Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome to Copwatch – organising against police violence

With the growing number of demos against student cuts and mounting concern about police behaviour there should be interesting times ahead for Copwatch, a new organisation set up to document and address unlawful behaviour committed by the police primarily in demo and protest situations.

Copwatch feels it is time to centrally record this behaviour and make the information public. Until now, reports of this nature are spread across may organisations and the true scale of the problem is not apparent

With the recent closure of  Fitwatch by the police and the prosecution in Italy of three comrades of the Cop Hunt - read more on the link below about Cop Hunt in Italy and the hearing in Bologna on 22nd December 2010 of our Italian comrades Angelo D'Arcangeli (Member of the National Direction of CARC Party), Vincenzo Cinque (national leader of Struggling Workers Union), Rosalba Romano (Association for Proletarian Solidarity), and Fabrizio Di Mauro the struggle for democratic rights is already Europe wide.

It is time to take police attacks on the democratic rights of workers and students seriously - if we are to make progress in the coming new decade we need to limit the disruption of democratic political activties that the police willingly carry out for their masters - forward policing was one such disruptive method utilised by police in the United Kingdom which Fitwatch exposed so brillantly - we need to shine a light to expose any undemocratic police actions and Copwatch is one of those lights.Long may it shine !We wish them success.

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