Saturday, November 6, 2010

President Obama Quit India - India says No more Bhopal's - No to Imperialist Monopolies MNC's

Need Justice? Revolution is the only path!

Dear working people

The accused in the Bhopal Gas tragedy have been let off, without even having to spend a single day in jail. And, the Bhopal high court has painted this massacre as a mere accident. The American government has refused to hand over Warren Anderson, the Chairman of Union Carbide and the prime accused in the Bhopal Gas tragedy. Not willing to interrogate Anderson, who was responsible for the death of over 23,000 people and the maiming of over 5 lakh people, the Manmohan Singh government is lying that it would reopen the case and provide compensation to the victims.

The gas leak that happened in the midnight of 2 December 1984 in the Union Carbide factory was not an unexpected accident. It was a cold-blooded murder committed by the American company. The crimes included shoving off the manufacture of hazardous materials from America to India, setting up a plant to manufacture insecticide from Methyl-Iso-Cyanide in a residential area, cutting down on expenditure involved in implementing safety measures to increase the profits despite accidents in the past and hiding the name of the poison (cyanide) to doctors who treated the victims, thereby letting the victims suffer a painful death. The fundamental crime is the manufacture of chemical weapons under the cover of insecticide production.

Union Carbide is not the only criminal. Indira Gandhi licensed it despite being aware of the dangerous nature of the plant. And, Rajiv Gandhi, released Anderson, apologized to him, and safely sent him on a state aircraft to America. In 1989, the Rajiv Gandhi government connived with Union Carbide and fixed the price of one Indian life to be Rs. 12,414. The Supreme Court undermined the crime to a mere road accident. The CBI colluded with the Congress party and did everything to destroy the case and set free Anderson. The Vajpayee government, which came to power next, supported all the associated conspiracies. Today, all these criminals pretend as if they were innocents.

The judgement delivered to the Bhopal victims, who waited for over 26 years, is a brutal attack worse than the massacre itself. Now, this injustice is about to become even a law under the Indian Constitution. The Manmohan Singh Government’s nuclear law says, ‘even if the nuclear plants that we buy from American companies blow up tomorrow and cause several million deaths in India, we will not hold the American companies responsible or even ask them for any compensation.’ Dow chemicals, which acquired Union Carbide some time back, was the sole supplier of napalm firebombs to the US military during the Vietnam war. This blood-thirsty company is being welcomed with red carpet by the Manmohan Singh Government to come and set up business in India! The Bhopal massacre has exposed the tenets of the Indian state

 “kill the Indian people for the profits of MNCs, usurp the people’s land, drive them out, do away the rights, destroy the indigenous industries, what the MNCs say is rule of law, and the growth of MNCs is the nation’s development!”

Jallianwala Bagh exposed the brutal face of colonization in the colonial India, which gave birth to revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh. Bhopal has unveiled the real face of recolonization and the sham of Indian independence and democracy. Well, if you need justice, revolution is the only path, lit by the flame from Naxalbari! This is the only lesson the Bhopal massacre and its aftermath wants to teach us.

Peoples Art And Literary Association

Peasants Liberation Front

Revolutionary Students And Youth Front

New Democratic Labour Front


Courtesy: Pamphlet issued by PALA and its associate organizations, Tamilnadu.

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