Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PM Koirala should resign: Bhattarai

In a sign that the Maoist leadership is fast losing their patience against Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-M's senior leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said the octogenarian leader should immediately resign from his post in order to give "a political outlet" to the confusing situation that prevails in the country.

Addressing a programme organised by the Kaski chapter of the Maoist aligned Revolutionary Journalist's Association (RJA) in Pokhara today that after the PM tenders his resignation to the speaker "the door for the formation of a new government would immediately spring open".

This is the first time that a top Maoist leader has publicly asked for the resignation of PM Koirala, making clear of their discontent towards him and his party.

The remarks also come at a time when Nepali Congress and another mainstream left CPN-UML have decided not to join the new government and have set preconditions - dissolution of Maoist people's army, and youth organisation YCL - for their support to a government led by Maoists.

Bhattarai was also of the opinion that Nepali Congress has blocked the political outlet by belittling the election result which came in favor of his party CPN-Maoists.

At a time when it is being said that the king is expecting that he would be afforded some sort of ceremonial role, Bhattarai said that his party won't accept any form of monarchy. He also lambasted the media for misquoting his earlier statement. He said that he never meant that the party will allow him to remain as a "cultural king", but had instead said that if abdicated then he would be given all the rights enjoyed by any citizen of the country.

Bhattari said that no challenge remains for the implementation of republic and that the country would be declared a republic by May 28.

"But if the King still doesn't agree leave the palace after this declaration then force would be used against him," he said, adding that along with the institution of monarchy the pro-monarchist would also bite the dust, clearly hinting at the recent statement of Kamal Thapa that the country would face a grave accident if it is declared a republic.

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