Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Student Protest in London - The Fight Back Begins ! Tory HQ Trashed - Salute to Students - Dare to Struggle Dare to Win !

The Student march in London was against raising tuition fees.Police were outnumbered as demonstrators smashed windows to go past them.

The siege of the Millbank office complex, ending with the smashing of the windows and the occupation of the building.

There had been a huge turn-out for the demonstration - much more than the 20,000 that had been expected.

Student leaders later said there could have been 50,000 crowded on to the streets of Westminster.

There were strong feelings on the march - with much vitriol targeted towards Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Banners and pictures particularly accused Mr Clegg, often in unambiguous terms, of betraying students.

Democracy and Class Struggle Salutes the Students who have shown the courage to resist the education cuts and increase in student fees.They must now link up with the workers resistance to the cuts and bring down this neo- liberal government and stop these cuts..

The students bring new hope and energy to the struggle - dare to struggle dare to win

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