lets globalize our struggle vs globalization

 Leila Khaled
PFLP polit-buro
PNC member

Subject: Solidarity from Wales for your Demonstration on 16th October

Date: Tuesday, 12 October, 2010, 14:56

Solidarity and greetings from Democracy and Class Struggle -long live the struggle of the Italian working class for socialist renewal and Marxism Leniinism Maoism


Revolutionary Greetings from Manipur (India)

Dear Comrades,

I am taking liberty of sending gratitude to the comrades supporting the 16 October 2010 demonstration by sending our solidarity messages.
This is the rights time to unite all the worker of the world to fight capitalism. Only a global social revolution can prevent the imperialist bourgeoisies forcing humanity backwards. Only the working class can reorganise society so that humanity can overcome misery, unemployment, poverty, hunger, war, oppression, racism and climate disaster. Only the working class can reorganise production and distribution in a way that brings development for the two thirds of humanity whose most basic needs are not met and can move forward to the abolition of all classes, of all forms of oppression and exploitation, to a world of freedom – to communism. Today, three billion people, almost half the world’s population, live on less than two and a half dollars a day. Well over a billion people are living in absolute poverty. 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation and 1.6 billion live without electricity. Every day, 25,000 children die due to poverty. Almost one billion people cannot read or write. In the post 2008 crisis alone, tens of millions of jobs have been lost. Even in the richest country in the world, the United States, 50 million people had difficulty feeding themselves and their children in 2008. To throw millions out of work when so much needs to be done to give the majority of humanity the most basic conditions for a decent life; this alone should condemn capitalism to the rubbish bin of history. At the same time, the capitalists use inflation and deflation, the inevitable products of their blind system of profit, to slash the real wages, or wipe out the jobs, of workers.

On the other hand the tremendous amounts of money spent by the imperialist and capitalist on their war machines are testimony to their aggressive nature. Now they claim to act in humanitarian interests, but this is camouflage for their real goal, to continue their military domination. In poorer nations, disproportionate amounts of money are spent on the army, in countries like Pakistan and Turkey it is used because the military seeks to play a political role itself, backed up by the use of arms. In India, The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958) a colonial act has been imposed at North East India including Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir. The massive military repression has been taken up at Maoist area, North East India and Jammu and Kashmir.  It result gross human rights violation to the regions.

The Great Capitalist Crisis is a time of intense class warfare. Everywhere the exploiters are trying to make the workers, the poor peasants, the suffering masses pay the price of their crisis. So this is the time to unite the workers of the world against capitalist policy. 
The Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) might not be able to present at the protest but we support the October 16 protest which is going to be held at Rome.

We call the protest to be a grand success.

Yours Comradely,

Sapamcha Kangliepal @Chiranglen Ningthouja
Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF)

Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)
48 Lenin Sarani, KOLKAta 700013
PHONE: (+91-33) 22491828, ( ) 22653234    FAX: +91-33-22645114   E-MAIL:

October 13, 2010

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of our Party the Socialist Unity centre of India (Communist) I convey to the Metal Workers’ Organization of the Italian General Confederation of Labour our solidarity in their struggle for defending the rights of the workers and common masses against the capitalist onslaught, and wish all success of their programme on October 16. The entire capitalist world is in the grip of a severe economic crisis, an inevitable outcome of capitalist economic system. The capitalist class is bent upon passing the entire burden of the crisis which is their creation on to working class. Rising unemployment, fall in real wages, unbridled exploitation and oppression have pauperized the common people and concentrated the wealth in the hands of a few. Not only this, the imperialists have launched most vicious wars against nations, trampling their sovereignty, to establish control over their natural resources and ensure dominance over the markets. But the oppressed masses, the workers with their back to the wall are rising up to fight against the capitalist oppression and exploitation. All over the globe movements are crystallizing against the war-mongering imperialist powers led by USA., against unemployment, against capitalist exploitation, against injustice, against all forms of oppression. The struggle of the workers and common people of Italy is a part this mighty global struggle against capitalism and imperialism. Our Party with a spirit of proletarian internationalism expresses total solidarity with the struggle of the people of Italy. We are confident that the united struggle of the proletariat of the world will emerge victorious against the demon of capitalism-imperialism.
Down with capitalism-imperialism
Long live proletarian internationalism
Long live unity of the working class
Long live socialism
On behalf of Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)
Manik Mukherjee
Member, Polit Bureau
Central Committee
S.U.C.I. (C)

Metal Workers Organization of the Italian General Confederation of Labour.

The Party Red Norway salutes your manifestation Saturday October 16th under the slogan: «Yes to rights, No to social blackmails; Work is a common good!»

