Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fakeing Revolution - OTPOR - promoting Capitalism under Leftist Guise

Democracy and Class Struggle is aware in both Turkey and now Brazil elements are trying to hi jack these democratic movements to ensure they stay in the neo liberal capitalist camp.

At  times  these forces use anti capitalist rhetoric and employ a theatre of anti capitalism, but they are solidly embedded in the capitalist camp and are well funded by conduits that lead back to the usual suspects.

Has Saba Navalan has recently written on Democracy and Class Struggle that :

They employ various technics in order to handle and destroy the resistance forces. The common approach as follows:

a. The imperialist countries and the intelligence identifies the public opinion in their countries and the other parts of the world.

b. Put in place the NGOs and the other western funded organisations through which they try to dismantle emergence of any revolutionary forces.

c. Convert the revolutionary consciousness in to some kind of up-politics mass protest.(And get MTV awards)

d. Get the imperialists funded revolutionary business organisations such as OTPOR to lead the struggle.

e. Create sudden protests and uprisings such as Occupy Wall Streets and other Arabic uprisings.

f.  Replace the personals in the state in order to bring down the uprisings and temporarily satisfy the public.

The workers and the middle class will find soon their effort and sacrifice is waste.

The public which failed with the massive uprising will be frustrated and will take a long period to involve in the politics again


See how terminology of capitalist advertisng and public relations is utilised by OTPOR who are also poseur Leftists.

They do not recognise that the class struggle is what democracy today is fundamentally about and use non class language like Pareto's elites etc to cover their defence of capitalist system.

Sometimes like right wing populists like Alex Jones they employ the  "beyond Left and Right Rhetoric" to confuse and make corporatism not capitalism the enemy.

They spread the myth of the lost capitalist golden age before the fall into corporatism and fail to see State and Capitalism entwined since its origin.

Note: The raised fist is a  symbol of a proletarian movement and Marx in the Civil War in France mentions the raising of a fist out of the ground by a Communard buried alive .

OTPOR is a bourgeois movement  that has hijacked symbols of proletarian revolution just has it hijacks peoples movements, it is has we have said a fake movement that promotes capitalism under a Leftist guise.

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