Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year's Concert of Moranbong Band & State Merited Chorus, Juche 107 (2018)

Democracy and Class Struggle is firmly on the side of the Korean  people's anti imperialist struggle and will combat any demonization of the 25 million people of North Korea - they are our brothers and sisters and we share the joy of this 2018 New Year Concert with them.

We share a dream with our Korean comrades of a Unified Korea and it gets nearer everyday

CONCERT PROGRAM (thanks to Jeffery Alan ): Please let the snow fall on New Year's Day (설눈아 내려라) 1:29 Glory of our Life (인생의 영광) 7:01 My Country is Best (내 나라 제일로 좋아) 24:00 Voice of my Heart (내 심장의 목소리) 28:56 The Dear Name Called by People (인민은 부르네 친근한 그 이름) 33:41 Oh Party, Because You Exist (당이여 그대 있기에) 40:00 Advance of Socialism (사회주의전진가) 45:44 Future of Happiness (행복의 래일) 48:41 Song of High Haul in the Sea Medley (바다만풍가) 52:05 Going to the Rice Fields (벼가을하러 갈 때) 55:06 Ballad of Gold Mountains (황금산타령) 56:57 My Flourishing Country (흥하는 내 나라) 59:39 World Famous Songs Medley (세계명곡묶음) 1:04:57 We have Nothing to Envy in This World (세상에 부럼없어라) 1:05:11 Entrance of the Gladiators/Vjezd gladiátorů (검투사들의 입잠) 1:06:09 Mozart's Symphony no 40 - 1st movement (모짜르트 교향곡 40번 1악장) 1:07:48 Turkish March (뛰르끼예 행진곡) 1:08:56 Those Were the Days (아득히 먼길) 1:10:03 Dark Eyes (검은 눈동자) 1:10:38 Les feuilles mortes (락엽) 1:11:37 Phantom of the Opera (가극극장의 유령) 1:12:07 Tico-tico no Fubá (띠꼬띠꼬) 1:14:05 My Bonnie lies over the Ocean (레드강골짜기) 1:14:44 Swan Lake (백조의 호수) 1:15:30 Les Patineurs Valse/The Skater's Waltz (스케트타는 사람들의 왈쯔) 1:16:15 Radetzky March (라데츠키행진곡) 1:17:47 Carmen Prélude (카르멘서곡) 1:19:13 O, My Sun (오, 나의 해님) 1:20:13 Funiculì, funiculà (푸니꿀리 푸니꿀라) 1:20:41 Shining Fatherland (빛나는 조국) 1:21:46 Whether 1,000 li or 10,000 li (천리라도 만리라도) 1:22:54 Appearance of Korea (조선의 모습) 1:27:40 Please let the snow fall on New Year's Day (설눈아 내려라) 1:30:59 Applause and Ending Ceremonies 1:33:20

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