Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uncensored - Solidarity with Nepal from Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation

Solidarity message from the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
August 19, 2008

(With recent developments in Nepal we publish this statement as a service to our readers. This statement was issued on behalf of the Party on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the People’s War in Nepal. Disgracefully, there was an attempt to block this historic expression of solidarity from the U. S. Black Revolutionary Movement by sectarian white nationalist revisionist Maoist forces associated with the otherwise excellent Maoist Revolution Email list.)

Peace to comrades in Nepal!
Solidarity message from the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Revolutionary greetings!

The Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation (formerly known as the Ghetto Liberation Political Party) on behalf of the oppressed Back nation in the US extend the warmest red salute on the wonderful and special 12th anniversary of your revolutionary peoples movement.

We love you comrades, your just struggle and your blessed land.

Since the beginning of your people’s war in 1996, the class conscious revolutionary forces of the oppressed Back nation in the US have watched the development of your struggle with hope and pride.

Basing yourself on the masses, you have creatively applied the universal truths of scientific socialism (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism) to your concrete conditions, against both right revisionism and left dogmatism, with arduous struggle, scoring victory after victory, not for just your own people, but for all peace and freedom loving people of the world.

Your Party, under the leadership of Comrade Prachanda has stated that you are not communists of the old type. And neither are we.

We extol your boldness to dare to “climb the unexplored mountain” and make breaks and leap in revolutionary theory and practice so as to achieve an even greater victory for the people.

Likewise we also seek to debate the international revolutionary movement on key questions of revolutionary theory and practice.

For example, our Party was founded in 1996 among the oppressed Black nation in the US on the firm basis of the creative application of revolutionary Marxism-Leninism-Maoism from the viewpoint of knowledge of self; the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation declares the reality and oneness of the One God upon the basis of dialectical materialism and uphold and defends the Marxist distinction between the proletariat and the labor aristocracy.

On the question of political economy we humbly encourage you to look at the scientific work raised by Comrade Dr. Huey P. Newton of the Black Panther Party, the central US Maoist and Black National leader and theoretician of the 1960s and 70s particularly his great theory of imperialist intercommunalism, which put forward the new stage of “globalized” exploitative and parasitic capitalism and the corresponding collective march toward communism as the current stage of Reactionary Intercommunalism and World Proletarian Revolution.

May these questions and those that you raised be studied and rigorously debated in the international revolutionary movement.

The Nepali people, under the leadership of your glorious party, are advancing to victory and the establishment of a new democratic Nepal.

We are not among those who would doubt your struggle; we are among those that are praying to the Most High God for your victory and for Peace.

Long live the Nepalese Revolution!
Long Live the Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist)!
Long Live the Revolutionary Unity of All Oppressed Peoples!

Comrade Ingiaye
Central Committee
Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation

Democracy and Class Struggle says we must embrace these comrades of the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation and respect their Marxism Leninism Maoism with the Communist broadmindedness of Chairman Prachanda and Chairman Mao and not censor their messages of support to People and Communist Party of Nepal Maoist.

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