Wednesday, January 10, 2018

For Dotardism in Practice and Theory read Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Fire and Fury will enlighten the unenlightened about the perverse sexuality of Donald Trump (Watch Your Wife)  to his profound political ignorance.

It is also a statement about the moribund state of the ideology of contemporary US Global Imperialist Capitalism.

The election of Donald Trump is truely God's gift to Chinese and Russian capitalism.

You can be sure the Kremlin and Zhongnanhai have studied the book.

Paradoxically you learn from the book that the best personal advice Trump had in 2017 came from Steve Bannon but Trump ignored his personal advice about not firing James Comey.

The fact that anyone with good advice will bite the dust in favour of Trumps's moronic family advisors ensures that the theory and practice of Dotardism will be short lived but nevertheless remain an interesting period of historical regression.

PS: The Dotard theory of the News Cycle bury one bad news story of yourself by an even worse one in the next news cycle

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