Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Keep the Strategic initiative - CPN Maoist Party Unity and Discipline Paramount

United We Blog for a Democratic Nepal have published a story about Maoist disagreements over whether Barburam Bhattarai or Chairman Prachanda should be Prime Minister and the source of disagreements appears to be an secretary to Baburam Bhattarai Bishwodeep Pandey.


It is natural that such discussions should take place in CPN Maoist has Bhattarai was head of the parallel Maoist Government in the Countryside.

Chairman Prachanda or Bhattarai would be eminently suitable for the job of Prime Minister. However these discussions of disagreements at this sensitive time should be kept within the CPN Maoist and not feed the rumour mongering of the opponents of CPN Maoist in the media.

On Saturday 17th May Democracy and Class Struggle said

These are again testing times for the CPN Maoist and it is important that they continue to hold the strategic initiative on the question of the formation of the government following their resounding Electoral victory.

They also need to maintain discipline amongst the YCL and Party members so that
unforseen local events do not blow them of course.

The countdown to the Republic will bring disparate opposition elements together and the US will not fail to maximise any opportunity to undermine CPN Maoist has history has demonstrated.

However the CPN Maoist has a history of concrete analyisis of concrete conditions to guide their response to challenges but vigilance has to be the watchword prior to declaration of Republic

With the recent events including the Koteshwore incident discipline within the CPN Maoist does not appear to be as good as it should be at this critical time.

We hope this talk of divisions promoted by the enemies of CPN Maoist is vigourously combatted and Chairman Prachanda and Bhattarai ensure that not just themselves but any erstwhile supporters follow agreed democratic party decisions and do not become dupes of enemies of Nepalese Democracy who are waiting in the wings

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