Friday, June 27, 2008

One Madhesh One Province demand rejected by Maoists and UML

New turbulent politics appears to be in the offing after the resignation tendered by Prime Minsiter Girija Prasad Koirala in Nepal.

In what could be taken as a dramatic decision, the UML and the Maoists, have rejected the Madhesi demands for “One Madhesh-One Province”.

The meeting held between the Maoists-UML today June 27, 2008, held at the Maoists’ Parliamentary Secretariat in Singh Durbar has thus decided to go against the Madhesi demand.

Chairrman Prachanda,talking to the reporters after the meeting said that it was his party that had initially raised the demand for autonomy and self rule but can in no way commit itself for the declaration of the entire Tarai (East-West Plains) as a single Madhesh province as demanded by the Madhesi leaders.

Similarly, the new General Secretary of the United Marxists-Leninists-UML, Mr. Jhal Nath Khanal toed the same line and said, in his own words, “Our party favors various autonomous states but be it known to all and sundry that the UML can’t accept the notion of One Madhesh one Province”.

The Madhesi leaders have so far not made any comments as regards the Maoist's and the UML’s political line but sources say that the Madhesi leadership remains adamant on their previous demands.

In the mean while, the Nepali Congress has said that the Madhesi demands must be met with.

It appears that Koirala has begun playing “Dark chamber politics” which will ultimately put hurdles for the Maoists.

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