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The April Thesis 1917 Revisited ( The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution) by Comrade Lenin

The April Theses first read at the Finland train station in Petrograd on the 4th of April 1917 to a crowd of enthusiastic workers, peasants, and soldiers by Lenin. 

First published 7th of April 1917 in Pravda..

Although 100 years late the Trotskyist revisionist misinterpretation of Leninism and the April Theses promulgated by Trotsky in his Lessons of October  and refuted by Krupskaya Lenin's Wife has finally died in an article by Eric Blanc in Historical Materialism.

The historical damage inflicted on the revolutionary movement by Trotskyism is slowly being overcome in the West but even Eric Blanc's Article fails to understand how the setback of the revolution in Western Europe opened up new vista's for national and social revolution in the East - the Eurocentric revolution under the leadership of  the Comintern and Communist Party of the Soviet Union became a Global revolution - Eric Blanc's dishonest portrayal of a post 1924 darkness was in fact a global ray of light and hope.

Ir was indeed the Shining Path spoken of by Comrade Mariátegui in Peru.

The Communist that summed up this period after 1924 best from a revolutionary strategic point of view did so from inside an Italian Prison 

Gramsci describes the class struggle as a war. 

He says that the transition from war of maneuver (and from the frontal attack) to the war of position occurs also in the political field and criticizes Trotsky who, in one way or another, can be considered the political theorist of the frontal attack in a period in which it is only cause of defeat. 

With the war of maneuver or of movement Gramsci means the war of those who consider the attack as a quick and conclusive operation, as a people’s uprising in which the Communist Party took the lead. 

It’s a war doomed to failure in the face of an enemy which in turn carries out a planned war, with all the political and military means at its disposal in  large quantities

Since, in the middle of the nineteenth century, in Europe the conditions for the abolition of classes became ripe, the bourgeoisie has fielded political and military means to prevent this from happening. In the regimes of preventive counter revolution they are mainly political instruments.

The more the crisis progresses and the pillars of preventive counter revolution crumble, the more the class struggle openly expresses his character of class warfare and the clearer becomes the inconsistency of movementism.

Here, says Gramsci , we pass to siege, compressed, difficult, warfare, in which exceptional qualities of patience and inventive spirit are needed.

The siege war, or war of position is the Protracted Revolutionary People's War against the imperialist bourgeoisie, and the Communist Party that leads it must have patience, strategic firmness facing any enemy attack and ability to fight for as long as necessary, and inventive spirit, tactical flexibility and innovative capacity which is necessary for those who go in unexplored land, 

Gramsci and Protracted Revolutionary War by Comrade Folco R in La Voce of PCI(n)

Gramsci says that society has become a very complex structure resistant to catastrophic "raids" of the immediate economic element (crises, depressions); the superstructures of civil society are similar to the system of trenches in modern war ... nor the assaulting troops, due to the crisis, organize themselves in a flash in time and space, much less they get an aggressive spirit. 

Gramsci recommends to study the October Revolution in the light of the theory of Protracted Revolutionary People's War

To this we can add that after the victory of the October Revolution the imperialist bourgeoisie has taken all countermeasures it can take to avoid to be caught by surprise by any insurrection .

From Lenin to Mariategui to Gramsci to Mao Zedong and Protracted People's War the line from April 1917 is clear and the mists and fog of revisionism are clearing in the 21st Century and revolutionary clarity is reconstructed.

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism

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