Friday, August 15, 2008

Chairman Prachanda Wins the Election for Prime Minister

With Chairman Prachanda the Prime Minister the really difficult work begins, Democracy and Class Struggle has expressed reservations about CPN Maoist forming Government at this stage, but we can at best only second guess developments in Nepal - Prachanda is rightly the leader of the CPN Maoist and now Prime Minister and knows the situation on the ground and the balance of of political forces better than any of us.

Koirala has forecast the new Government will not last two months, and will do his best to make the new government fall. See his activities reported in Janadisha Daily on this site.

It up to the leadership of the CPN Maoist to prove him wrong by setting in motion a new dynamic of the forces of democracy and social progress. The Masses are with you comrade Prachanda.

There are tough times ahead and the CPN Maoist must not drop its guard has it seeks to work with the UML and MJF. Openess but vigilance must be the watchwords has the new chapter of Nepalese history unfolds raising high hopes and aspirations of people all over the world

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