We see that the workers and broad walks of people now are taking action against in several countries the austerity programs of the big capitalists and governments serving their interests.
Even here in Norway, a state rich of petro money. We experience attempts to detoriate the living standards and rights of the workers and ordinary people.

For the latest years the struggles on the pension system has been very hard here, as in your countries and others. We have been able to stop some of the attacks, and still we try to have a victory on more fields. Also the struggle against social dumping are one of the hardest here in our country.

Your struggle also is an inspiration for our struggle. As the capitalits are cooperating, through the EU -system and others, we also have to support each other. Therefore our Party, our tradeunionist and ordinary members are sending our best wishes for you manifestation Oct 16th and your further struggle!

United in the struggle! The future is ours!

Oslo, October 13th

In solidarity

The Party Red Norway
Arnljot Ask, responsible international affaires.


By Jose Maria Sison
International League of Peoples' Struggle
14 October 2010

As Chairperson, I hereby convey the high appreciation of the International League of Peoples' Struggle for the Metal Workers' Organization (FIOM) of the Italian General Confederation of Labor for organizing the national demonstration on 16 October in Rome in order to proclaim: Yes to Rights, No to Social Blackmail; Work Is a Common Good.

We are in firm solidarity with and we vigorously support the FIOM and all the workers, students, immigrants' organizations, political parties, people's organizations, cultural workers, artists, scientists, teachers and other professionals and all other democratic and progressive forces in Italy who are joining the demonstration.

We regard the demonstration as an important milestone in the common struggle of the proletariat and people against the root causes and terrible consequences of the ongoing grave crisis of the world capitalist system.

We are outraged by the growing unemployment, poverty, racism, repression, wars, social degradation and devastation of natural environment. We must act and strive to break the chains of our enslavement. We must put to an end the intolerable system of exploitation and oppression.

We must fight for a new world and bright future of greater freedom, democracy, social justice, all-round development, socialism, peace and international solidarity of the proletariat and the people. ###

CONTROL ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.10

Partei Deutschlands - MLPD
Bertriebs- und Gewerkschaftsabteilung
Schmalhorststr. 1c, 45899 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: (0209) 951940/Fax: (0209) 9519460
MLPD, Schmalhorststr. 1 c, 45899 Gelsenkirchen
Gelsenkirchen, 14.10.2010

Grußwort der MLPD an CARC zur Demonstration am 16.10.2010 in Rom
Die Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands sendet solidarische Grüße an die
italienische Arbeiterklasse, die werktätigen Massen und ihre Organisationen zu den
kämpferischen Aktionen gegen das krisenprogramm der italienischen Regierung.
Die Krisenprogramme der europäischen Regierungen sind durch die EU-Kommission
abgestimmt. Die internationalen Monopole des Finanzkapitals und die führenden
imperialistischen Staaten Europas wollen die Lasten der Krise auf die Massen abwälzen.
Es ist ihr Ziel die Massen zu spalten und uns unsere hart erkämpften bürgerlichdemokratischen
Rechte und Freiheiten und sozialen Errungenschaften zu beschneiden.
Wir dürfen uns nicht gegeneinander ausspielen und erpressen lassen.
Nötig ist ein gemeinsamer europaweiter Widerstand gegen diese Krisenprogramme.
Die Europa-Demonstration in Brüssel am 29. September und die gleichzeitig
stattfindenden Generalstreiks in Spanien und Griechenland sowie die
Großdemonstrationen in Rom und anderen europäischen Städten sind dafür ein Signal.
Zeitgleich mit Eurer Demonstration findet in Berlin die jährliche bundesweite
Demonstration der Montagsdemonstrationsbewegung gegen die Regierung statt.
Wir wissen, dass wir durch einen gemeinsamen harten Kampf auf Kosten der Profite
Angriffe verhindern bzw. Verbesserungen erreichen können. Aber wir wissen auch, dass
es ein soziales Europa nicht geben kann so lange das kapitalistische System herrscht.
Deshalb kämpft die MLPD gemeinsam mit vielen anderen revolutionären Organisationen
in der ganzen Welt für den Sturz des Imperialismus durch eine internationale
sozialistische Revolution. Unser Ziel sind die Vereinigten Sozialistischen Staaten der
Welt. Nur auf diesem Weg wird eine brüderliche Gemeinschaft der Völker Europas mit
allen Völkern der Erde und im Einklang mit der Natur Wirklichkeit werden.
Mit revolutionären Grüßen
Reinhard Funk

-----Messaggio originale-----
Inviato: giovedì 14 ottobre 2010 11:38
Oggetto: To the Italian workers struggling for their rights

To the Italian workers struggling for their rights,

In the name of the working class of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, of the youth and women movement, of the oppressed Kurdish people and all oppressed people of our country we express our solidarity with the Italian working class.
We support your important demonstration on October 16 in Rome and all other activities against the attempts of the bourgeoisie to let us pay for their crisis. The capitalist system has nothing to offer us but unemployment, price rises, injustice and repression. However, if we unite our forces and struggle together nobody and nothing will be able to stop us.
In Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, the working class and the labouring masses are also resisting against the manifold attacks of the capital. After the glorious resistance of 78 days, the Tekel workers started a new struggle recently and also many other strikes and struggles are going on.
We wish you a lot of success for the demonstration on October 16 and the struggle for a life without exploitation and oppression.
United we will win!
Long live international solidarity!

