Friday, February 22, 2019

Richard Branson Ignorant Arse Barker for US Imperialism mouths platitudes at his Concert

Anybody who has any doubt whose side Richard Branson is on has got their answer today - he mouths CIA platitudes about Venezuela as if they were the truth just like Marco Rubio.

Trojan Horse Aid is the Branson game while not a word to unfreeze Venezuelan assets in UK and USA which enables Venezuela to buy goods on the international market.

This US arselicking by Branson is probably looking for more favour from the Arse barker in chief Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

How dare you call Richard Branson an 'arse Barker'?
He doesn't support Trump at all .He's using his own personal initiative and deep philanthropic humanist sentiments to help the people of Venezuela. For the sake of the starving children let the convoys through! It's not about politics, it's about the children.

Branson has done more to help people than you and your silly group.

nickglais said...

I publish your comment to expose your total ignorance of the role of US AID and how it has been used in history Elliott Abrams boasted about using aid to supply death squads in Central America - he is in charge today of Venezuelan Policy - Richard Branson is providing cover for such US Aid activity - I called him ignorant and an arsebarker which means he does not actually know what he is doing - if he does he is a WAR CRIMINAL and should pay the price for such criminality..