Saturday, January 13, 2018

Smerconishism the liberal apology for Trump's Dotardism

Smerconishism ( liberal libertarianism) - Smerconish is a CNN commentator and I recently passed comment on his programme which said a bit of mental instability in a leader may be a good thing quoting work of a recent psychologist.

I saw this as part of normalizing Trump the ABNORMAL

His latest attack - attacking Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury and his comments on "shithole" is that we are not nuanced and that underneath all this racism is Trump the meritocrat.
( Silver Spoon Trump a meritocrat ! )

We should not take Trump at what he says but excuse him because it has a deeper better meaning. ( Sounds like worst Post Modernist Crap)

Social Democrats (liberal libertarians)) in the early 1930's argued we should be more nuanced about Hitler after all he marched on May Day said the British Daily Herald

Basically we are attacked for not being nuanced.

Smerconish is exactly what the liberal capitalist media does normalizing the ABNORMAL and backhanded apologists for the Fascism in the making.

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