Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The American Horror Story - Alex Jones and Donald Trump - Donald Trump to Alex Jones "I will not let you down"

When people on the US Left defend this capitalist proto fascist fanatic and sicko - then there is something wrong with that Left.

Reminder that Kyle Kulinski , Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp who call themselves US Leftists defend Alex Jones and his hate speech as free speech.

Code Pink supporting the Fascist US Proud Boys show how sections of the US Left accept hate speech as free speech and not as violence against minorities.

The class concept of freedom is missing in the liberal idea of free speech - essentially they are keeping the capitalist door to Fascism open by protecting Fascist Free Speech.

The enlargement of freedom for the majority has always been accompanied by limitations on freedom of the oppressors  like slave owners.

In 1776 it was the New England Tories that had their rights restricted so the merchant bourgeoisie in the Colonies could open up progress for the 13 Colonies in an Independent USA.


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