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Ukraine : Ashes of Odessa knocking at our hearts. Interview with Alex Albu

One of the leaders of the protest movement in Odessa - Odessa Regional Council deputy, a member of the socialist union "Borotba" Alex Albu - miraculously escaped from the massacre at the House of Trade Unions and was forced to flee from his native city


- Alex, tell me, what is your relation to the Odessa enemies Maidan?

- When did Kiev Sabbath, my colleagues and I, leftist, took a clear position opposing the coup.

We see who comes to replace the old regime, they saw that instead of bourgeois democracy can come fascist dictatorship, what actually happened.

Despite the fact that we ourselves had opposed the regime of Yanukovych, we realized that we are going to replace him even more reactionary forces.

We participated in the defense of the regional state administration in January-February, became friends with many inhabitants of Odessa, which are generally not included in any political or social organizations.

Since infancy Odessa Antimaydan. After 22 February, when Yanukovych lost power, thousands took to the streets of Odessa residents.

Anton Davidchenko actually became the informal leader of this movement, gathered in huge colonies, about 15 thousand people who marched in Odessa. People felt their strength, believe that it is possible to resist Kiev.

However, not everything went smoothly with the organizational moments inside antimaydanovskogo movement. It consisted of a large number of small scattered groups and organizations, there was no single decision-making center, which is very complicated our actions.

I believe that this was the reason for our defeat. It often happened that we came to the next action, and only learned about the location of significant adjustments in its implementation.

 This disorganization auknulos us the second of May, and in the center of Odessa, and on the Kulikovo field.

- In late February uprising began in the Crimea, have you seen the situation on the peninsula?

Of course, we have seen that are different civil structures, such as self-defense. About the same processes occurred in Odessa, but probably at a lower level.

Among people view was that Russia will not allow us to insult, to help us as well as the residents of the Crimea. But there was no help, and many people refrain from decisive steps.

A few days after the Crimea raised the Russian flag, we held session of the regional council. I was the only MP who has made a proposal to hold a referendum on the establishment of the Odessa autonomous republic within Ukraine.

At that time, we have not talked about withdrawal from the Ukraine, demanding the empowerment of local communities, the election of the governor not to report directly to the proteges of Kiev.

Talked about resubordination regional offices, ie the executive branch to the Council, on the election of the heads of regional departments, law enforcement agencies.

However, this proposal is not supported by our members, which led to the storming of the Odessa Regional State Administration. People entered the building, blocked it to MPs still voted for the draft decision, but they ran away, and take nothing failed.

- Then to withdraw from the Ukraine is not really in question, or it was your political tricks?

- Of course, in Odessa were the forces that directly talked about withdrawal from the Ukraine, but the vast majority stuck to the idea of ​​the federal structure of the country without the direct subordination of Kiev.

When we saw that in the Crimea still managed to hold a referendum on the initiative of Anton Davidchenko we passed huge march in support of Crimeans and my draft decision to hold a referendum in the Odessa region.

Kiev authorities immediately responded by going on a more drastic measures Davidchenko caught and arrested.

In this case I was called to the SBU, conducted interviews and organized a search of the house.

Assessing the situation now, I think that then, in March and April, we had a real opportunity to take power into their own hands.

But we missed your chance ... probably say lack of experience, incorrect assessment of the situation, the lack of a clear plan of action and a lack of understanding, is it possible to wait for someone's help or not. And, of course, the almost complete lack of resources.

 Were there any negotiations with the local political and financial elite support for the protest movement?

There were, but I did not participate. By the way, on the eve of the second of May of organizations have withdrawn their tents with Kulikov field camp and moved almost out of town.

That is, someone had some kind of an agreement, but some are not.

The tip of the authorities did not dare to repeat the actions of their Crimean colleagues and take the side of the people.

On May you too have been in the House of Trade Unions, tell us about your impressions?

I came to the Kulikovo Field an hour before the attack.

There were about two hundred people, among them - full of people of the older generation.

Nobody knew what to do, was a mess. After some time with the Greek streets back a small group of about thirty people, and there was our friend Andrew Brazhevsky later fell out the window of a burning house unions and scored the punitive death, then we have seen him for the last time.

When were the attackers, "kulikovtsy" decided to take refuge in the building. After the second day of May evil tongues began to disseminate what I wound up people inside the House of Trade Unions and, accordingly, is to blame for their death.

This is a total lie. I went into the building of one of the last, when the attackers started shooting.

Inside, people built a barricade of furniture. Nobody expected that the massacre begins.

Thought would be a fight, Mayhem or something like that, but the mass burning, shooting ... Inside the House of Trade Unions "kulikovtsev" killed with a firearm.

- And what's the story with the gas?

 There was definitely some kind of gas, but I'm not inclined to believe that it was some kind of a secret weapon, it was more like a very concentrated tear gas, similar to that used in the cartridges "Teren", only much stronger - very pungent and suffocating./

On one of the videos can be clearly seen and heard as one of the supporters of the Maidan shouting outside one of the entrances to warn their colleagues that the gas inside, and so far to go there not worth it.

I was just on this entrance on the second floor and felt a suffocating odor.

There's also the last time I saw seventeen Komsomolets Papuru Vadim, who was killed after he came down from the second floor. There are photos, as it is selected from the building, and then - his dead, with blood on his face. He, too, finished off the Nazis on the ground, he did not crash, as officials say
I saw through the window that the guard opened the door into the courtyard and there maydanovtsev missed. The boys began to throw them all that came to hand, to prevent to get inside. Many were confused, maydanovtsy climbed into the building from all sides.

