Sunday, June 30, 2019

Latest update on health deterioration of Saibaba

In the recent letter written on 23rd June 2019 (received on 29th June 19) in his words...

"There has been no relief from the long summer I am suffering. Four long months of summer still continuing to trouble me in my dystopian cell. It's suffocating. It's the hell on the Earth. With the monsoon delay of 20 days so far, there seems to be no relief soon. Spending days and nights in this extreme hot is extra punishment to whatever the law intends to sentence a person. I suffer another level of punishment due to my disability and 19 severe ailments of fatal nature. At these three levels of layered punishment without an iota of treatment, it is humanly impossible to survive and come out with life.

I am not able to read books, not able to write letters. Last three months is also the period with the highest temperatures in the past 2 years and 4 months for me in this prison. As a result, my health condition is at its worst level. I am not able to digest food due to overheat, apart from the problems of the gall bladder and pancreas. Most of the time, I am bed-ridden with semi-conscious and unconscious states. My left hand muscles have contracted and diminished further baring out the shoulder bones. Pain in the left hand increased to an unbearable level. Not able to sleep due to the pain. My eyes are also paining. My vision is blurred. I have not recovered from the 25 May episode of chest pain."

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