Saturday, October 20, 2018

Salute to Polish Anti Fascists "March of Dąbrowski Brigade"

March of Dabrowski Brigade (XIII International Brigade), which consisted of mainly Polish volunteers. Brigade is named after Jaroslaw Dabrowski (also known as Jaroslav Dombrowski), one of the military commanders of the Paris Commune. -

Text: Anatol Czak (1936) Music: unknown -- Lyrics: Big thanks to Piotr Ciszewski for helping out with the translation!

 Forward, workers' fellowship to fight for Spain's freedom.

Today maybe we'll die or tomorrow we will be free.

None of us will be absent To destroy and smash fascists.

To the front, Dabrowski Brigade, raise your flag of liberty!

And when we finish this struggle And enemy is destroyed, then we will change the rifle with hammer and working plough.

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