Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 18, 2008

Dear Comrades!

The Russian Maoist Party (RMP) salutes the excellent and glorious
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and its leader, Chairman Prachanda,
personally, sends you our fraternal greetings and extends to you,
comrades, our warmest and sincerest congratulations on your
well-deserved landslide electoral victory in the Constituent Assembly
of your country. Apart from being a beacon for revolutionary and
progressive forces worldwide with the splendid example of the People’s
War in Nepal and the daring theoretical contributions of Prachanda
Path, your Party is also, in our opinion, the only solution
domestically, the only political force capable of solving the very
complicated problems faced by the peoples of your multinational
country in a genuinely democratic fashion that would benefit the vast
majority of the Nepalese masses and help them make serious strides
along the path of class, national, regional and gender liberation.

We of the Russian Maoist Party have been closely following the
progress of the People’s War in Nepal, as well as the masterly conduct
of affairs by your Party in the mainstream political arena, looking
upon these dramatic developments with great hope and sympathy for the
cause of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism-Prachanda Path, doing our best to
disseminate news of the Nepalese revolution among the post-Soviet
progressive public. We have also been paying serious attention to your
theoretical contributions, reading and discussing your Party magazine,
The Worker, and other CPN(M) documents we could lay our hands on,
whereas one of our comrades has prepared a Russian translation of the
brilliant disquisition by Comrade Baburam Bhattarai, Politico-Economic
Rationale of People’s War in Nepal. We consider your recent victory as
a triumph for ourselves also, as a triumph for
Marxist-Leninist- Maoists, revolutionaries, progressives and democrats

Obviously, the electoral victory by the CPN(M) and the abolition of
the feudal monarchy is by no means the end, but only the beginning of
a long and arduous struggle for the genuine democratization of Nepal,
for the genuine equality of its inhabitants — and ultimately for
socialism. As Chairman Mao said, “the future is bright; the road is
tortuous.” Yet already now it is clear that the recent achievements of
the Nepalese masses under the leadership of your Party are a
tremendous step forward in revolutionary development and a resounding
blow landed against domestic reaction and world imperialism.

The inane and sterile attacks against the line and policy of the CPN(M)
by some so-called “Leftists” and even people calling themselves “Maoists”
around the world do not serve the interests of the proletariat and the
oppressed; such people have forfeited the right to call themselves
Maoist or revolutionary.

The RMP bids you accept our assurances of our complete solidarity with
your struggle, with your theoretical and practical line. We are
unequivocally on your side.

We hope that there will be fruitful dialogue and collaboration between
our two organizations. We will try to do our best to help the CPN(M)’s
struggle in every way possible: through information channels, through
translations, through various forms of international solidarity, etc.,
etc. We would be happy to inform you of the struggles of the workers
and oppressed peoples and other political developments in the ex-USSR.
Also, we are most desirous of learning from you theoretically, of
gaining a deeper insight into Prachanda Path, one of the crowning
achievements of 21st-century Marxism.

Marksvad-Leninvad- Maovad ra Prachand-Path jindabad!


Chairman and International Secretary,
Russian Maoist Party

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