Monday, July 13, 2015

Greece: There is Great Disorder under Heaven - The Situation is Excellent : Statement from Democracy and Class Struggle

Democracy and Class Struggle says in Greece a last minute agreement has just been reached among the European Union bourgeoisie with Greek bourgeoisie  - cuts to pensions. reform of labour market  etc etc

This should come as no surprise, much of it was it the Tsipras letter of the 30th of June before the Referendum.

Democracy and Class Struggle called for the immediate resignation of Tsipras when that letter became public.

However this is an agreement among the bourgeoisie and an not an agreement  among the people.

Tsipras represents the classic social democratic parliamentary betrayal of the masses which historically has led to  growth of Fascism. Varoufakis exited becuase he did not want to be like German Social Democrat betrayer Hilferding in Greek History.

Syriza was already split before this agreement - now is the time for a formal break of revolutionaries within Syriza like the Communist Organisation of Greece to leave  - any failure to leave and exercise revolutionary leadership at this time will be fatal to revolutionary Left in Greece for another generation.

Has comrade Mao said There is great disorder under the heavens and the masses are looking for revolutionary leadership - those comrades in KOE in CPG ML and other Maoist comrades in Greece have an historic opportunity to offer leadership to the Greek Masses and prevent another historic social democratic betrayal with its terrible consequences.

The agreement with European Union may be signed but has not yet been realised in Greece.

The situation is excellent comrades seize the time and provide the Greek masses with a revolutionary leadership not based on bourgeois parliamentarism but the New direct Democracy of the Greek Squares.

Statement from Democracy and Class Struggle isssued 13th July 2015

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