Already started the blaze in the hose was no water, the smoke went. The first idea I came up that burns not the building itself, and our tent camp street, but I rejected it, because they were pretty far away.

Most likely, it was the smoke bombs. From the first floor someone shouted that maydanovtsy already made their way into the building, started to panic.

Many ran upstairs. Thank God, I have been previously in the House of Trade Unions and some knew him corridors. Immediately realized that the roof - a dead end, if there is a large fire, it is unlikely there will get.

I called out those who were close to me, and we ran to the right wing, going down the stairs, they saw that the door leading to the courtyard, almost knocked nationalists. We began to retreat to the second floor, encountering along the way a few of ours.

Among them with his sister was a blind old man, a teacher of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, which has always supported our meetings.

Thank God, they also managed to escape. I am at the moment to call a cell chief of the regional police department Lutsyuk Peter and asked them to help lift people out of the burning trap.

Alas, nothing happened. Perhaps he did not hear what I told him ...

How did you get?

We were approached by some fascists, the guys who stood beside me, they scared off, doused with foam from a fire extinguisher.

They hid behind the stairs and began to threaten us and our people, meanwhile, climbed out through the window.

I tried to swing, to distract the Nazis to win a little time for the children.

When there were three or four people, no longer wait for their turn on the ladder, just climbed out of the window for air conditioners and jumped into the yard.

We were immediately surrounded by the Nazis, but in fairness it must be said that one of their captains tried to calm the crowd.

We have built and led out into the street from the courtyard. Conducted through the corridor police, who constantly broke through maydanovtsy and bashed us than whatever is handy: chains, pipes, fittings, rods, some barbed wire.

Trying to hide, I fell at his feet and began to wade policemen crawling. Someone from the crowd jumped on me and sank his teeth into my left leg (pointing to a calf muscle - Ed.).

As I understand it, most of the attackers were not local, though Odessites there, unfortunately, is also missing. Thanks to law enforcement agencies, which have covered my head shields, when we were waiting paddy wagon, so the attackers beat me more in the legs and torso. This was followed by the police, "fast", the hospital ...

A week after the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions I had to leave Odessa because it became known that a decision about my arrest.

The ninth of May, I and a group of my friends have already met in the Crimea. This beautiful parade, happy faces free men, patriotic songs ... Complex feelings you experience with this contrast. Last days in Odessa were unbearable.

Call different figures about the real number of dead, what do you say about this?

I'm sure a lot more dead declared number.

The mother of one of my dead comrades told me that in the morgue for identification she showed more than sixty bodies.

Moreover, I am absolutely sure that, despite all the excuses of Kiev, the wounded on the field of Kulikovo cruelly and cynically finished off.

We are trying to conduct their independent investigation, but due to the fact that the Security Service and the Interior completely secretive about it, we work with what is in the public domain and catch the "leak".

All parliamentary inquiries in the case of the second of May has been no response.

This again suggests the idea that the massacre in Odessa was organized with the help of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and their senior management.

Is it true that "kulikovtsev 'hunted after the second day of May?

We can recall the famous audio of Kolomoiskiy people who said that due to his fault after the House of Trade Unions has killed sixteen people. I do not know.

And appeared opposite information that in late May, near the village of Petroleum (housing estate in Odessa - approx. Eds.)

Was found dead of a man with a sign taped "Fascism will not pass." Note that in the press such information is completely absent!

- Why are all the same Odessa did not protect its citizens, you have the answer?

All antimaydannoe movement in Odessa was grassroots, none of the local elite and did not support it, rather, the opposite has happened.

Those who could lead our protest - the Communist Party and the Party of Regions -fully drained him and stepped back.

There was no system support, while maydanovtsev had very serious financial and organizational resources, so was what happened.

However, I firmly believe that the potential of Odessa is, despite the fact that today no one openly opposes the government. But their beliefs Odessa did not change.

Tell us about your arrest close ally Wladyslaw Wojciechowski, how did this happen?

Vladislav - my old friend, went with me all the latest test.

He is one of the editors of the site «», which publishes a variety of information related to the tragedy of the second of May, is actively engaged in the investigation of this case.

In August, he decided to return to Odessa, wanted to see his family. In the night from 12 to 13 September, he was arrested along with another our friend Nikolai Popov. Vladislav accused of forming a terrorist group and preparing a terrorist attack, he faces eight to fifteen years.

We try to help our friends, to organize an international solidarity campaign to tell the same Europe with the help of our colleagues in the left movement of the repression taking place in Ukraine. I think by Vladislav were tortured because he signed off on the charges that sane no innocent person does not recognize.

The lawyer saw in jail, on the walls in pre-trial detention, where sat our comrades, traces of blood. There is every reason to believe that they were beaten.

What are your future plans?

We hope that the current regime in Kiev will not last long and all the guys who have sacrificed their freedom for the sake of the victory of our general idea of ​​the country's liberation from fascism, will be free.

It depends on many factors, but ... Look, Kiev junta can not cope with the host of the Donbas.

In the militia is fighting a lot of citizens of Odessa, and we understand that they will be home soon.

All these parades vyshivanok in Odessa, which turns the Ukrainian TV, trash lustration and other circus - is only a screen, giving the appearance.

In fact, in Odessa occur completely different processes.

 As soon as there will be a structure capable of organizing a protest, he breaks out is so powerful that the Nazis are unlikely to cope with it.

In a society matures explosion that will sweep away the henchmen of the junta and their cronies.


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