Wednesday, August 15, 2018

US, Israel too weak to wage new war: Nasrallah

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Netanyahu and Trump are examples of incredible hubris and their nemesis is one of the most underestimated men in the world Nasrallah.

While Democracy and Class Struggle does not want a new war in the Middle East we regard it as highly likely because the United States has put in overt and covert operations against Iran which can only have War as an outcome which should break out by 2019.

The new war will not just be a repetition of past wars - it will largely be hybrid and asymmetric and prove that people not technology win wars.

History has a dialectic of its own and Trump the "friend" of Israel is bringing Israel it to its greatest existential danger since 1948.

The reconfiguration of the Middle East is in process and the biggest losers will be the United States and Israel.

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