Thursday, October 18, 2018

Lavrov is Hoping Against Hope That NATO WONT Start a War in Eastern Europe

Democracy and Class Struggle are realists and not pessimists - but the plan to dismember Russia is still very much on NATO cards - they would prefer to do it with a dead Russia run by Liberals rather than a live fighting Russia led by Patriots and Communists - which is why they plan on Post Putin Chaos scenario like 1990's.

Originally Brzezinski saw this War as arising from a Polish/Belarus dispute and although he is dead he is not wrong as we see Poland as more of danger to Russia than the Ukraine.

Therefore the new European War for Russia's survival is still on the cards and although supported by elements in the Ukraine is led by Poland which still dreams of the INTERMARIUM of a Poland from the Black Sea to the Baltic.

Polish Imperialism is invisible in the West.

Russia has the right to be concerned about existential threats and act appropriately as the West is not listening and does not care - but ultimately it will be the West and particularly Poland that will pay the major price in any coming War and not Russia.

Putin Goes to Heaven: A Pre - emptive strike against Russia will lead to such a swift response that our enemies will not have time to pray for repentance.

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