Monday, January 15, 2018

Korea: Barrier of Mistrust and Confrontation Should Be Demolished by Pak Chol Jun in Rodong Sinmun

The new policy for improving the relations between the north and the south, clarified by respected Supreme Leader 

Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address, is a brilliant embodiment of the Juche-based line for national reunification which the DPRK has consistently maintained and a revelation of his noble patriotic will to write a new history of national reunification by the concerted efforts  of the Korean nation itself.

It is the most positive policy for reunification as it correctly reflects the immensely increased comprehensive national strength of the DPRK, strategic structure on the Korean Peninsula dramatically changed by it, the prevailing situation and the ever-growing desire for reunification.

The issue of easing the acute military tension between the north and the south and creating a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula, the issue of positively establishing a climate favorable for national reconciliation and reunification and the issue for the authorities in the north and the south to hold aloft the banner of national independence serve as a precious guideline that should be held fast to in defusing the tensions and improving the inter-Korean relations at present.

The recent north-south high-level talks, held under this new policy, proved again that there is no problem unsolvable if the north and the south pool their efforts.

Now is the time for the north and the south to have sincere discussion on the issue of improving their relations and seek a way out for the nation in a bold manner by the concerted efforts.

The issue of improving inter-Korean relations is an important matter to be solved by the concerted efforts of not only the authorities but also the entire nation.

We will open the door of dialogue, contact and travel to anyone in south Korea, including the ruling party and opposition parties, organizations and individual personages of all backgrounds, if they truly want national reconciliation and unity.

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