Friday, February 22, 2019

The CPUSA and the Labor Movement : 100 Years : plus Democracy and Class Struggle View

100 years is a good time for a retrospective on the Communist Party of the United States to look at its period of partial success and later failure.

We at Democracy and Class Struggle were influenced by Arthur Evans who joined the CPUSA in 1936 in the San Fernando Valley , California.

                               Arthur Evans - Welsh Communist 

Arthur experienced the ultra revisionism of Browderism in USA   and that led him to lifetime of militant anti revisionism - he was one of the earliest anti revisionists in the UK when he returned to UK as a soldier after the Second World War.

He was critical of the CPGB line on the Post War Labour Government and agreed with the Australian Communist Parties critique of CPGB rampant revisionism which was Left Labourism.

Arthur Evans did not see Willam Z Foster as being a consistent anti Revisionist and Browderism was never really ideologically defeated in CPUSA.

Arthur founded the first anti revisionist organisation in the United Kingdom the Committee to Defeat Revisionism for Communist Unity in the 1960's and edited its newspaper Vanguard.

Arthur gave me copies of Vanguard as a teen and its influence has stayed with Democracy and Class Struggle to this day .


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