Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spain : Podemos ( meaning 'We can' in Spanish) a new Spanish Party won a surprise 5 seats in European Parliament

On 25 May 2014 Podemos entered candidates for the 2014 European parliamentary elections, some of which were unemployed.

In a surprise result, it polled 7.97% of the vote and thus was awarded five seats out of 54.

PODEMOS (meaning 'We can' in Spanish) is a Spanish political party created on 11th March 2014 by Spanish leftist activists associated with the 15-M movement that emerged from the 2011–12 Spanish protests.

Its leader is Pablo Iglesias TurriĆ³n (Madrid, Spain, 17 October 1978) a writer, professor of Political Science at the Complutense University in Madrid and occasional Spanish television presenter for a regional political discussion program Fort Apache.[1]

PODEMOS together with some 26 other small emergent parties capitalised on significant discontent with the bipartisanship of the two main political parties PP and PSOE. Using the infrastructure of the so called Indignados and the social media networks PODEMOS generated significant interest throughout Spain.

The party collected 50,000 supporting signatures within their first day, causing their website to crash due to traffic overload once the project was made public.

Pablo Iglesias cites the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) led by Alexis Tsipras as an inspiration.[2]

PODEMOS is organized through Circles, which can be groups of both territorial and sectoral work.

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