Sunday, June 22, 2008

The New Antagonism from CPN Maoist Paper - Red Star

EDITORIAL: The New Antagonism

The implementation of the Republic and the abolition of the monarchy have brought great changes to this country. The change in the ideological superstructure of the nation, mainly in the government, can be seen clearly. The removal of the monarchy as a political force has changed the antagonism in Nepali politics.

After the abolition of the monarchy, the three way antagonism or contradiction between the progressive, the parliamentary and the royalist forces has now changed into a dualistic antagonism. However, this doesn’t mean that feudalism has ended completely; rather, the struggle has changed form. In the new form of the antagonism, the representatives of feudalism have also taken a new guise. Therefore, the struggle must continue against feudalism even though the monarchy has ended. Let us be clear, the class composition of the politics of the country has changed; the vestiges of feudalism are now represented by the extreme reactionary wing of the bourgeoisie, the comprador-bureaucra tic capitalists. Therefore, the progressive forces must unite against the new representatives of feudalism; the comprador capitalists. The struggle between the CPN-Maoist and the parliamentary parties, mainly the Nepali Congress, represents this struggle at the political level.

Feudalism has not eradicated entirely, and the Federal Democratic Republic has not been implemented fully. This type of transitional period is extremely sensitive and critical. The change in contradiction may seem confusing. But this is a period of polarization.

Agreement, understanding and working with the bourgeoisie is proving very difficult. Because of the changing political situation, the extreme reactionary right will fight against the interests of the masses. Why? Quite simply, the people will continue the campaign to abolishing feudalism. After the political victory, there must be economic progress and socio-cultural transformation. This type of progressive transformation is against the extreme reactionary bourgeois interests. So, it is necessary to work with the progressive liberal bourgeoisie to struggle against the extremist bourgeois reactionaries. In the present context of Nepal, the struggle against the extreme bourgeois reactionaries is the struggle against the last vestiges of feudalism and the comprador- bureaucratic capitalists.

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