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau

15 October 2010

Solidarity Message to FIOM (Metal Workers’ Organisation of the Italian General Confideration of Labour)

To our comrades in Italy, members and supporters of FIOM, we congratulate you and support your members and your community in holding a demonstration.
It is indeed through the mass actions and consistent resistance against the Imperialist onslaught and the monopoly capitalist greed that the worlds’ proletariat still maintain some of the hard won workers’ entitlements.
It is sad that workers have to fight for a just compensation, good working condition and even for regular employment while the monopoly capitalist enjoy the fruits of the worker’s labour.
It is infuriating that the common masses have to suffer the effects of environmental degradation, exploitation of natural resources and cycle of financial crisis which are direct results of Capitalist greed.
We are with you in your fight for the emancipation of workers from capitalist exploitation and oppression, for social democracy and just peace!
More power to you!

Len Cooper
ILPS Australia

Care Compagne, Cari Compagni,

Il sistema capitalista é un grande ostacolo davanti all'umanita'. Invece, i capitalisti propongono questo sistema come una soluzione. La disoccupazione, la fame, la poverta' non sono il destino dell'uomo. Lo sfruttamento, le occupazioni, i massacri non sono il destino dell'umanita'.
Per vincere il capitalismo, per distruggere l'imperialismo, tutti popoli devono unirsi. Noi dobbiamo essere la voce dei poveri e il respiro degli oppressi.
Consideriamo questa manifestazione come una voce di protesta contro l'imperialismo e aggiungiamo la nostra voce alla vostra voce.

Con la solidarieta'.

DHKC-P Turchia – Nord Kurdistan

Dear friends in FIOM,
Please receive the solidarity message of the ILPS East Asia and Oceania.
We look forward to receiving news about your successful action.

In solidarity

Ramon Bultron for the ILPS East Asia and Oceania


Continue the Workers Struggle!
Solidarity message of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle East Asia and Oceania
to the Leaders and Workers of FIOM on their National Demonstration this October 16, 2010

We in the International League of Peoples’ Struggle East Asia and Oceania express our strongest solidarity with the leaders and members of the FIOM as you hold your national demonstration with the theme, “Yes to Rights! No to Social Blackmails! Work is a Common Good!”

The FIOM’s call for a workers’ strike in Italy on October 16 is a strong example of how the working people of the world should respond to the onslaught of capitalist oppression and exploitation. This expression of workers’ unity with the support of your families and the common people is an inspiration to many of the working peoples around the world who are taking a firm stand against onslaught of imperialism.

Affected by the intensifying global economic crisis, big corporations like FIAT are aggressively imposing neoliberal policies to maintain its super profits but at the expense of the workers. Campaigns won in the past are deliberately being eroded by the neoliberal policies of big capitalists by implementing exploitative policies like labour contractualization.

The working peoples of East Asia and Oceania are also victimized by imperialism. Massive unemployment and abject poverty force hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of workers to leave their families and work abroad. They become vulnerable as their rights and privileges are reduced, their wages are slowly being decreased and are even pitted against local workers “for stealing their [the latter’s] jobs”. The crackdown on migrant workers in Italy is a stark example of this attack.

Your general strike is proof that the workers are resisting imperialism. That we are not the cause of the crisis but are made to bear the brunt of it. That we are being made to suffer and carry the burden while multinational companies and capitalist states exploit, abuse and oppress workers and peoples.

We in the ILPS East Asia and Oceania are one with you in your struggle. May your struggles bring forth victories for the workers of FIOM and of Italy. Together, let us unite in fighting and defeating imperialism as we effect change for a society that upholds justice, freedom, peace and prosperity for all peoples, not only for a few.

Long live international solidarity!
Down with imperialism!

Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM)
G/F, No.2 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

Tel. no.: (852) 2723-7536     
Fax no.: (852) 2735-4559

"We dream of a society where families are not broken up by the urgent need for survival.

We dream and will actively work for a homeland where there is opportunity for everyone to live a decent and humane life."

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