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Komünist Önder İBRAHİM KAYPAKKAYA Ölümsüzdür !

The founder and leader of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist Leninist, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, was born in 1949 in Corum . He met with revolutionary ideas when he was a student in the Istanbul University’s Science Faculty Physics Branch. He joined in the foundation of the Capa Idea Club in March 1968 and became the president of the club. He was expelled from school in November 1968 because of preparing a leaflet against the American 6th Fleet.

Kaypakkaya, who adopted the view of National Democratic Revolution, worked in the newspaper called Isci-Koylu (Worker-Peasant). He wrote articles in the magazines called Aydinlik (Enlightenment) and Turk Solu (Turkish Left).

He split from D. Perincek and his group because he considered D. Perincek a revisionist and opportunist. Kaypakkaya, who participated in the struggle of peasantry, formed TKP/ML-TIKKO and carried out activities in the cities of Dersim, Malatya, Tunceli and Antep.
Despite his young age, he founded the Turkish Marxsist-Leninist Party and made several criticisms and theses of the most important social, political and economical questions of Turkey.

The most well known of which is his critique of Kemalism, the official ideology of the Turkish state and his thesis on national question, notably the Kurdish question.

In the winter of 1973, Kaypakkaya and his comrades were attacked by the Military in the Mountain of Dersim. He was wounded badly while a number of his comrades died. Kaypakkaya was able to allude capture as the military thought left him for dead.

During that winter, severe weather conditions and snow forced Kaypakkaya to take shelter in a cave for five days. Thereafter, Kaypakkaya left for a village where he asked for assistance from a Teacher. Initially, the teacher allowed Kaypakkaya to take shelter in a room but then locked the door and reported him to the military.

After being captured by the military of Dersim, he was tortured for two weeks after which he was forced to walk barefoot over 50 km snow and icy rivers from city to city.

Kaypakkaya was brought to Diyarbakirs prison, one of the harshest prisons in the world. There he remained chained in the darkness of solitary confinement.

Kaypakkaya was tortured for four months wherein his feet and the rest of his body were slashed.

But Kaypakkaya resisted and did not reveal any secrets of his revolutionary movement.

The Secret Agency of Turkey , MIT, said that Kaypakkaya was the most dangeorus revolutiory of Turkey and one of the most wanted due to his theoretical and practical strength that allowed him to establish Communism in Turkey.

He was one of the most prominent Marxist theoreticians of Turkey, despite his young age.

Finally, after refusing to succumb to the torturers concerning the revolutionary organisation and his collaborators, the state, and MIT(Secret Agency of Turkey) decided to eliminate him.

On 18 May 1973 he was tortured to the brink of death and then shot at the age of 24. His corpse was mutilated and cut up.

Today he is a revered symbol of resistance for the people of all over the world against capitalism and fascism
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