Monday, April 1, 2019

WitchHunt: Controversy Over Anti-Semitism and the British Labour Party

From the Israeli Embassy in UK - to  MI5/MI6 all part of current political manipulation in UK during Brexit background crisis we have weaponising of anti Zionism as anti Semitism.

Also moving Labour's Momentum to the right through infiltration and manipulation.

Breakaway groups from Labour Party supported by United States NGO funding.

In your face infiltration and manipulation in the UK by foreign powers supported by "British" intelligence which of course is an oxymoron. 

We see the internal contradictions in the Labour Party becoming more antagonistic as a result of outside interference - interference by specialists in manipulation from Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Services.

From Blairites to Far Right  they are destroying not only the Labour  Party but bourgeois democracy in Britain.

Wake Up it is 2019 

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