Saturday, January 13, 2018

Africa's Son Akon Speech on Why Africa is Better than America

The African group of ambassadors to the United Nations issued a statement late Friday demanding an apology for President Trump’s “outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks” concerning immigration. 

Trump’s widely reported comments referring to Haiti and African countries as “shithole countries” on Thursday prompted the ambassadors to hold an emergency meeting at the UN on Friday. 

In a statement described as unprecedented by former U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, the African ambassadors warned of possible racism within the Trump Administration. 

They said they are concerned by the “continuing and growing trend” in the White House of “denigrating” African countries and “people of color.”

Democracy and Class Struggle talks just like a Mafia Don -Trump will say and do and say more outrageous things until, someone has the guts to confront him and take him down.

Liberalism will not defeat Donald Trump but the fist of revolutionary Socialism will.

You are dealing with a Fascism in the making and if the American People do not take down Donald Trump the rest of the World Will.

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