Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Newly elected CA members to be sworn-in today

KATHMANDU, May 27 - The newly elected Constituent Assembly (CA) members are due to be sworn-in Tuesday at Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) in the capital.

All the necessary preparations have been made for the swearing-in ceremony to be held this afternoon and all the elected CA members have been invited at the BICC, parliament secretariat informed.
However, the 26 CA members to be nominated by the cabinet are yet to be finalised.

The cabinet is due to nominate the 26 CA members as per the understanding among the major political parties representing the CA.

Meanwhile, 5 CA members of different parties have won the elections from two constituencies under First-Past-the-Post and the CA court has issued an order not to allow two CA members at the swearing-in ceremony as cases have been filed against them for their involvement in vote rigging.

The CA court issued such orders against Sarat Singh Bhandari, Madhesi People’s Right’s Forum (MPRF)’s winner from Mohattarri constitueny-6 and Bisamlal Adhikari winner candidate of CPN-UML from Sindhuli constituent-1 after cases were filed against them for rigging vote during the elections and vote counting.

Altogether 568 members are participating in the swearing-in ceremony today.

CA member from Rautahat district, Baban Singh, who has been accused of involvement in explosions in various places including in the capital during the SPA rally, has also been invited to attend the ceremony, the parliament secretariat informed.

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