Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greece: Tsipras must Go and the People must Vote NO

The Reformist Tsipras is getting wobbly and procrastinating, the reverse of what Greece needs at this important hour when decisive leadership is required.

He should be campaigning vigorously for a No vote and if Tsipras and Varoufakis are not up to the task of leading the No campaign and exiting the Euro and to taking Greece on a new path then they must - GO NOW and make way for others in Syriza to lead  the No campaign with an alternative economic strategy.

The word Treason springs to mind about Tsipras behaviour in the last 24 hours. See Letter attached written by Tsipras yesterday


The Alternative which Tsipras cannot and does not want to deliver is outlined here by Costas Lapavitsas a Syriza MP.

There is an alternative path for Greece, and it would include leaving the eurozone. 

Exit would free the country from the trap of the common currency, allowing it to implement policies that could revive both economy and society. It would open a feasible path that could offer fresh hope, even if it entailed significant difficulties of adjustment during the initial period.

The choice ultimately rests with the Greek people. Despite the frequently reported polls presumably showing strong support for the eurozone, the reality on the ground is anger and frustration among workers, the poor and the ravaged lower-middle class. These are the social layers that could put the country on a different trajectory of growth with social justice. 

In this respect, it is incumbent upon Syriza to rethink its strategy and offer fresh leadership to the Greek people. In the coming days a significant intervention by its influential left wing, the Left Platform, can be expected. Greece needs a rapid public debate and a reshaping of policy. The country has the strength to survive and it will.


Greek newspaper headlines on Wednesday

Ta Nea (centre-left): "Fears of levy on deposits" - "The ghost of Maidan [Square in central Kiev, Ukraine] over Syntagma Square: The tension between pro-European and anti-European supporters is mounting as we approach Sunday's referendum, leading to fears of Ukraine-style division"

I Efimerida (left-of-centre): "'NO' ahead" - "But blackmail of bank closure is catalyst for people's decision"

Ethnos (centrist): "Zero hour" - "The country under siege since midnight"
I Avyi (pro-government): "'NO" a catalyst for a new deal

Rizospastis (Communist Party newspaper): "They are asking for a new 'bailout deal' noose for the people!"

Eleftheros Typos (right-of-centre): "Greece defaults and Tsipras plays" - "In confusion, the prime minister asks for a restructure of the bailout and a strict agreement"

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