Thursday, June 20, 2013

Buy your copy of Liberation Issue 2 - Merthyr Red Commune 1831 Commemoration - Lifting Hearts Again

They have talked of Merthyr Tydfil
wherever men were free

To honour those who toiled and died
for human liberty

And men have told her troubled tale
to spur the sons of men

When hopes were faint or flagging,
to lift their hearts again

by Idris Davies

Liberation Magazine Issue 2  is to lift the hearts again and covers the June 1st 2013 Merthyr Commemoration with a series of articles examining the different interpretations of the events of 1831 plus post 1831 events.

The issue also contains revolutionary greetings and statements from Italy, Iceland and Norway, Occitany and Brittany and Galicia as well as from Philippines on the significance of the Great Unrest Group Red Flag ceremony on Hirwaun Common on 1st June 2013.

The 10 Point Programme for Welsh Revival and Renewal by the Great Unrest Group plus impact of Thatcherism on Wales examined, poems and much more.

This is not Reformism or Radicalism but the long awaited Revolutionary Politics of the Great Unrest Group for Wales.

A annual subscription to Liberation Magazine for 4 issues costs 16 pounds plus 4 pounds postage total of 20 pounds.

If you take out a subscription you will get Issue 1 FREE contact :

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