Saturday, April 8, 2017

China: Tremendous Progress is a Trump Mirage ? Chinese Analysts have measure of Trump has he enters the quagmire of Syria

Chinese analysts, whose advice is sometimes sought by the government on foreign policy questions, were scornful of the Syria strike, which they viewed as a powerful country attacking a nation unable to fight back.

And they rejected what they viewed as an unspoken American message equating Syria, which has no nuclear arsenal, with North Korea, which has carried out five nuclear arms tests and hopes to mount a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental missile.

“I don’t deny that the United States is capable of such an attack against North Korea, but you need to see that North Korea is capable of striking back,” said Lu Chao, director of the Border Studies Institute at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences. “That would create chaos.”

If Syria had nuclear weapons, the United States would not dare attack it, said Shen Dingli, a professor of international relations at Fudan University in Shanghai.

 “Chemical weapons and nuclear weapons are totally different,” Mr. Shen said. “A chemical bomb kills dozens of people, and the atomic bomb at Hiroshima killed hundreds of thousands.”

Mr. Chen added that many Chinese were “thrilled” by the attack because it would probably result in the United States becoming further mired in the Middle East.

“If the United States gets trapped in Syria, how can Trump make America great again? As a result, China will be able to achieve its peaceful rise,” Mr. Chen said, using a term Beijing employs to characterize its growing power.

“Even though we say we oppose the bombing, deep in our hearts we are happy.”

Source New York Times


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