Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Janadisha Daily reports that Koirala has asked three security chiefs to help prevent Maoist Led Government

The Janadisha daily,on Wednesday said in a front-page report that Koirala had asked the three chiefs to exert their influence to prevent the formation of a Maoist-led government.

The daily said sources in the PMO informed it that the caretaker premier told the trio, "I am deeply concerned about what would happen if the Maoists come to power." "Even if we were not given the reins of the government, we should have been given the defence ministry," the PM reportedly said. "But the Maoists refused."

According to the daily, Katuwal, once known to be a royalist and anti-Maoist, urged the "glum" Koirala to be pro-active. "You are still the PM," the controversial army chief reportedly said. "We are ready to carry out whatever orders you issue... Our three security organs are with you. Because of the Maoists' militant past, whatever you do, you can't have good relations with them."

The daily claimed that the army chief had set up the meeting and prior to it, had held a meeting with Koirala's trusted aide, Ram Chandra Poudel. There is speculation that on Thursday, when the parties have to file nominations for the premiership election, Koirala's Nepali Congress can field Poudel if they feel the contest will be a tough one.

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