Sunday, August 24, 2008

PM Prachanda meets PM Wen Jiabao

According to Xinhua news agency, Chinese PM Jiabao congratulated Prachanda on being elected as prime minister and said that China respected the social system and way of development Nepal had chosen according to its situation.

The new agency also quoted him as saying that China was in favour of political stability and economic development in Nepal through joint efforts of all political parties and under the leadership of Prachandal.

Jiabao stressed on strengthening the Nepal-China relations established since centuries, noting that China would work with Nepal to further the reciprocal cooperation in various fields that would benefit the two peoples.

In response, PM Prachanda said the friendship between China and Nepal had endured the test of time. "Historic changes are taking place in Nepal's domestic situation. The Nepali government and people are striving for national stability and economic development, and hoped to get support and cooperation from China," he said.

Prachanda also repeated Nepal's stand in favour of China's efforts to maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Prachanda is scheduled to meet Chinese President Hu Jintao later today

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