Monday, June 16, 2008

Three parties fail to reach consensus

The meeting of the three parties held in Baluwatar Monday morning failed to arrive at a consensus on power-sharing and other disputed issues.

The meeting ended without any agreement on issues like formation of the government, election of the president, integration between the Nepal Army and People's Liberation Army of the Maoists, formation of constitutional and security councils and return of the properties seized by the Maoists during the insurgency.

Nepali Congress and Maoist leaders voiced sharp differences over the issue
of army integration, with the NC demanding clear understanding on the issue immediately while Maoist leaders said the issue could be resolve later according to peace agreement.

The discussion has been postponed for Tuesday morning citing absence of UML general secretary Jhala Nath Khanal, who is currently outside the Valley.

After failing to find the points of consensus, the three-party taskforce had forwarded the matter to top level for discussion.

With approaching deadline that parties had given to reach an agreement, the top three have intensified intra-party discussions. The parties said they would find a way out by Wednesday, the day Constituent Assembly would meet for the fourth time

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